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  1. A few bigger name players have already begun advocating for 10 min OT. So... never say never.
  2. I remember all of it. Can be upgraded and "will be upgraded" is the problem. Even the food options are a joke however and that's something that doesn't take renovation. That said, all the entertainment areas and there were plenty of people in the seats at Bridgestone.. and the crowd was into it. I think the crowd can't help but be into it given the scoreboard, the PA announcer, and the culture the fans have created there (with the college like chants). I need to get to some more venues (sadly I don't travel to many NHL cities).
  3. Was in Nashville all this past week.. took in the Devils/Preds game Thursday night. There isn't any capacity of the Predators in-game/on-ice experience that isn't superior to the Sabres. (Not talking about the quality of the hockey team itself or its play). The pre-game, on-ice projections (including a projection of shot locations between periods), the PA announcer, crowd involvement, the concessions, the scoreboard.. I mean everything is superior. The KBC is an absolute dump by comparison. Buffalo should have put the football stadium downtown and driven evolution into the area. Small upgrades are not enough for the hockey venue... I would love to see the Sabres get the benefit of the Predators arena and production quality. I get the draw of Broadway in Nashville, but Buffalo could achieve similar results (without the exceptional music) if it wanted to. It screwed up on this and that's another 20-30 years of impact because of it. Sad. PS. My edit.. if it appears: The Sabres are right to have individual goal songs however. Although it was pretty cool when Duchene scored the 4th goal which apparently gets everyone a free frosty. That said, 6x times of "I Like It, I Love It" does not make me want some more of it. However, if I were to hear Gimme Gimme Gimme 6x in a night I'd probably be okay with it.
  4. I guess it shows how desperate some people must be to be a head coach in the NHL. Rick Tocchet must have some faith in Vancouver to not get screwed over like his predecessor. No way I'd want to be part of that. I'd keep my cushy TNT job until the next opening happened. Not that Tocchet is all that as a coach.
  5. Or it involves multiple players and the team receiving Hinistroza wants him in the AHL for now. Since he pass waivers he's technically not in the NHL so the team that acquires him does not have to bring him up yet. (I believe I have that right). In any event, it sounds like the Sabres are going to "do something." 🙂
  6. Based on the text I got from my kid... he does.
  7. If the All-Star game were about the best talent or the best anything they wouldn't include a player from every team. Because they do.. it's already meaningless. Brock Nelson? Kevin Hayes? Clayton Keller? Troy Terry? Seth Jones? In the Atlantic there's no way Dahlin should not have been in over either Larkin or Suzuki.
  8. I did not watch the game last night but it's good to hear they were clearing the crease in at least one period. Before I'll buy into the theories you've posited I will need to see them do it against a team that didn't play the night before. I would expect a team on back to backs to lack a certain energy level by the end of the game. But, in order to clear the crease against even tired opponents you have to adopt that strategy and so it's good to hear they were doing it. Hopefully it continues. Hopefully whatever motivation they used last night is something they can channel repeatedly. They need to find that way.
  9. I can't even imagine delivering that kind of news. That's the ultimate even if people accept everything dies they don't go around welcoming it. To have to deliver that information... I feel for you sir.
  10. If he chooses to not report they can pursue that action.
  11. I did not take it that way at all. I blathered on about my viewpoint but ultimately I wanted to make it known (probably doing a very bad job) that you should not question being around here as you had indicated in your post. Don't let the grumblings of the group get you down.
  12. Today was reduction in force day at work. I had to let someone go and it sucks.. no two ways about it. Having to let someone go not directly because of their performance but primarily because of the performance of others, the current market conditions, etc. Then having to look at my team and say.. it's going to be this person because I have to be that passionless analytical person to make a decision. You spend all this time building rapport with your employees. You know them. And then the day comes and you have to be a cold hearted jerk again because you aren't allowed to say anything other than the passionless legalese that HR has prepared. All so we don't get sued. I know I had to make the decision but having to deliver it like the person never mattered to the company is BS. It's not just my company so I can't fault them, but it's the system and it sucks. I understand how we got here.. it doesn't make it any less crappy. I've been on the receiving end of it a few times and I know my way of handling things is very different than others and I knew it was going to be an awful experience for them because there was no way of relaying any emotion to them. I'm rambling.. so I will stop.
