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  1. Came in this thread for some unwarranted blind optimism on the possibility of adding Wright to an already stacked pipeline .. Left rather disappointed and curious where my mind was during high school math
  2. I just don’t view it as rushing the plan if you’re adding a short term guy with your extra cap space. Rushing the plan to me would be adding someone on a long term big money deal, or packaging assets in a trade for an upgrade. Maybe that’s the difference in opinion? Short term cap space is expendable. Have a thorough vetting process and you’re bound to find at least one guy that you can overpay for a year or two to not only produce, but also be a mentor.
  3. 30 / 30 / 20 = 80 25 / 10-15 / 20 = 55-60 10 / 10 / 15 = 35 10 / 15-20 / 15 = 40-45 20-30 250 - 3.04 gpg If everyone doesn’t progress as we’d hope, if Skinner/Thompson have a down year, if Quinn/JJP don’t have the immediate impact expected, if Cozens doesn’t contribute more all of these totals could be even less than this. You’re looking at 3.04 goals per game, which is still a below average offense, while also not having an answer for the goalie tandem yet. You’ve got to add another producer (or two) for a worst case scenario. You can’t just expect that everyone performs as you’d hope. Granted, if everyone develops the way they’re expected then it will probably be more goals than this, and ideally much more. But why risk ‘as expected’ when you have the cap to have a backup plan for when one or two guys have a down year or don’t progress right?
  4. But do we really want to rely on ‘I expect’s and ‘probably’s? If your goal is to be a competitive team and see an overall shift in the organization to one that understands what it needs to do to compete, I certainly don’t want to rely on that. Add another forward (or two) on short term deals and either a) let the rest figure who’s the odd man out and recoup some assets for them, or b) let everyone else progress and the short term guy gets shown the door at the deadline or in the offseason All of the people just expecting the natural progression and development to happen reek of complacency, I want my team to be competitive without having to hope that the kids either sustain their development or in some cases develop further. Not everyone is going to hit in the development that’s expected, we’re fans of a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in a decade and has a recent history of disastrous drafting and development, we of all people should realize this. If we had this current squad and were tight to the cap? Then yeah, maybe hoping for development would be the way to go. But we’re simply not that team, we have the extra assets and the extra cap space. Use it.
  5. How do we feel about Isak Rosen? Not very familiar with his development/the leagues he’s in/how his stats are vs what they should be
  6. I don’t mean to be lumping Quinn with JJP, he’s clearly at a higher level. And yes, both have seemingly earned roster spots with this seasons performance. But either way, why not bolster the talent in the forward group on short term deals with the extra cap space that is there just to add competition and talent? Even if it means a Mitts or an Ollie getting flushed out, there’s no reason not to add more talent. Suppose they don’t fit in the top 9 because we suddenly have too much talent, and we traded them for more assets, is that a bad thing? I’m not suggesting to add a Gaudreau at 7x$9.5M. I’m simply saying to add a 40-50 point forward or two to that middle 6 on short term 1 or 2 year deals with maybe $4.5M-$6.5M AAV. A team that hasn’t made the playoffs in 11 years shouldn’t exactly be afraid of a log jam of talent. You’re not sacrificing the future by adding short term deals when you have an abundance of cap space, you’re just adding short term talent to try and make the team better.
  7. Do constraints actually exist though? As a Bills fan first, I feel like I’ve heard that story too many times and then suddenly when you’re good and you get a competent GM those ‘restraints’ are no longer spoken of. Not too mention at the deadline he said there were no restraints and he could use the cap space freely. Granted it didn’t turn into anything, but I’m going to choose to take his statements as truthful. Also, maybe I haven’t listened to enough of his interviews but regardless of his stated plan, shouldn’t the plan at the end of the day be to win? They have LOADS of cap space and it just doesn’t make sense to not use it. Does Peterka look great? Absolutely. Does that mean he should have a penciled in roster spot? Absolutely not. I don’t see any issue with bringing in a middle 6 40-50 point guy on short term, 1-2 years, and an inflated contract with the extra cap space we have to build competition and talent. If we want to see Peterka so bad, and we think Peterka is so good, then he should reasonably earn a spot on his own without being penciled in, no? So he earns a spot and gives us another forward as an expendable asset to trade for more roster improvement, what’s the problem with that?
