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  1. Nothing wrong with briefing the ownership about the state of the organization. Seems like overreaction to me to think otherwise.
  2. Dammit. Stop being reasonable. This is a sports forum!
  3. I was going to ask how much Buffalo pizza is. Instead I looked up Bocce Club's menu. Large with Pepperoni is $23.22 before tax. Buffalo Bros here in Texas is $21.99 which I thought was ridiculous, but I guess it's in line with Buffalo (and if someone says yeah but Bocce is premium priced, producing good Buffalo pizza in Texas also commands a premium). It's a bargain on Mondays though when Bros has their half off pizza special. When I worked at Roma's from 1978-80, a large pepperoni pizza there was $4.50.
  4. Okay but who is this guy? Just some random tweeter?
  5. My point is the same: We don't know that Gallant or Boudreau or Torts or Brind'Amour is going to make the Sabres more effective than Granato or Grönborg. Past success does not guarantee future performance.
  6. This is your problem not a problem with the forum. Get yourself sorted out.
  7. Only one man alive has coached multiple teams to Stanley Cup victories. He had his shot with the Sabres and couldn't do it. My point is that what a coach does with one team does not mean success with another team. I want a coach that knows the NHL but past Cup wins it not a prerequisite.
  8. Nothing wrong. I have no idea what @MODO Hockey's problem is.
  9. wut. It's customary to quote someone when replying directly to their post. Chill, my friend.
  10. Rikard Grönborg. Google him. He was a candidate for the Krueger spot. @MODO Hockey loves him and would bear his children if he could.
  11. Well I heard from my cousin's yard guy that the Sabres are bringing back Ted Nolan to coach the Sabres.
  12. I mentioned I get pizza every Monday from Buffalo Bros. I did that all through the pandemic; I missed two Mondays in all that time. One I think was a Monday holiday and I forgot to get pizza, and the other was when Buffalo Bros lost power during the Texas Freeze. I made my own that day.
  13. That's the point, innit? In Buffalo the best pizza is your local pizza joint. There are lots of them. It's kind of like barbecue or tacos here in Texas: The best places are local dives.
  14. The article implied that the ESPN+ subscription cost would include NHL games but I'm not 100% sure the author knows. I looked on the ESPN+ site and it appears there are two choices: ESPN+ or the D+/Hulu/ESPN+ bundle, but no other premium subscriptions, so I'm optimistic.
  15. On the one hand I agree, but on the other I worry about people who can genuinely not take the vaccine for medical reasons (or for whom the vax doesn't work such as organ recipients on immunodepressants). There are legit groups for which the vax is not an answer, and it pisses me off that the Freedumb Forum doesn't care about them, as if having a kidney transplant was a choice.
  16. I changed my post because the article implied that NHL games were included in the regular subscription price. I almost signed up when I thought it would be the only way to see ESPN+ games. I guess now I will sign up before next season. Unless they trade Jack, Sam, Risto, Mitts, Cozens & Houser, TPeg sells the team to a Chinese conglomerate and the team moves to China. Then I'll think about it first.
  17. Yeah, I just found the announcement.
  18. NBCSports is the app. Peacock has some sports but I don't know if they show the live games.
  19. The one thing that just annoys me to no end is I don't the NHL Network. I can't get it through NHL.tv (which seems like it should be included) and if I want it through my cable provider I have to get the most expensive premium level of service.
  20. We get pizza every Monday because the bar we get it from has half-off pricing on Mondays. A large pie feeds my me and my son for the day, plus a couple days of lunches for us both.
  21. As someone who had Center Ice through DirecTV and now get NHL.tv, I recommend the latter. They're basically the same service but Center Ice is linked to your TV provider (DirecTV or cable company, etc.) NHL.tv is not. To view NHL.tv you can either watch it on a PC or through a smart TV or a streaming device like Roku. The reason NHL.tv is better is that you can watch live or on delay, watch all the features (interviews, etc.) on TV, watch the pre-game and post-game (although those you can only watch live). You don't get those with DirecTV.
  22. If you're in the U.S. but not the Buffalo market, NHL.tv/Center Ice is the way to go, and basically the only legal way to go.
  23. That's why I posted all the 1-2Cs from around the league. I would like to think that the cost of admission into the Eichel sweepstakes is a top-6 C if that's the direction KA goes. (A different direction would be loading up on prospects... plus there could be a combination.)
  24. Yes I am and yes I understand that, but I tend toward the conservative assumptions (i.e., not expecting the vax to be fully effective, etc.) I'll be happy when it's not even a concern.
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