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  1. Of they get rid of Sabretooth, I will take a dump on Kim Pegula's chair in her office!
  2. And now we are having protests in mostly red states. People never learn.
  3. Phil Rizzuto and Bill White. I know everyone hates on Phil because he was such a homer but with all the dead time between pitches he and White were legendary with their stories. Plus Rizzuto had the greatest HOF speech of all time.
  4. Watching the Wahler game. Hartford goalie getting frisky with May. THE MAD HATTERS make an appearance. Ray got tossed earlier. Real time Hockey!?
  5. No. I've been having trouble staying logged into Fubo. Real pita getting logged back in
  6. Fubo through Roko .Get all Sabre games
  7. Been using Fubo for 3 years. RJ won't make it to the 2 2nd period.
  8. Ok not an exact quote. There have been rallies, press conferences and tweets. but here is the jist of it. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/02/28/trump-south-carolina-rally-coronavirus-118269
  9. "We have it under control, it's going to go away, it's a hoax, low risk to the American public, we've done a great job keeping it to a minimum"
  10. You can lie about crowd size, accepting Russia's help and making up fake crap about a former President and a possible future opponent, but lying about something that has killed people will come back and bite him in the ass
  11. Biden almost died years ago from a brain aneurysm. That and being 77 will take it's toll..Trump hasn't worked a day in his life.It's easy taking over a room when you got a big mouth and are an ***** all the time.He's been that way ever since he started spending Daddy's money. Terrible leadership skills.How in the heck do you bankrupt multiple casinos?
  12. Kind of like those clowns that ran against Trump and now lick his boots and wipe his butt
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