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  1. Oh yeah, we are bad, our coach is ***** it up, He needs to play a more defensive style.
  2. Yeah I got it in the summer too, from colleague - He thought it was his hayfever and I let him touch my keyboard and stuff. Never really had any bad symptoms. Did stay 10 days home though, day 7 my lymphglands got all swollen up, and I tested postive until day 9 so 🙂
  3. Defense and 2/2 on chances/goals. SA is not that good, Argentina just had not creativity or speed in their game.
  4. Poland is not that strong, I can see SA winning from them, then Argentina really is in trouble 🙂
  5. they are in a group with poland and mexico though.
  6. ***** hell, was trying not to look at his stats xD
  7. Maybe get Sheahan back down too ? Might not be a bad 4C.
  8. Nah, I was fine with playing the kids this year and still am 🙂
  9. Not really sure what kind of style they were going there, looks a bit like disney with the tower.
  10. This is not how i hoped november would go, at least my goathead is almost here 😁
  11. Yeah worried me when he got injured, would not have the speed immediately to catch up again.
  12. ***** it I go sleep, seems like a bad game and I can't find a decent stream to work 🙂
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