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  1. Looking forward to tonight. I think we'll see a more cohesive team, if only incrementally. I like hockey.
  2. I don't care about ads. I just think they need to figure out a better way to put them on the screen without giving me vertigo.
  3. Sorry if my post sounded saltier than I meant (I did mean a little bit of salt.) I just don’t know how you can still believe this after all these years. When even a team like Tampa mentioned over and over during the playoffs that it was the addition of gritty players that got them over the edge. They were always really good. It wasn’t until they got nasty that they won.
  4. Your need do defend your stance on this is really funny. I think that someday, you might even believe it yourself.
  5. I thought Dahlin was completely uninspired tonight. He was not special in any way.
  6. You keep saying this, but what would you change if you were that good coach.
  7. Pretty close game. We looked like shite and were still an empty net goal from a one goal game. Staal's giveaway.… just,… ugh. We need to split tomorrow. The Sabres aren't terrible.
  8. Half the team has never played together. It takes time. Hockey is really funny that way.
  9. This is a good game. Both teams rusty. Washington looks more put together. Buffalo starting to come together. This will get interesting before it’s over.
  10. 40 points in a 59 game season for a 19 year old defenseman is neutering?
  11. Ah. No, I like Jeff. The "finally" was that we have actually have some talent on the team where we are able to move a Skinner down the lineup. I think it bodes well for our chances.
  12. Sure he has. Every player in the top six is not the same exact player. They all do what they do well and work together to make a line. With the right linemates, I think Jeff could light it up on the 3/4 line.
  13. What tv do you have that has the NHL app. Samsung can suck it. Roku?
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