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  1. Did Miller abandon his man? I couldn't tell after that being told three damn times In a minute
  2. Hm...where do you guys see him slotting in? Could pair well with Lazar I guess
  3. Live versions of Heartbreaker are so damn good, appreciated you adding that in OP
  4. We are so lucky to have been in position to take him I'm not one to pick favorites but this guy is my favorite player and will be for a long time. He's already such a damn good skater, makes incredible subtle moves nearly every game, and will only continue to have a higher trajectory for years to come and I'm giddy thinking about it.
  5. It'd be nice of he'd get released from that line due to good karma and behavior now but 13 also had such a good night the top line will be unscathed
  6. The worst part of this was that during the final moments of his life, he was fearing for his daughters' before both were killed. Just retired. Just had a newborn. Already doing so much for the community post retirement. Not to mention how much of an idol he was and will forever be throughout his playing career. ***** isn't fair. 💔
  7. I'm more of a lurker than a poster but just had to say how much this cracked me up
  8. *uncreative comment about how he's carried the team on said body part*
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