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  1. NHL shop - Can they stop selling Eichel and Risto jerseys ? 🙄
  2. Oooh its an issue here too, 3 years ago they actually started fining for left lane drivers when right lane is open. Also though Trucks are only allowed on right lane here, so no one is feeling all to happy driving in between trucks either.
  3. we are missing out on bedard ðŸĪŠ
  4. Discovery is just so lazy writing - End of season 2 go to future to kill the nasty computer virus on the ship - 5 minutes into season 3 its fixed. How and why ? nobody knows, its just fixed because hey we in the future. Best show since TNG ? for me its 1. DS9 2. Enterprise ( Only 4 seasons is just a shame) 3. TNG 4.TOS 5. Voyager Suspect strange new worlds will move between TNG and Enterprise. The rest is just woke/lazy storywriting, they can shoot kurtzman up to the moon for me.
  5. I will give strange new worlds a shot soon, but it being an STD spin off ...
  6. I like how he is playing power and dahlin together now and then, Let them grow together from start. The magic will happen our own Pronger and Niedermayer combo 🙂
  7. And again I forgot the game starts an hour earlier because of winter hour for next 2 weeks 😞
  8. I still think we might have a shot at him as UFA, he liked buffalo and can't see Vancouver being good by then.
  9. Star trek is ruined for me even more now. Discovery was as bad as it is, destroying the entire mirror storyline and many others. Star trek Picard just put the icing on the cake. Season 2 was even worse than season 1. And they just ruined the borg, Picard is played entirely out of character and stil not sure what Seven is doing in all of this. Just no explanation what her and picard have in common or how they even met or what their connection is, she is just there. Also lets turn her into a lesbian, because that seems to be popular these days. But the worst part is just the lazy writing, I got so bored and annoyed watching these, I fast forwarded a lot of the episodes because every one of them had at least 15 minutes of them talking leading up to nothing. They should just delete everything from this franchise after 2009
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