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  1. That's where that 30th scout came from...
  2. *****. Even if we win this would have been nice to not let Montreal get that point.
  3. They've been pretty great at keeping it in the offensive zone anyway.
  4. So will Olofsson stay on his 82 goal pace or will he break into triple digits?
  5. Yeah, 8PM on a Thursday night 9 times out 10 will be pretty easy.
  6. Seems you're assuming it's meant for adults, but SDS has a different idea about that. Also, I'm completely ok with my 6 year old reading / hearing any words that you ***** can dream up, but I don't fault anyone else for their parenting choices.
  7. Anyone hear anything on Scandella? I missed the play where he was injured. Sorry if it was already discussed, haven't had time to read the whole thread.
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