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  1. I feel like Skinner rubs off on Sheary when they play together. Suddenly Sheary started leaning into everything more, started lifting opposition's sticks started trying to be more physical (when not having much to work with). If Sheary brought that every night, he could transform his game. It's like he's close to Skinner and starts channeling Skinner.
  2. I hate to break it to you... I think we're stuck with him
  3. Boomer and Gio are unlistenable. I only tune in for schadenfreude after every Jets loss, when I happen to be driving in the morning.
  4. I think you're reading it incorrectly. It says they are more "good" than "lucky." The further right is not more "lucky," it just illustrates how many goals they've scored. "Up" is good, "down" is lucky.
  5. And hadn't they just called a non-existent trip on Skinner a few minutes prior?
  6. Hey, watch it. Not only does that represent the president's trophy team, but also a very nostalgic point in my life. So, no!
  7. Let me just say, I'm grateful that Krueger has basically increased every player on the team's trade value. Hear hear! 🍻
  8. There is always a chance that the "better" player may not have the defensive awareness that Sobotka has. Not to say Sobotka is Selke-calibre, as you said, but maybe Ralph has brought something out of him, and it just gels with Jojo & Skinner. That's what seems to be happening. I don't think there's any proof that Sobotka is actually a "drag" on the line, point totals notwithstanding. I'd expect someone into fancy stats not to reference point totals (esp. after <10 games) as indicative of anything! Again, this all could be wrong. The broader point is, we're winning, that line is winning match-ups, so talk of changing it is premature.
  9. First of all, apparently he has the most hits of any forward on the team. His line is winning their match-ups, according to what others have posted. Ralph may not be asking him to put up points. Their line is working. Thank you for asking a question that gets to the crux of the issue. Yes, if they start losing, and it's clear the 2nd line is part of the problem, "upgrade" away. However, I'd even suggest that if they start losing, but the second line is playing really well- mess with the other lines first. We're not in that situation. The 2nd line is actually playing well.
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