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  1. I thought it looked pretty good last game. We just didn’t score.
  2. Yeah, I rewatched it. I can’t believe his head never hit the ground. What caused his head to jolt like that? Did the facemask hit the ball?
  3. I clear out my website data daily. It usually happens when someone (I think) copy/pasted from somewhere else.
  4. I’m on an iPad and does the same thing. I just switch to light mode when that happens.
  5. You mean, other than his head being driven into the ground?
  6. No way. He was choked for about a second and a half. It takes way longer than that for your brain to lose enough oxygen for you to be that wobbly. He was concussed.
  7. https://apple.news/A0rpY2VNCQgenJNjFKriAxQ Nikki Grizzle might be the best female lead singer name ever. Edit for a better link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2021/01/17/bills-mafia-donate-lamar-jackson/
  8. Who cares? We can beat either one.
  9. We can beat either team we have to face. ***** everyone, and everything.
  10. Having rewatched the game, I’m not buying it. The system and this so-called below the puck initiative have nothing to do with his bad play. Right now, he’s not even making or receiving routine passes where there is no thinking involved. In my opinion, he's rusty. Nothing more. He’ll get better.
  11. I’d have to hear it, cuz to me, sports talk radio is sports talk radio. Only the teams and accents change.
  12. No. Well,… It may be, but no more than any other sports station out there. I do know that there are WAY worse.
  13. I'll predict we're in the playoff mix by the end. No way. There were glimmers of hope tonight. Hall hits the pipe (as did I.) We saw the system more tonight and I thought it looked pretty good. They were just half a beat off on every play. That chemistry will improve. Dahlin and Jack are troublesome, but it kinda reminds me of what October games used to look like in the 70s and 80s. one goal,… gah!
  14. He's fine. Bigger guys always look slow even though they aren't
  15. Jesus ****ing Christ!!!! Will someone just ****ing score!!!! ****!!!! I'm so ****ing sick of watching this team not be able to score. It's like watching someone struggling to squeeze out a big dried constipated crap. ****!
  16. All I know is he's the only one making anything happen on that line right now.
  17. Those commercials coming at any time are really annoying. If I'm not mistaken, though, if you hit the Live On Air button (or Jump to Live. Can't remember for sure), I think it cancels out the commercial and goes back to the broadcast. I think.
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