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  1. The fanbase is 3 years past give him another year 😬
  2. There isn't a man my age that didn't salute the purple headed warrior to that image endlessly.
  3. Considering he's been held out if the last 3 Amerks games, this comes as no surprise.
  4. Is this common practice? I've been using one of these most of my adult life.
  5. That is some whiney ass garbage. I guess someone enjoys it.
  6. Who? People are critiquing Jack's play from an all-star game? Okay....
  7. I guess by NHL standards they knocked it out of the park. Just not sure who their audience is...besides you of course
  8. I'm not sure how I feel about Green Day at this point in my life, but I know I didn't need to see them live ever again.
  9. Rasmus Asplund misses an open net opportunity from about 20 feet away with 3:30 left. Amerks take 2 penalties in the next 40 seconds. Crunch score on the 5 on 3. Amerks kill a 6 on 4 (EN) to seal it. A lot of guys came up huge in that last minute.
  10. JS Dea stick checks the goalie as he's playing it, steals the puck and wraps it into the net. Amerks 3-1.
  11. One thing I know for sure, the NHL will bugger this up real good.
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