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  1. Yeah but we are not getting worse either, I think Clifton is an uderrated signing. Greenway might surprise us next year. Goalie with Levi is a question mark for the entire league, but I believe in him. Personally I think Comrie might make a good back up this year.
  2. This is like 2022 summer all over again and where did they end up ? Only thing I liked from both summers was adding debrincat.
  3. I don't know everyone expects Boston to end up number 1 again next season in the Atlantic. But their number 1C is Charlie Coyle or Morgan Geekie. Replacements they got for hall/Bertuzzi are Lucic/Van Riemsdyk and are very slow. Their Defence looks solid with adding Lindholm, but I feel like they will have to rely on their Goaltending and Defence a lot next year to win games.
  4. Its true though, on a lot of forums bruins fans were getting mad at him for taking so long to decide while their center depth is iffy at best.
  5. Played for the bruins, but Bergeron was a nice player and had class unlike most of that team. Can't believe the fans got mad at him for not deciding earlier if he would play or not, didn't get much respect from some of that fanbase.
  6. Yeah Im not saying he is going to the coyotes, but might prefer any USA market over Toronto.
  7. Just imagine they would have to package Nylander + 2 capdumps, probably mutliple first rounders to San jose. Then possibly see Matthews leave next offseason.
  8. I browse around there, rarely post, my user there is Orvald πŸ™‚
  9. whatever trade package for McDavid will involve Dahlin and Tage and you can watch us become edmonton east, good forwards but no D and goalie.
  10. Not this season with Jost, zemgus and okposo still here.
  11. Nah we don't put eggs on our pizza , never even heard of the French doing it. I do like pineapple on pizza though πŸ™‚
  12. Loved that show, but seriously, that pizza vending machine gets filled everyday - Doubt any pizza lasts longer than 2 days in there, its popular around here, especially when working nights and nothing is open πŸ™‚
  13. I would keep Comrie over him even. UPL might be a big guy but plays like a small goalie. Just should top net and you got a good chance on scoring on him.
  14. Next time I will take a pic of that pizza from the vending machine, I would have expected it to be bad, but its better than most still. Gets prepared before in the pizza place and comes out heated or cold.
  15. Pommer and Samson. Pommer because the tank really started and I hated to see all those guys get traded. Samson, I always liked his playing style, and if you want a good net front presence he is underrated.
  16. Never been a fan of the thick crust style. But not a lot of good pizza places around here either. Pizza hut / Boston pizza / Kebab and pizza places / We got one and those they sell from a vending machine nearby beats all of those.
  17. He changed a 20 goal score for a 30 goal scorer that is worse in defense.
  18. Just this, People in Western-Europe and USA/Canada don't get how deep the anti-Russian sentiment is over there. Poland/baltic states / Romania ( though not owned by Russia was still a puppet state )/ Moldavia/Czech republic/ Slowakia / Finland. And maybe surprising but Belarus too, A lot of people there hate Russia, they have a lot fighting for Ukraine and sabotaged the Russian Advancement first week of the war. The people in those countries are itching to go and fight in Ukraine and help out, and many already do. I can see NATO/EU even splitting between an Eastern and Western block if this keeps going. The only eastern countries with some sympathy towards Russia are Turkey, Serbia and Bulgaria ( mostly the politicians besides the president who has delivered a lot of bullets to Urkaine).
  19. Γ–stlund and Savoi are off limits without an extention, and its Rosen and a goalie and not adding our 1st. Also the extension will be too rich for a goalie, how can you tell Tage and DC, that you signed them to only 7 mill a year, but your goalie makes 9mil ?
  20. $2,145,062 - $4,290,125 1 Second Round Pick , so 4.290 it is πŸ™‚
  21. I think you can get him for 5 mill for a 2nd rounder easy. And Boston won't be able to match.
  22. Tarasenko apparently switched agents, guess he is not happy about he offers he is getting. Sabres should see what is there , but I have a feeling Kane will be a December addition to the team.
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