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  1. Maybe UPL turns into our Tim Thomas 🙂
  2. Skinner Mittelstadt and Johnson are driving the team this year so far.
  3. Worst part is, I lost badly at darts from buddy, ***** can't count but he throws like the best of them, I should stop helping him 😄 nah, was friendly against my buddy, he is way better than me in outs.
  4. lol ffs, I went out to bar to play some darts, thought game would just start. Nice win I guess 🙂
  5. I keep saying it again, 15 teams in the league are looking for a #1 goalie. Where do you want Adams to find one ?
  6. just home, will look at this game and the jersey goals tomorrow, but UPL glove high is his weak spot.
  7. Would have to go look on telegram for this, but when one pops up again I will share it here. The estimates from the USA are usually lower than Great-Britain or Ukraine.
  8. Had that on my mind too, especially when got Kulich in Rochester. Savoie might get his 9 games shot when Benson is send down.
  9. Ottawa got some serious help from the refs though. As for the UPL saves, most of those stops were shot at him right in the chest, I never had to see him do a glove save.
  10. I think Ottawa will come out trying to get some fights going.
  11. D-bag did that all to himself , Krebs just stood his ground 🙂
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