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  1. This is at least his second demotion this season. He’s the worst player they have drafted and signed since Zagrapan? At least Matej was only a 4th rounder. Making room. Although see above.
  2. Donnie Meatballs was also afforded the “luxury” of not having to win immediately. I don’t think he gets the job if KA didn’t understand where the franchise was, what they needed and who was available. None of this happens if the franchise didn’t bottom out.
  3. Cincy had all that coming. ***** Joe Mixon and ***** Eli Apple. Glad they lost. Hope all their financial investments go bad and their kids hate them.
  4. I love me some Stefon Diggs. I’m not certain he’s better than Tee Higgins. One thing I do know, he’s not even in the same universe as Chase or Justin Jefferson. Obviously, those guys are in everyone’s top 5. Is Diggs?
  5. I know it’s not exactly true but I feel like the Bills roster does not match up with KC or Cincy QB - at best a push RB - Mixon & Pacheco better WR - Chase & Higgins are better than anyone on any of these rosters. Diggs is good but not as good as either of Cincys WR. KC has a much better WR group from top to bottom, they just don’t have that one guy. TE- It’s Kelce and then everyone else. Hurst is at minimum as good as Knox. OL - Not easy to evaluate especially with all the injuries but Buffalo isn’t ahead of either of these teams when all healthy DL - Chris Jones is the DPOY. All the first round picks invested, the Bills had to get Von to be a difference maker. They unfortunately still need him. The Bengals DL may be just a notch below KC. LB - Milano is an all pro and Edmunds is good but this team gets run on, often. Secondary - lots of questions with the health of the safeties. The Bills clearly struggled because of it. I like what I saw out of all the young DBs minus Dane Jackson. He reminds me of Leodis. Always in position, never making a play on the ball.
  6. Donnie Meatballs seems to be what Ralph Krueger was selling to everyone he was
  7. Would you trade a 2024 first round pick, and Savoie for a 27 signed to a contract at $8 mill per?
  8. If we could pomminstein the word yawn to butt plug or something funny, it may prevent me from driving off a cliff
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