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  1. DOUGIE!!! Don't understand the hate. He does a great job, hits all the notes and doesn't drag it out and ruin it by changing it. The Sabres suck but we have one of the best anthem singers in the land!😶
  2. I'd like to believe the goaltending took a dump and while they haven't been good, they have been getting slaughtered by the defense or lack thereof.
  3. All these radio takes being back memories. Never listened to Sabre s games but growing up in the 70's I was a Celtics fan and had one of those Panasonic ball radios. From upstate Ny I could pick up WBZ with Johnny Most in Boston.
  4. Standing for the anthems were a flirt with death! Uppers in the Carrier Dome not much better!
  5. Keep the pressure on. I'm going Friday and I want an intense arena!
  6. I was /am a Celtics fan and remember going to games with Havliceck scoring then McAdoo. Then Cowens then McAdoo. Then JoJo then McAdoo! Standing up top for a Canadiens game. Watching the Sabres lose to Toronto, getting on a bus and an old grandma getting on and bitching about Jim Shoenfield! 😀
  7. At least Doc makes even boring games exciting. Who was that Dood that used to do the NHL on CBS?
  8. I'm getting a Go-Pro dash cam, a Russian music CD and film crash videos next time I'm in Buffalo.
  9. Just think, " doing what's necessary to secure the border" to prevent floods of immigrants , happened when your ancestors "invaded " America. You might not even exist.
  10. They have no spine that's why. McConnell is a crooked as they come and Ryan who's retiring and could really speak out with no repercussions is a wimp.
  11. I'd vote for "Uncle Joe" in a MY minute. Yeah he's whacky but he's got smarts and would be a vast improvement over that raving lunatic we got now!
  12. Of all the political forums I have read recently, This discussion is the most well mannered, civilized and common sense one I have come across. That being said, after today's performance, Trump is a lying, traitor, commie sympathizer. How any American can still support this moron is mind boggling.
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