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  1. Woke up to shining sun and blue skies. It may still be cold, but.. I woke up. It was sunny. It will get warmer. It may not sound like much and but the first one sets the bar pretty high to begin with and the other two only raise it a bit more.
  2. Well, that's certainly an opinion and certainly not an uncommon one at that. Similar to people who watch football to see big hits, or boxing, or MMA, or NASCAR to see crashes. There is a certain contingent of society that loves watching people destroy each other. This has existed for far longer than professional sports, that's for certain. I think it speaks to an inherent nature of of a segment of humanity to want to destroy itself. Almost as if we regret gaining intelligence and as penance we choose to destroy that which differentiates us from other animals. While I love hits in hockey, I don't love head injuries. I don't watch boxing or MMA and I prefer to watch a race where drivers demonstrate skill and where crashes don't happen. Albeit, I do marvel at the technological advances that have occurred with race cars to keep drivers safe in such high speed incidents. The only villain I need is the opponent. They don't have to do anything more than try and impede me (or my team) of winning. As for the sentiment that the game will get rougher, it's a simple solution. Change the rules, call penalties, implement fines. Stating that a league and officials won't do it does not negate the validity of the action. The penalties and fines are a deterrent when properly enforced. There will always be some risk, that's a given.
  3. The laziness or inability to earn a living is a very touchy subject, naturally. But we all have anecdotes where we know some lazy youth who complains about things and expects everything to be handed to them. We also know those who have worked hard a found a way to get out of poverty. There are those who have more challenges to overcome, without a doubt. You can't make sweeping generalizations because each situation is very unique. There are times when people say they've tried everything but if you ask them if they've tried working two jobs they look at you like you are crazy. In some cases it boils down to just how much do you want it. There will always be those who have a much higher climb, but there are also those who believe they can never make the climb and don't try. I survived today at work.. but a lot of people I spent a lot of time with did not make it. The sad thing is that people are now worrying about next month. That said, I've not been sitting idle waiting for the corporate stakeholders to decide my future.
  4. So we just had a major organizational shake-up and now we're hearing even more coming. You like to plan for the future as much as possible but it never gets easier dealing with this constant wonder. I hate it. Maybe I make it, maybe I don't. Twice in 12 years I've had my job eliminated but I was moved to another role. As for college my son is actually looking at transferring now.. moving back into the house and doing his last 2 years in Rochester. I fully support it. It's just not worth it to pay these schools what they want for what amounts to barracks living and low grade food. Then there's the education piece.. but tuition tends to be the lower expense as long as you get some merit reductions.
  5. That was just awesome.... loved it. I'm stoked for the start of F1 this weekend and that drone footage was sweet.
  6. There's no evidence that this doesn't get done right? I just think they wouldn't talk about it either as the officiating union and the league would not want to add fuel to the fire. In the past I am sure a GM or coach has alluded to the fact that they discuss these things with the league.
  7. Edited as requested. I understand the sentiment. For me, one term dismisses a condition whereas the other term dismisses a person with a condition.
  8. Are there pictures of other arenas bathrooms on the Internet? asking for inkman. Well, the new roof will have the phrase "Don't Worry, Be Happy" on the underside so when fans raise their heads in disbelief of the team they'll have a positive reminder.
  9. Despite the motivations behind posting this specific phrase in conjunction to the discussion, don't you think that demonstrating your willingness to do so undermines your point on not using the phrase you were arguing against? Perhaps I read things wrong?
  10. So the Sabres don't win at home and they struggle against Carolina. Give me a reason to think a positive outcome is possible.
  11. First: There's no arrogance. I don't make those decisions but people make decisions about salaries and what's needed and what can be replaced whether via AI, robotics, software automation, etc. This has been going on for decades. It's why McDonald's suddenly had kiosks for ordering when states raised minimum wage to $15/hr. Meanwhile the person collecting trash each night in an office space is not replaceable by AI. Second: Okay.. great? I have many associates who have been impacted and are having a hard time getting jobs and they are qualified. You have a different experience. Fantastic. I hope they can find their way to your circle so they can get a job. Third: I have control if I am helping foot the bill. She can do whatever she wants but if she wants me to cosign anything or pay anything then I get a say in the matter. As for wording with my son, I am actively encouraging him to not return to school next year or change tactics. Fourth: College is a scam. When my son has classes canceled because the Bills are playing on Monday night, that's garbage. When he is taking classes not related to his field of interest, it's garbage. There are options to work around that that are outlined in the next quoted post. You making the sweeping AI generalization is total garbage too. AI can't replace every job, just like robotics can't. But graphic artists are losing jobs to AI image generators. Graphic arts were already a tough path and now it's made even harder. A poor Buffalo kid should do whatever they can to succeed. Hard work gives you a chance at success, it does not guarantee it. But not wanting to do something that's hard because it does not interest you is only stacking the deck against yourself. If they aren't interested in trades or have the aptitude then they need to find something else. You can work and go to school to get an education... that was part of my original post. Work full-time, go to school part-time. Bottom line people should do what suits their needs, but they should also be realistic about the path they are choosing. I agree with this. I am trying to encourage my kids down those paths. My debate now, with my son halfway through college is whether to pull my financial ties to his plan because it's only getting worse next year. I hate to inject myself into his decisions but without me cosigning a loan his interest rate is beyond the stupid amount it already is now. What I've seen in the two years he's been in school has only soured me more to the traditional 4 year college route. Education is a great thing to have, but indebting oneself to get it is not.
