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  1. Yeah but I see us taking helenius if he is at 11 - I had 2nd spot on 2nd try 🙂
  2. Yeah my hate towards the bruins is higher than the leafs.
  3. Does he not suck really bad ? Anyway my answer for 3C is Dylan Cozens and signing Stamkos as UFA 😛
  4. Allen and Coleman will be practicing soon, with Kincaid maybe too.
  5. Well yeah, but how I see it they are on the hook for 28 million WR1 money that they can use on a UFA next year.
  6. I been thinking what makes this trade really make sense, if we can get Stamkos signed as 2C in the offseason.
  7. Or they actually started the coaching search before Meatballs was officially fired. Most football teams over here work like that, have contacts with possible new coach a week or 2 before the other one is fired.
  8. I just googled downside of olive oil 🤣
  9. and what a live they will have Side effects of olive oil includes acne (if used excessively), can show acute allergic reactions in people sensitive to it, skin rashes, breaking the skin's natural moisturizing abilities in case of dry skin, blackheads, inflammations, gall bladder stones, minor to moderate diarrhoea.
  10. The vision is there with power, Dahlin took few years to get more physical as well. He will get there.
  11. You mean he is secretely a fan of the Bruins or leafs?
  12. Jesus dude, i know im a ruff fanboy, but not sure what is wrong with this hire and seems to me it gives the fanbase more oxygen than last 6 years.
  13. We should get Him out of our minds, he is not leaving carolina for us.
  14. what are the chances any of the coaches that make the playoffs will be fired though ?
  15. 3 is burned for me and number 1 is staying with the hurricanes.
  16. Also think it was said they didn't act on it because they were in the stanley cup finals.
  17. Diagnosed with Diabetes a month ago, taking pills only for now but ***** me its a slap in the face again.
  18. They have stadium plan, but if they can't buy the land - might be temporary relocation or forever 🙂
  19. Well I also meant Benson, JJP, Quin, rounding out our top 9 nicely already.
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