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  1. Keys to the game: 1. Score 2. Other team is good 3. 3 periods to play
  2. I appreciate all the links and analyses you guys have posted. I don't know jack about evaluating 18 year olds we won't see in the NHL for a while, but if the pre-draft and post-draft talk thinks it's a good fit, I'm satisfied as well.
  3. The Avs-Flames series has been so fun to watch
  4. Management for the Bills seems to fortunately be set. I was very nervous and confused during McDermott's initial hire, Whaley being muted for that horrible end of the year PC, and giving a rookie GM lots of power in terms of the draft and possibly picking out his own GM. But McD looks like a grand slam and we're lucky to have him, especially after the Rex Ryan debacle. As for this team, who knows when things will get turned around. The tank teams are gone, the rebuild remains underway, and we can only change HC/GM so many more times. I'll still remain optimistic that this core will be able to contend in the near future. As for the Pegulas as people, impact around WNY, willingness to spend (on both players and far too many unemployed front office members and coaches, too, sadly...), and how much they evidently care about the teams, we couldn't ask for more. As others have said, it could be far worse. I really hope he isn't as meddlesome as some rumors make him out to be, but I really don't think they are anymore at the very least (letting Jason fire Phil, McBeane having full freedom to shape the Bills roster over the last couple years, etc.). #TrustTheProcess
  5. With him declaring for this draft, how many years at minimum will he have a love for the game?
  6. No need to fuss about the last two wins - it's the massive collapse beforehand that put us in this place to begin with, nor would slightly higher odds guarantee anything.
  7. As per my username, I'm new to following the NHL as a whole. I tuned in last year where the results were between intermissions, but with this being an hour-long segment on its own, how exactly will they make use of all the time?
  8. I wonder which current Blue Jackets are going to be Panthers next year Also, I'm curious whether or not this was Jason's decision alone or if he needed Terry's blessing.
  9. Bob Bougher is the first to go....will we follow suit shortly?
  10. Z scored? And you guys are claiming our lottery chances are busted
  11. Rangers came back to tie the Penguins so far #scoreboardwatch
  12. I'm debating getting my Dahlin jersey now vs possibly later for the 50th anniversary
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