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  1. No there really aren’t many options for bottom 6 players in Rochester. Murray has the size but has cement skates, Weissbach is a tiny scorer, Kozak (everyone’s future Mike Peca 🤪) brings zero offense in the AHL, Nadeau is a few years away, everyone else is either all offense or an ECHL talent.
  2. How does no one have the return? It’s gotta be a late rd pick or a minor league vet.
  3. If I’m in create a player mode in EA sports NHL pick a year, my franchise Dman is going to be Chris Pronger or Shea Weber, not Mr Dancy Pants.
  4. Because they got tired of doing this apparently
  5. Tage and Tuch are the only players I care about keeping. Even then, for the right offer, I’d move those guys too. The ship is sinking. Time to figure out who can swim.
  6. Well Edmonton is a tire fire. Dahlin and Cozens for Leon? I’m ready for a change. There is something very wrong with our guys. I don’t know if they are just going to “figure it out”.
  7. It took a what…10 game losing streak for Krueger to get fired. Probably will take something like that. It’s seems feasible with this group of Insta boys.
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