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GDT: Sabres v. Devils 2/20/21, 12:30 pm

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4 hours ago, Eleven said:

I've gotta go on vacation with you sometime.  Or somehow otherwise figure out your headspace, just for an hour or something.

Yeah, I've been down on the board during this crappy season, but I will always come back for inky.

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2 hours ago, Eleven said:

Dahlin and Borgen need to become a permanent couple.  Seriously.  Let them "grow up" together.

Who would have thought that putting Dahlin with a D first partner thereby allowing Dahlin to use his skillset would work?  Again I’m shocked.  

Let’s see McCabe Risto works and Myers Tallinder worked, let’s not try that again.  Instead let’s take that top overall pick drafted for his great O skill set and try to force him into being a D first player to make our idiot coach happy.  It’s pretty friggin sad that fans on a message board know what works better then the guys running the darn team.


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