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  1. Please show me a game where Jack played and was not motivated. I want to rewatch it. The thing that most makes me not want to trade Jack is the thought of him winning the cup with another team. I know he can be the player that leads a team to the cup. I want that team to be us. I'm starting to buy into this conspiracy theory that their is some cabal of NHL insiders that wants Jack away from the Sabres and downplayed JBotts failures (because he was one of "their guys").
  2. What? Any player who does not get the maximum $ in their contract is simply not intelligent. Unless they're going to/staying with a sure-fire contender.
  3. Not sure. Our second line was our achilles heel all those years. I think there is a strong counterargument against your statement.
  4. He seemed that way because the coaches weren't smart enough to realize he was probably the best 2C option.
  5. I hope this is delivery the confidence-boost that Casey needed all along
  6. JJ was eviscerated in the shootout. A Lehner-esque performance.
  7. I share the sentiment- my understanding, though, is that the decision lies more with the player & the physician(s)
  8. Sheahan has played really well tonight. And RJ stopped calling him "she - han"
  9. You're allowed to turn it over to him, under Ralph's system, as long as you're above the puck when you do
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