  13. https://www.quanthockey.com/nhl/nationality/american-nhl-goalies-career-stats.html (Most wins USA born goalie) https://www.quanthockey.com/nhl/records/nhl-goalies-all-time-wins-leaders.html (14th in wins of all goalies) Interesting take. Please explain how he was overrated.
  14. Kind of a crap article given that it does not discuss waht the NHL policy actually is. Much like Tua, it's not a question of whether the policy is good enough it's actually a question of why was is not enforced properly. https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-concussion-evaluation-and-management-protocol-for-2022-23-season/c-335002568 Section 3 - Identification of Possible Concusion Section 1 - Visible Signs (Mandatory Evaluation) Section b The enforcement is done by off-ice officials who monitor as outlined in Section IV. Why Pageau was not removed from the ice is beyond me. But that's where the focus should lie. If the policy was followed this would be a non-story, much like Tua would have been.
  15. I expect games to be unpredictable. I expect players to make unpredictable plays. I don't get excited when players make uncharacteristically bad plays and coaches make similar calls. I prefer the unpredictable to be when a player exceeds their expectations. The sport is fueled by tension and absolutely the joy of victory. However, if the point of the game were just to play it then winning and losing wouldn't matter. But it's not, and winning matters. At some point the reasonable expectation of winning manifests itself in winning the last game of the season. When it does, being 14-3 is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is winning the last game. What people find fun and choose to view is each their own. I am an analytical person by nature and so my views will sweep that way. I don't take solace in a team that is superior barely getting by a team that was missing so many starters including their top 2 QBs. If others do, then I am glad for them. In this case it probably makes their lives easier. The same is true of the Sabres. Through their play, obviously all in my opinion, they have established a higher level of expectation. I don't expect them to win the last game of the season. I don't even expect them to necessarily make the play-offs. I do however expect them to beat a team that is openly Going Hard for Bedard. Even then, sometimes its not about winning, but how the game was played. If they played hard and lost to a team that outskilled them, that's understandable. But they've been playing soft and losing to teams that I don't think anyone around here would say has more skill.
  16. Without any hesitation my mood would be the same as watching the Bills win. Knowing the team should be so much better than who they are playing and still find a way to let it be close. Find a way to not play to their potential. Sure they find a way to win, but it never should get to that point. There is no reason on Earth the Hawks should have been close in that game. None. The Sabres did not play to their potential and even if they won, it would not be a good game. Nice. I will be in Nashville a week from tomorrow at the Preds vs. Devils game. I hear they updated/changed their scoreboard.. it was already great last year. That whole arena just rocks.
  17. This is an organization demonstrating that they will do right by a player. Again. It's a good move for the Sabres and for Hinestroza, who I happen to like. No trades could be had (apparently) so now he's available for anyone who wants his salary. If he clears there I suspect a trade might occur because then he can be kept in the AHL.. or he can choose not to report, have his contract nullified and be a free agent. All of these open up options for the player.
  18. Agree 100%.. although I don't think they wear Crayola sweaters for the pre-game on Kid's Appreciation Date. I don't worry about these things. 100%. And free speech is not free from consequences. If people don't like how Tortorella or the Flyers handled it, then take it up with them. The player made his choice. The coach made his. The organization made theirs. They are all individual choices. By your rule there should participation trophies for everyone. Everyone should make the team. Because by not making it.. a group or individual is singled out. It's literally the lowest common denominator.. but I'm not even sure what that would be for you. We can't have human night because they would exclude the dogs and aliens. Do we have Celebrate Life night? or would that be an insult to the rocks of the world? Everyone gets excluded every day. So let me explain it to you. Having Ladies Night means men are excluded from the deals at the bar. Why not have alien night? or stray animals night? By your thinking you can't exclude anyone.. so you Ladies Night is a no go. Also, the hell with senior citizen discounts, military discounts, etc. right?
