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  1. Depends we will see, but its borderline. Lets just enjoy the game first 🙂
  2. They actually let him have the puck, they guarded the other 4, thompson was watched close for his shot and Dahlin too.
  3. When I opened up this thread , going to be a lot of doom and gloom again 😛
  4. It usually is, what is the percentage of winning after pulling the goalie down two goals ? 1 % ?
  5. pretty even game now, but we deserve a win 😛
  6. was thinking the same, 2 refs with enough experience to know not to give that to marchand.
  7. I like them too, always wanted to see a blue and white goathead, but just seems a bit too white too me somehow. Also with the black goathead coming out im not buying two jerseys 🙂
  8. Tage being guarded on the PP, was Dahlin could only go to the rookie. Its why I prefer Oloffson on the otherside of thompson, they can't guard both + dahlin.
  9. I would claim Reilly without blinking, Sounds weird they do this, unless they really that close to the cap.
  10. Yeah I liked Pike in STD a lot, was pretty much the only good thing. Picard, STD, lower decks, not watching much if anything from those, unless im really bored.
  11. Will be missing out on this one, last day of a 3 day class for me and a test in morning. Nothing special , 7th time I do this but need a clear head.
  12. Tkachuck got suspended 2 games for trying to blind Quick ...
  13. NHL shop, just ordered one, but was like last 6 left. So you'll have to hurry up 🙂
  14. Might be he broke a bone, but seems unlikely all this when they were using gloves.
  15. Estimated Arrival - Nov 24 2022 😁 Shipping 3-5 days / last jersay took 3 weeks lol 🙂
  16. ah on NHL shop you can get a Dahlin and Skinner one it seems, and blank one.
  17. Just not sure how to call it, when writers disregard 60 years of source material and rather want to push an Ideological and poltical agenda.
  18. Where you guys order them, NHL shop I see nothing. Need something that ships to Europe though 🙂
  19. Tkachuck with the slime move of trying to injure Quick.
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