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  1. Beyond the Vesey rumor, have there been any other rumors of us looking for wingers? Could it signal Krueger may want to try Reinhart at 2C? (full disclosure, this is what I want to see, even if it doesn't work) I would love us to look for someone who could play wing or center, in case Reinhart doesn't work.
  2. On the highlights posted on pg 2, I do see nice hands and an incredible shot, in addition to what people have already mentioned. Oh, and it's Bobby Fischer whose doppelgaenger he is:
  3. Yeah, hopefully nothing to see here. Plus, I don't think Latvians trust Russians 😜
  4. 3 GM's? I just counted 2... On another note, I didn't realize ROR got an offer sheet from Calgary after the lockout...
  5. I could even see them separated, one on line 3, one on line 4. They are both good in the corners and seemed to be able to keep the puck in the offensive zone. If you add a skilled played on a line with one or both, their lines may actually see some chances, if the matchups are right.
  6. Can someone explain the "no waivers" part to me?
  7. Is it possible to get lettering & numbers done on older jerseys, like slugs and goatheads?
  8. Right- wouldn't that mean JBOT would have been making an offer to Tippett while simultaneously trying to convince Krueger to come back to the NHL as a coach? unless I don't have my timeline straight...
  9. I worry Erod would get throw around like a ragdoll in NHL playoff hockey. I worry he just doesn't have the strength. If he had a more impressive frame, he'd be a dangerous player. He also would have been drafted. I hope I'm wrong
  10. I think it means something. People respond to that. If it's genuine (and it appears to be), people respond. If you're a phony, pro hockey players will sniff that out pretty quickly.
  11. Am I the only one who read JBot's & Peg's comments as possibly being short-term face-saving for Phil, before letting him go after the season? It's impossible to know, but that's what I took.
  12. Many here had mentioned that JBot may want Chris Taylor to take over here. How likely do we think that is? It would make sense to let him finish the AHL playoffs first (i.e. wait till after that point to fire Housley)
  13. Awesome info, guys. I do need to get gear first, but I've been threatening such to my wife for a while now. I think now is the time to go for it. I currently only have goalie skates, but don't want to play goal anymore. I'll follow up when I've got my gear. Sorry everyone else for hijacking the thread
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