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  1. I just got back from Scotland, so I thought I should contribute: Scotland is truly whisky heaven. I could order extremely fine (18yr +) single malts for less than 10 pounds, as they were "single's" (25mg, I believe). This meant I could focus on variety, and the bars had whiskys that I really couldn't find anywhere else. Highlights: Oban Little Bay Similar to the standard Oban 14, but a tad lighter, more floral, and a touch sweeter. Enjoyed very much, even though I usually prefer heavier, peatier whiskys. I had this in the town of Oban after visiting the distillery Auchentoshan Three Wood I remember it being rich with beautiful oak notes permeating. Not overly peaty, but peat is still present. Very enjoyable for the price, although not as smooth as older whiskys. Glenfiddich 18 This was actually more of a "low"light for me. I've enjoyed the 12yr from time to time, but I found the 18 year not much more interesting or complex. Was smoother than the 12, but not much else. I usually don't opt for Speyside whiskys, though, so I'm biased Bunnahabhain 18 This one was the star of my trip. Rich, smooth, toffee, chocolate, with an incredible finish. This is the bottle I should have brought home with me. Luckily I can find it close-by for slightly more than $100 Ledaig 18 The bar I wanted to try this at was out of it, so I bought a bottle without actually tasting it, because the description was just so tantalizing. See for yourself: It is a good whisky. To me, I'd say it's essence is more of a refined Laphroaig 10. I don't necessarily get all of the notes described, but it's still complex, smooth, and satisfying. Lagavulin 16 I've had this many times, but this trip solidified it as my "go to" whisky. The richness, the sweetness, and the intense smoke/peat just hits all the right spots for me. From now on, if I only have one bottle of whisky in my house, it will be this I regret not getting to try Oban Distiller's Edition. They were out of it in the bars in Oban, and I didn't want to buy a bottle without trying it. Even though I do like Oban 14, it is not my favorite, so it wasn't worth the risk. I've heard really great things about it, though.
  2. I don't think so. Having lived in both, NYC and Toronto have nearly nothing in common. As a professor I had in Toronto put it, Toronto basically has a lot of the bad stuff (traffic, overcrowding on subways), but none of the cultural stuff to make up for it. Sorry, TO...
  3. Sergei Federov vs Marty Brodeur. Do I win coolest result?
  4. But that's exactly my point. I'm addressing those who think the trade is conclusive evidence that JBott is incompetent. As you pointed out, we simply do not know the situation, therefore the conclusion of incompetence is tenuous.
  5. Ask people in any front office around the league about ROR’s life off the ice. Everyone knows. You can’t say “oh, we don’t know that for sure, but we know for sure JBott is a moron for trading him.” Can’t have your cake & eat it, too
  6. I think Dahlin is most obvious, and I think Mittelstadt is most critical. I think we've seen ERod's ceiling.
  7. Where exactly did you set up the clinic & orphanage?
  8. I assumed (perhaps incorrectly), with the current advancements in things like rehab and training in general, that there is a way he can be working out (even upper body) without engaging his thumb. Does anybody know more about that?
  9. Any chance we trade Jokiharju(+?) for a 2C? I’m so curious to see Risto under Krueger, and I’m not curious to see Risto turn into a serious force with a different sweater on...
  10. I'm hoping the things that were "off" for him were primarily the treatment from Cal O'R and housley's preference for Tage. I.e., I hope we're moving away from being a clown organization
  11. Not saying it’s likely, but what makes you say “zero chance”?
  12. Not saying an issue of “want.” Possibly JBott offered him the max he thought he was worth. And maybe he’s had conversations with other GM’s, who aren’t interested in him at more than what JBott just offered him. All speculation, of course.
  13. I'm not so worried about our PP1's zone entries, even though there were some bad attempts based on what you alluded to... Perhaps he could help our PP2 unit with that. I don't know if our PP1 vs PP2 success ratio was any different than the league average, but I felt our PP was over when the first unit left the ice...
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