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  1. Im sure we all happy with this.
  2. Yeah time to let the coach go. Didn't watch it, but the players aren't playing for him like they did end of last year.
  3. Would love to see skinner in the playoffs one day, he would be so amazing scoring game winners 🙂
  4. Im not saying its a bad thing, just back up material for me, I don't mind him being our 2B for years to come. But he will let in goals when he needs to be quick lateral.
  5. Problem with UPL slow lateral movement is, when he tries to be fast, he crouches and leaves top part of the net open.
  6. Big body goalie , but glove high is his weak spot , and he ducks sometimes too.
  7. If he really turns into that would be a typical sabres thing to trade him 😄
  8. Well some have some big moobs , so at least its something 😛
  9. At least Muel had a good hit in the end, planted him nice into the boards.
  10. ***** it , just run over them and fight them, entertain the crowd a bit at least.
  11. Here I was thinking last month : November nothing but nightshifts at least can watch some sabres games 🤣🤣
  12. Even Benson could use another year, im not worried, send them both back.
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