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  1. we probably need 2 if we want to make the playoffs. Number 1 could make us a contender though with the right additions.
  2. I want krebs to have a chance next year, please no.
  3. I think we will win the cup this year, Kane or not. And will win 5 cups in next 10 years πŸ˜›
  4. I don't get people saying no to this, a healthy Kane you add to de line up anytime. Just the look at the numbers he put up playing injured last 2 years. Kane on a line with Cozens and Mittelstadt would be firework, and you can have a 3rd line of Peterka - Krebs - Quinn.
  5. I liked him , maybe his fancy stats were not too good, but I loved his mentality.
  6. RJ was one of the reasons I started to follow the sabres, the passion he had for the team was infectious.
  7. https://bleacherreport.com/videos/459170-dahlins-nhl-24-celly-idea Seems Dahlin got some extra attention from EA this summer. To busy to sign right now πŸ˜›
  8. Both might not be in the league anymore if the 5 names of that CHL rape come out.
  9. In my mind he is as good as Savoie and Kulich right now which deem most untouchable, so yeah Γ–stlund rosen and 2024 1st should get helle. Might point is the jets will ask for Levi as part of the deal and they you want Helle locked up 7 more years. Hart Is at the same level as Comrie at this moment, with just more games played. Demko and Marktstrom are gambles seeing the last season they played. So only Saros and Helle would deserve a good prospect or 2 back if signed longterm. I keep saying the goalie market has been a sellers market for years now and a lot of teams looking for a good fit in net.
  10. Still would have preferred a young prospect at least in that deal, But it shouldn't come from Montreal and Pens don't have anything good. Still feel like SJS got fleeced in this one. And they retain 1.5 mill next 4 years too.
  11. Seriously I would be pissed of as a sharks fan on this return, a 1st round pick and 2 cap dumps and 3rd pair D.
  12. Very underwelming return for the Sharks though, only the 2024 1st rounder looks good. Hoffmann and Garlund had couple of bad seasons already. Rutta is servicable bottom pair.
  13. Supposed to be a good draft for defenders, and no matter what happens always teams that will go forward, so expecting some good ones in the 20's still.
  14. Best part of this is, by the time his contract ends, Toronto might be in such a suck mode they will have room for him but will he want to go there?
  15. Thank you July for that classic Belgian summer of 20 degrees and nothing but rain and wind. All of Europe 30-40 degrees and we get this πŸ˜„
  16. I think Columbus might have a top 10 D next year Werenski - Severson Provorov - Boqvist blankenburg / Bean - Gudbranson
  17. Yeah but we are not getting worse either, I think Clifton is an uderrated signing. Greenway might surprise us next year. Goalie with Levi is a question mark for the entire league, but I believe in him. Personally I think Comrie might make a good back up this year.
  18. This is like 2022 summer all over again and where did they end up ? Only thing I liked from both summers was adding debrincat.
  19. I don't know everyone expects Boston to end up number 1 again next season in the Atlantic. But their number 1C is Charlie Coyle or Morgan Geekie. Replacements they got for hall/Bertuzzi are Lucic/Van Riemsdyk and are very slow. Their Defence looks solid with adding Lindholm, but I feel like they will have to rely on their Goaltending and Defence a lot next year to win games.
  20. Its true though, on a lot of forums bruins fans were getting mad at him for taking so long to decide while their center depth is iffy at best.
  21. Played for the bruins, but Bergeron was a nice player and had class unlike most of that team. Can't believe the fans got mad at him for not deciding earlier if he would play or not, didn't get much respect from some of that fanbase.
  22. Yeah Im not saying he is going to the coyotes, but might prefer any USA market over Toronto.
  23. Just imagine they would have to package Nylander + 2 capdumps, probably mutliple first rounders to San jose. Then possibly see Matthews leave next offseason.
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