  12. Careful... you used the word rational and fan in the same sentence. You're going to get roasted. It hasn't worked anywhere else.. but yes, this time will be different.
  13. That would be even worse. I suppose it makes people feel better to take their anger out on players and all that thinking that the players don't understand. It dehumanizes them and makes it easier to attack them. The team not being good enough to win is not the same as the players not understanding the situation. It's not the same as the players not trying to win either.
  14. Is there a reason reporters refuse to @ the accounts that they are talking about versus using god awful hashtags? Like #TexasHockey is so damned stupid given that the DALLAS Stars farm club is the TEXAS stars. And the #TimeToHunt hashtag? JFC. I have to go figure out that that's the Panthers? It's not just Pagnotta, this is a rampant media issue. There has to be a reason... but it still irks the hell out of me. The act of expending energy to log in, read posts, and then respond means that one is not apathetic. Despite all claims otherwise. Yeah.. but what a great trip. I mean other than some stale ass bread the one night.
  15. If you are upset that the players aren't saluting the fans are you not just as soft? Lord, if it bothers you that much you really should just stop paying attention to this team. You are upset because players don't skate to the middle of the ice in a completely unorganized manner and lift a stick? That just screams that people are looking for even more reasons to be mad about this team. There are plenty of reasons related to the actual performance of the team. Don't torture yourselves looking for more reasons. I didn't care, I still don't care, and I am not going to care what the ever-loving hell these players do other than their performance on the ice.
  16. People don't realize that AI, as good as it can be, still operates with a data set that lags behind the content that is created everyday. I believe it is accurate up to 2022 right now. ChatGPT is a fantastic tool and those who learn to use it will save themselves a massive amount of time in their job. I am learning it more and more but still have not pulled the trigger on the subscription.. soon though. Will AI replace certain jobs? 100%. AI will replace jobs that had little value and consisted more of rote work without higher level thought. You'll be fine as long as ageism doesn't hit you. Sadly it's a thing. Man.. I tried to get my kid to go this route but he had no interest. Frankly, not even just trade but get a full-time job and do college part time and avoid the debt. It's awful. Might be better outside of the US. I'm trying to now control my daughter on this as she's a year out. All of them thinking college is the key to success. I think it's the key to debt and being controlled by that debt. Ugh.. don't even get me started. They are the people I can replace with AI. Because I have to define everything so specifically for them that I might as well just add it all into my prompt and have the AI write the code.
  17. We just went through a massive restructure and layoffs have been the norm for the past year as well. I don't know if its better to know they are coming or if they are not. This last round I knew something was going on and then I got read into the changes so I knew I was safe and that was a massive relief. I still had to move some people who were on my team and lots of people were impacted. Being versatile is valuable. If not where you are now then it can only help if you do have to look for a new opportunity. All the best. There are many reasons. The economic changes that went from boon in some areas during COVID are winding back. The move to remote workforce has lessened the need for in building IT staff. IT is often seen as a cost center and not valued for its ability to save the company money through efficiency. Staffing IT can be difficult because IT people tended to move around a lot and the churn was painful. Finally, you have managed service firms always in the ear of the C-levels talking about how they can save money by outsourcing. In some cases they are not wrong. If you are working in the MSP field then you could be impacted by the business world dialing back its budgets as well. There's a lot of flux in IT and its hard to remain relevant and at the front of the technology curves.
  18. I wonder how much more there is to the Jiricek situation as well. Definitely something significant.
  19. It's true, but if you use the "Next unread topic" to run through the forum there's no avoiding this thread. So something is going to catch your eye. You can't ignore threads like you can posters. Sadly.
  20. There has been plenty posted about how Ullmark was looking to leave the Sabres for a fresh start elsewhere. Are you dismissing that story? I tend to believe it all. If he wasn't going to stay unless you paid him stupid money (assuming that would have done it) would it have made sense to do so?
  21. People keep saying this... I keep repeating. Skinner has a full NMC. He's not going anywhere unless he wants to. I suppose the question to him is: Do you want a chance on a playoff team for once in your career or are you happy to play only 82 games a season and collect your $9M? Hard to say. But the Sabres would have to retain 50% or split the money with other teams like Arizona to move him.
  22. Bzzzt, Adult Hockey league. As for the rest of your commentary? Pure ignorance. Hockey is for Everyone means that no one should be excluded. It doesn't mean each league is for anyone. The composition of any league is up to the people who create the league. See my first post on this entire story. I made comment that the article seemed one sided. But the original post was using the article as a reference point to an issue, not really tackling the specific incident. First bolded: Well damn. I guess the females who played on my son's high school hockey team were not really female? Second bolded: wait? I thought men's and women's sports are separated after the age of 11 or 12? I'm confused. How can there be co-ed leagues? Oh, but yes, there are ALWAYS co-ed or women's leagues available? Or... was this league an adult league.. not a men's league? DING. DING. DING.
  23. If your wisdom led you to believe that you should comment on what is a naturally incendiary conversation without reading the article I'm not sure I would trust your wisdom in believing what you think happened. You are giving them a pass. Idiots can say anything because stupid is gonna stupid. But you don't tolerate it, you call it out and say that's not okay. I don't care how old anyone is. If I can call out my father for his ignorance I can certainly call out a stranger. Naive is pretending it should be accepted because someone grew up in a different era.
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