  19. My expectations of the team were low, until they showed that they had the ability to play at a higher level. Once they did that they reset my expectations. They are several short of being a better team. What irritates me to no end is watching players who can perform better not perform better. Watching players make the same mistakes, or learning new ones. For example, it would be nice if this team stopped looking to pass Thompson the puck every chance they can. Deference to star players is not needed, in fact, if you demonstrate that you are going to first look to get the puck to that person other teams will game plan against it.. and that's what we are seeing. A star player is a decoy if the opponent is committed to taking them away. You force teams to change their game plan by NOT passing to them and using that player to open up space and make others available. I have seen more stupid passes to try and get Thompson the puck in the past 10 games than I have all season. The abysmal power play is a great example of it. This team also needs to learn how to defend. It's that simple. This isn't because they are not able to be good at it. They are actively being coached to NOT be good at it. The game tying goal last night was scored because, once again, the forward is standing on top of the goalie. Where's the D? In front or off to the side. That is a very broken defensive scheme. The first goal scored was because all 5 Sabres players were covering 1/4 of the offensive zone. Not a single player looking at where Connor Murphy was or where he could go to get a high percentage shot on goal. The Sabres defensive scheme is absolutely broken. Finally.. the team continues to play soft. When Jost and Krebs are tied at the top with "2" hits along with Thompson and Samuelsson. The players who should be playing a more physical game, Alex Tuch (0), Lyubushkin (0). Krebs and Jost did not have HUGE hits, but they did establish a meaningful forecheck that saw their lines establish a lot of offensive zone presence. I'm not seeing the effort from the players that they've already shown they can give. It's not growing pains, it's a mindset. And I don't blame Granato for all of it. A player has to be committed to playing at the level they can, every night. Pre-game speeches last about 5 minutes into the game. The rest is on the player.
  20. It's fair to ask why others don't get time, but it doesn't mean those that do are not worthy of the time given. It's not MAYBE the military, every year there is a military pre-game warmup. It's not MAYBE cancer patients, every year this happens. It's becoming not MAYBE indigenous people but pretty much every year teams have nights that honor them. Of the groups you named, how many of them would you like to see get special jerseys? Do you really want space aliens and stray animals to get them? Is it good enough that many teams now have team dogs that highlight adoption, shelters, service animal programs?
  21. Just like YouTubeTV does not carry MSG. Only DirecTV Stream and Fubo have MSG. It would be nice if more linear TV services added a "regional sports" package that allowed people to get their regional sports network. All in all the rules surrounding all broadcast TV need massive revision, but it's not likely to happen. I could go on.. but this thread should be about how the Sabres need to destroy the Hawks tonight.
  22. You can only have MSGGo if you have a subscription to a cable / linear TV streaming service that carries MSG. (Linear TV streaming is like Fubo, Hulu Live, YouTubeTV, DirecTV Stream, etc.)
  23. That said, if you have ESPN+ but live in New York... or at least some parts of it.. whatever the blackout regions are.. you cannot watch on ESPN.. not even the Blackhawks broadcast. There are ESPN+ only games, there are ESPN only games, and then there is the ESPN+ games that are the evolution from the NHL.tv package that used to exist. Since I live in Rochester, ESPN+ is useless to me for the Sabres, except when the game is an ESPN/ESPN+ only game. You pretty much have it right. The only addition to that is below. All nationally televised games do not appear on ESPN+. Thus TNT games screw over anyone relying on ESPN+ and/or MSG. For example, me.. who cannot get TNT on Fubo. But it's all very straight forward.. :eyeroll: As far as the game goes... they better win this. It's that simple. Anything less than stellar showing is unacceptable.
  24. I would think 50 points good for a 3C. It seems like it should be. The same with Olofsson and his goal totals. The line kind of works now. I think the question will become.. are the Sabres good enough to play more defensively with the players on the roster. At some point they have to begin shutting down other teams..
  25. You playing at Bill Grays? Which level? My team is D/D+ or whatever they call it.. it's too much for me these days.. I want to drop down a level. Sick of playing kids who were playing AA/AAA 2 years ago.
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