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  1. It's gotta be both of them frankly. Starting with Mitts though. To your first comment, this is youth that needs to learn more awareness. They are bad at it. To the second, if you watch the replay from the angle facing the net (not broadcast) you will see Dahlin look to his right before the shot occurs. Why? Because the 3rd Tampa player was alone on that side of the ice. Why? Because Tage Thompson was not hustling back to cover the play. My read is that Dahlin decided that if he stepped up on the shot then Stamkos would dish it off and it would be 1 on 1 with the goalie. Training being what it is, in a 2 on 1, although this was not a very obvious 2 on 1, the D takes away the pass and the goalie has the shooter. Stamkos picked a corner. Lots could be said about UPL there, but it's still a great shot. Until the Sabres control their crease they will continue to lose. Once teams establish a hard forecheck on the Sabres they struggle, especially one line in particular. They also began overcommitting on the PK leaving players open, like Point in the bumper position. It sucks to lose the game, but this team is a few players away and a year of experience away from being excellent. I don't blame UPL for most of the goals, if indeed Kucherov's shot hit Hagel in the knee and deflected, Perry's goal (that pass cannot happen), the scrum in front, Point's goal is tough even because he has to commit to the one-timer from Kucherov and you expect your PK to take away the bumper. The real key now is to improve the D one step, and build an actual 3rd line. But this year is not the year.. people don't want to hear it and will keep complaining. The plan is the plan and unless something unbelievable comes along I don't see them deviating from it.
  2. Normally don't stop in during the game... but damn the hands by Thompson and the speed from the Cozens-Peterka-Quinn line.. love to see it. Don't love the goals against.. but we've come to expect those.. not accept however.
  3. Imagine. I am sure that faced with this information those who leapt up to paint this in a negative light will dismiss or deflect the reality. This is the way.
  4. I like Lindy, but a lot of credit is being thrown at Brunette who the Devils picked up from the Panthers after they chose to not sign him to be the HC even after being the top team in the regular season. The Devils were worse than the Sabres last year but they I think Wood missed most of the season, their goaltending was far worse than the Sabres and their players are older overall. Only Hughes and Mercer are between 20-22 both at 21, most of the rest of that team is 24+. Cozens, Peterka, Quinn, Power, Dahlin, Samuelsson, Krebs are al 20-22. I'm tempted, if I can sit through the game again, to watch how many times the Devils hook, interfere, and hold and did not get a call against them. Sure they play fast but they seem to cling to their opponent a little more than should be allowed in the NHL. The officiating was not good tonight. Was it Jost who got called for high sticking on what appeared, to me, the Devils player using his arm to pull him down trying to get by. The linesmen seemed to want to make the game about them as well with the puck dropping. As far as the two pucks that went in the net for the Sabres that did not go to the scoreboard. It was said earlier, the first would never count because you can't push the goalie into the net to score. That's what happened. The second was total crap though. The ref was even on the side of the loose puck. I thought by the end the Sabres were playing a bit more physical and with a bit more pace. They didn't bury the few chances they had and the Sabres defensive zone coverage & goaltending are what they are.
  5. Bรถrje did a lot for the European image in the NHL. I'll never be a Leafs fan but I can respect his impact on the game. The Leafs honoring him so recently was a very wonderful thing to see. It's unfortunate that we continue our world continues to be subjected to things such as ALS. Thank you good sir for your contribution to the sport I love.
  6. It's at 8pm. I would surmise they are accommodating a Friday travel day into Buffalo versus forcing the team to travel in on Thanksgiving.. but what the hell do I know. It'll be 8pm in Buffalo when the puck drops.. it means no excuses for fans to not be there on time. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope the confident play continues, win or lose.
  7. Absolutely.. but only because the team was absolute shite when he was drafted. Otherwise he would have been put off a year. In the end they are all separated by less than a year and that's awesome.
  8. Enjoy the turkey. Happy Thanksgiving.
  9. Cozens - born Feb 9, 2001 Quinn - born Sep 19, 2001 Peterka - Jan 14, 2002 Not much older, it just feels that way. A draft apart does that . It's cool that less than a year actually separates all 3 of them.
  10. The best part about the bolded is that Quinn and Cozens are both 21 and Peterka 20. I am right there with you thinking about Cozens as the "vet" but he's the same age as these guys basically. You refer to them as the kids.. but in truth, they are all kids. That's what gives me hope.
  11. Haha.. I know.. But the movie is so damned good that the "best parts" are the whole movie. ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. