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  1. I just ordered a Switch and Zelda BOTW & Link's Awakening I do considering my experience with A Link to the Past, c. 1993, to be life-changing, and playing Ocarina of Time in 1999 was transcendent. So far, BOTW is bringing me back to that place that OOT took me too. So glad I got it. Wife not so much.
  2. Faster than Jochen but not as strong along the boards, no?
  3. Trying to think of the NHL's perspective... Doesn't it kinda of make the league look silly/unprofessional if a pro team has to dress an amateur to play in perhaps the most critical position? Even if it does generate press, maybe they don't like the image it gives the league
  4. After seeing that McCabe shot replay... Sabres must be licking their chops at the thought of a 1-on-1 point-blank shot on Lehner
  5. He was barely coming off the bench when Vegas entered the zone. I saw Kahun calling for a change when Vegas had possession and were about to enter the zone
  6. He will never maintain his current shooting % with the Sabres... 😉
  7. Yes, eliminated from the playoff race is what I meant
  8. Listening to NY football radio talk... they were talking about how great for the Jets it will be with no Brady... how the division will theirs. They talk as if this past season never happened, as if there's no question they are currently a better team than the Bills. How Darnold is so much more talented than Allen ("...yeah, Allen's a great athlete, but not a QB"). Can't wait to tune in when they are eliminated from the playoffs next season. It was a treat listening to them having nervous breakdowns this season.
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