  8. Started this thread right after I posted a little rant in the other offseason thread, figured this one would be better to relocate that post to.. I don’t understand the hesitancy to add a forward because the Sabres ‘already have their core.’ That’s utterly ridiculous in my eyes, why is a team with an 11 season playoff drought granting roster spots to guys that’ve played less than 3 games in the NHL? JJP has looked fantastic, Quinn has looked even better but neither has played any substantial time in the NHL yet and yet I keep seeing fans/media alike wanting to stay away from a forward in free agency. Say you resign Olofsson, UPL, Anderson, Bryson and Hinostroza, you should still be roughly around $25M-$30M in cap space with a lineup of Skinner - Thompson - Tuch Krebs - Cozens - Quinn Olofsson - Mitts - JJP Girgensons - Asplund - Okposo Bjork, Hinostroza Dahlin - Jokiharju Power - ? Samuelsson - Bryson Fitzgerald ? Lukkonen Anderson From there you can still add a 1A/B goalie for what, $5M-$8M AAV? (Husso, Keumper, Campbell). Add that other top 4 RHD for $4M-$8M AAV? (Letang, Manson, Gudbranson). Say you’re adding two guys at $8M AAV at those two spots on the high end, and you STILL have $10M-$15M in cap space. Why are we so against adding a Reilly Smith or an Ondrej Palat on low term with that extra money? Force JJP and Hinostroza to your 13th & 14th forwards spots instead of just handing it to them. There’s loads of cap space AND depth on the team for the first time in forever. Even the 13th and 14th forwards this year played 44 and 36 games respectively — granted there was a lot of turnover and injury this year. But still, what’s wrong with JJP playing ~40 games while growing into a role and comfort, rather than forcing him onto the team just because we have a perceived core. What’s best case scenario? JJP shines and we have more depth and talent and have to force someone out for more assets, or a package out to bring back some star power to tag along with the depth? Worst case scenario? Skinner, Olofsson & Thompson could all realistically regress scoring and Quinn & JJP may not translate immediately, Cozens, Mitts & Krebs could have a stagnant develop year and not keep progressing forwards. It’s easy to sit here now riding a hot streak and say the forward core is set, but imagine the outlash if the kids don’t develop at the same pace right now and we’re sitting here at game 80 with 70 points next year. Why not use this extra cap to bring someone in on short term and create more competition and depth. Just doesn’t make sense to me the willingness to sit still with the talent we have now rather than building more with the cap space we have. You don’t have to ‘build’ the team through FA, you can sign players on short term. If they don’t want to come to Buffalo without long term, the caps still there to utilize and overpay for a year or two with out effecting long term plans 🤷‍♂️
  9. Also to add to this a little bit, I’m relatively young (23) and wasn’t a big Sabres fan for most of my life. I paid attention the best a 7 and 8 year old could in 05-06 & 06-07, and loved the team from 09-12 because of chel the video game. As a die hard Bills fan (and diehard sports fan in general) and Buffalo resident, I decided around ‘17 that there was no reason I should be a diehard Bills fan and not support my other local team. I jumped from one drought that ended, to the middle of the next one. I like to claim I’m rather smart with the X’s and O’s of football, but still know jack s**t about hockey even though I’ve been watching the Sabres rather religiously for close to 5 years now. I look to this board for insight and knowledge to learn the game and the team. This game was the first time I’ve been to a sellout arena, and the first win I’ve witnessed in person out of about 10-15 that I’ve attended. I wasn’t sure how much money I wanted to spend on the game earlier in the week when the tickets seemed high, and they only went up from there. At the point I bought the tickets there were only 5 available left on Ticketmaster around 4:00 today. My girlfriend found some in the 100 level, 104, right next to the Sabres tunnel and bench for a decent bargain — though still a pretty penny. My god can I say it was worth every penny. I thought I paid attention enough the last 5 years to be a diehard fan on the level that I am a Bills fan, but this really sealed it. The environment was electric, and honestly comparable to ‘The Perfect Game’ against New England in the playoffs as a Bills fan. Even not quite the live or die Sabres fan, I still knew what RJ meant to the team and that only escalated the emotions. Just being a ‘casual’ fan for most of my life, knowing the big moments but not quite embracing them, the tributes still almost brought tears to my eyes. The organization really pulled off this night perfectly and the team just added on by showing continued improvement and hope for next year. This night really got me and I’m certainly tied to them with the same commitment I am to the Bills forever now. The arena was something to behold tonight and I’m very happy I was there.
