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  1. If you haven’t won in 25 years, you may as well win it twice.
  2. Man, I'm digging this album. Sort of,… Methany meets Animals as Leaders meets The Yellowjackets.
  3. I find your input welcome. But you have to realize that you are a professional. Just like when someone else is floored by a crazy riff in a guitar solo and I say, yep, he play a 32nd note triplet Lydian scale over the IV chord. Looking at the situation analytically, to us, is downplaying it. Sorry, it just is. This is hugely emotional for us. There is no such thing as “acceptable loss” to the non-trained. If “getting through this” (which I, too, believe we will) means that even one more person dies, that is a huge freak out. It’s good that you have a so be it attitude. I get where yo
  4. Getting a new roof put on. Boy, it’s loud. And not a little bit of money, either. Totally worth it. Looking at what they are ripping off, I can’t believe we haven’t had water in our house.
  5. Sorry. Wasn’t you. Forgot who I was talking to last night.
  6. And yet it's being done by the current president of the United States. Why then would you argue with me that its another salvo of an attempted coup?
  7. Not this single act, obviously, but if more “successful”, it may have inspired more acts of violence maybe at a local level.
  8. Watching videos of these morons giving their name and where they are from on Reddit has removed all fear in me that they could actually take over the government. They all have that 1000 yard stare of a cult member and Trump hand them in a frenzy. But holy hell are they stupid.
  9. That link didn’t take me there.
  10. Absolutely. He does look delicious, though, doesn’t he?. I just don’t want to get worms If he’s underdone. Plus, I need more juice to come out to make the gravy.
  11. Am I a bad person ifi don’t think he is ready for the NHL, as well? I think he should cook for another year.
  12. HowTF can anyone watch this and say it wasn’t a coup attempt? Trump fires up a bunch of armed followers with lies, then sends them on their way to attack the very lawmakers who are certifying his removal from office? Again, saying anything else is a complicit lie.
  13. It was yet another salvo in one, though. It kept them from finishing counting the votes in GA and kept them from certifying the Electoral College results. Some of those “protesters” were in full combat gear with guns. It’s an ongoing attempted coup
  14. Sure. This is a straight up coup. Calling it anything else is a complicit lie. Look at the pictures of the capitol steps during the BLM protests. There were rows of armed riot officers. Today they had nothing, knowing there was an important vote and a rally right down the street. And Trump keeps lying and idiots keep eating it up.
  15. I often watch the French feed of hockey games on NHL.TV. I’ve notice that just like American-English is somewhat harsh and staccato compared to English-English, so to is Canadian-French compared to French-French. This has nothing to do with this conversation. I just find it interesting.
  16. Pro athletes are insanely gifted. I would bet that during the glide, before the whistle to pickup the pace, they are skating faster than I ever have in my life.
  17. I thought it was his lazy play that allowed the hit. I thought Johnson looked really good. I don’t think Cozen’s game was as bad as others. He had a nice setup that rang off the pipe and a couple of nice drives to the dirty area to get a shot off. Hockey can be really cruel that way. I think Canada had way more individual talent, but the US played a pretty amazing team game.
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