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  2. Brown and Green are available for a RB.
  3. Everyone on my team is available, if the price is right.
  4. Have someone on your roster that you want to trade away? Feel free to announce it right here. Carson Wentz is available. Jameis Winston will be available next week.
  5. Big win for my team this week, really needed that
  6. Oh stop 11, his 34.6 points gonna but me away, especially if Aaron Rogers doesn't show though Keenum is playing the defensless Raiders...
  7. Maybe not. Let's see if Dalton can throw a fifth.
  8. I think I'm going to get crushed.
  9. Get Woody week 1. Some Wild on Wyld crime here, let the true wiyld win
  10. Draft all set up for September 4th at 7pm Eastern. Time for me to finally make the playoffs in this league!
  11. Only time not available is Sun Aug 26th at 8:45 PM ET when I have another draft. Pretty much any other day and time good for me. Since I'm on the West Coast, not too early in the day though.
  12. Hey guys, was just coming on here to do this. What's everyone thinking for a good draft time? For myself, after 8:30 or 9 o'clock is usually best. I also like having it just a few days before the season opener. That way you don't draft someone and then get screwed if he's injured late in camp. Last season we drafted the Monday evening of Labour Day. Usually everyone is back if they are away that weekend so I would be cool with going that day again. But really, I'm open to whenever (preferably not Fri or Sat) evening.
  13. Yeah we should start planning a draft date soon.
  14. So, will you provide details of draft on this forum?
  15. Thanks SDS. I like the feature. I used PM's but this way is easier.
  16. As a tip, if you want to call a member's attention to a post you can tag them @Derrico and they will get a notification. Just precede their display name with the @ symbol.
  17. Ya, I love the club idea. But to first organize, I'll make another post in the main board.
  18. We doin' this? Do you want to make one more appeal in the thread on the main board?
  19. Happy to set up the relegation league if there are enough players for it. Are there?
  20. I hope everyone is enjoying the summer so far but we are only 20 days from the start of Bills training camp. Before you know it the football season will be back upon us...... I am pleased to confirm we will be running the 5th Annual Sabrespace Fantasy Football League. Once again, a shout out to our previous winners: 14' - TrueBlueGED 15' - JuJuFish 16' - JuJuFish 17' - JuJuFish This year there is a new wrinkle. As you may have read, due to high demand, we are opening a second 'relegation' league. If you were in the original league last year 'aka league 1, aka winners league', you are automatically back in if you want. At this point, could you just confirm that you are back in again for next year. I have heard from North Buffalo, Norcal and Taro. Still waiting on: TrueBlue, Wyldnwoody, Ink, Thorny, Wildcard, Hank, JuJuFish and Pi. The premise right now is the bottom two teams in this league will be banished to the 'relegation league' for next season and the winner and runner-up down there will replace them in the Winner's side. As always, trash talking is very welcomed and let's try and end JuJuFish dynasty run!! Eleven - Did you still want to start off running the 'relegation' league. We can PM details on league rules etc. if you want.
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