  10. Watching the game in person, this was one of my biggest takeaways from the night. Nothing too hockey related, no spectacular input on anything — but about halfway through the second I turned to my girlfriend and pointed out that every second Krebs is on the ice, no matter what’s happening, the kid is playing and skating with a smile on his face
  11. I’ve seen Levi mentioned a few times in this thread, Do we really think it’s a possibility that 20 year old Devon Levi plays a couple games in a Sabres jersey this year? I just can’t see that happening and was under the impression he’s still atleast 2-3 years out, no? Genuine question as I’ve still got a little to learn about prospect development
  12. I don’t get why there’s an apprehensiveness to add talent to a team that’s currently on pace for 65 points. In theory, all of these forwards show some sort of potential. They’re (almost) all impressing individually, but if they were that good this team would be better right now. Hopefully Thompson continues his development, hopefully Mitts comes back strong, hopefully Skinner and KO continue their revitalization, hopefully VO keeps enhancing the offense, hopefully Cozens, Krebs, JJP & Quinn continue to progress how they are. But at the end of the days it’s all ‘hopefully.’ If we want to see a serious playoff contender and an improved team, you need to bring in talent and make these ‘hopeful’ players earn their spots. In the big picture, it’s a roster full of JAGs, under performers, and young prospects that aren’t ready to be relied on for real success. Who exactly gets pushed out if KA brings in more talent? That’s not for me to say. Along with the rest of you, I can make a spot in my head for these 13-14 forwards next year. But will those guys actually bring more talent and overall team improvement? That’s a risky bet to make. Bring in real proven talent, bolster the group, and if all of these young guys improve and the veterans stabilize as we’re hoping, then you have a good problem. You ship some players off for more assets to better your roster even more in the future. But to bet on the current roster that, as said above, is currently on pace for a 65 point season? Doesn’t sound like a successful formula to me. You’ve got cap space, you’ve got assets. Use them. Let’s see some real improvement and roster building for the first time in forever.
  13. Ah, thanks 🍻 I understood the intent of it and what it meant from the context, but it was driving me crazy to find out just what exactly the acronym was
  14. Can someone explain? Seen this term a lot over the past few weeks but haven’t been able to catch the exact acronym
  15. We do not have ‘enough good forwards’ for any sustainable success. In theory, MAYBE we have ‘enough good forwards’ in terms of potential. But even then, the teams lacked real NHL talent and just shuffled AHLers through the 3rd and 4th line for way too long. The team is loaded on young assets right now and has a surplus of cap space, if I could send a 4th or a 5th for a player like Debrusk on an expiring contract, take a flier and see if he turns his game back around, and if you could sign him for a cheap deal, then absolutely. At the price Andrew Peters is suggesting on Twitter, a 2nd or maybe even multiple? Absolutely not. Marty on WGR, a 2nd and expecting him to immediately slot in as a ‘piece’ moving forward and pencilling him in as a long term good 3rd liner? I’ll pass. Take a flier, see if he makes a difference, and if not then move on.
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