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  1. You've never been subjected to the Capitals' broadcasting team before? I envy you...
  2. Fun fact- the famous quote is actually "let them eat brioche." Probably translated to "cake" when culturally, less English-speaking folks were familiar with brioche. Very happy that many more are now familiar, including myself 😄
  3. To the bolded: didn't you catch the cigarette glow they shared at the end? I was waiting for a return to color, as well, and I thought the cigarette in color was pretty exquisite. The very first scene Kim ever appeared in, they shared a cigarette... On an unrelated note, I was always so nostalgic for that early episode (S2E1) where Jimmy & Kim were up to the shenanigans of scamming the stock broker. When things got real (dark), I would think about that scene, and say, "why couldn't they just go back to that?" Still makes me sad to think about... they could have had a wonderful life.
  4. I should add- I watched the videos and I love the kid. His story about playing hockey with older brothers, playing goal, and the elation of robbing your older brother during a game really hit home for me (I was a goalie when I was younger).
  5. Comrie is a textbook case of a goalie who appears to have the stuff to be a starter, but hasn't had an opportunity yet. These are exactly the moves you have to hit on as a GM if you want your team to break through, and KA went for it. The fact that people have already made up their minds about him shows, IMO, a real lack of real-world understanding of how teams get built. You think an established Vezina contender is just going to fall into our lap? You think such a FA goalie will pick Buffalo out of all the offers they get? You think other teams are trading their Vezina contenders for something expendable we have to offer? This is the ideal move for this team right now, as it doesn't make-or-break us in the short-term, but could yield enormous dividends.
  6. Lucic back to running goalies, huh
  7. The exciting thing is, Tage may be better than the numbers he put up this season. He may be able to play multiple entire season at the pace he did since Feb. 1. I don't think that's far-fetched. Sounds like the exception that proves the rule (Weave's point)?
  8. The forum would also like to introduce you to a player named John
  9. The 8-0 playoff game vs the Flyers in 2001 will be an experience I'll never forget. I was 15, my brother was 18, and he said we'll go buy tickets from scalpers. The game was about to start... he said "don't worry, they'll be cheapest if we get them after the game starts." We got row 4 for $30ea. A playoff game! I felt like I was close enough to reach out and touch Donald Audette when he scored that bar-down slapshot. Incredible memory. Beat the Flyers!
  10. Word. Generally, I'd like to see more females doing play-by-play.
  11. Thought her voice was fine, but the banter was generally lacking substance That too
  12. I've always been pretty hard on him, but this is a good point. It's not like he's had a great product to sell all these years...
  13. It's not that simple. Rarely do you get a chance in the NHL to line up your shot and pick your corner on a goalie who doesn't have time to come out and cut off the angle.
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