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  1. Isn’t it going into Canada that is the problem?
  2. I thought he actually looked pretty good against Dahlin in that camp video.
  3. What I find annoying is that there are players that don’t pan out on both sides of the numbers all the time, but stats guys only seem to make a point of using the term outlier (or “exception to the rule”) when it comes to someone working out who wasn’t the “right” choice according to them.
  4. I keep reading the thread title as “Billy Sheehan Signed a PTO“ I was actually at this show.
  5. Whatever it was on this day. Go back to that day. 😀
  6. Was the text yellow for a minute? I remember that being a little easier on the eyes than the white.
  7. You listed overall defensive rank. I read somewhere (not sure where) That if you filter by team passing defense, it swings a little more in Josh's favor.
  8. I actually don't know. Whatever is in North Tonawanda.
  9. And then someone told me its on ABC locally in NJ.
  10. Time Warner cable is a big steaming pile of sh!t. As soon as the game starts, they can't handle the bandwidth and the picture goes to hash. Garbage.
  11. I though there was no limit on goalies.
  12. Whatever this is, it’s not better. Ah, never mind. It’s still here. SS Home is the way to go.
  13. What’s the deal with the close up camera shots on Fox today?
  14. But not many had to make future deals with GMs afterward.
  15. Wasn’t the first period their training camp, though?
  16. Typical. Ohio’s in the Stone Age. Here in Jersey, restaurants have QR code’s on the table and you use your own phone to order.
  17. Who gives a sh!t what either has done to this point in the NHL? A 22 and 23 YO shouldn't be expected to have done anything in the NHL unless it's with a completely dysfunctional franchise. They are both poised to to be completely useful NHL players.
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