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  1. That'd be great, but I fear Aube-Kubel is liable to cheap-shot him again. Last thing I want is Dahlin missing games.
  2. I'd be happy if him & Risto just took gratuitous runs at him the whole game. Those two could easily send a message, even if it's just clean hits every time he's on the ice.
  3. Seriously, though. Are we thinking Aube-Kubel is going to be targeted? What do you think will happen to him, and by who?
  4. Assuming he means Hutton was prepared to play at a moment's notice
  5. There was no preseason. It takes a minute to get the timing/chemistry.
  6. Skinner is getting chances, despite his line assignment. His bad puck luck from last year is carrying over. Hopefully he'll just make up for it with sheer volume.
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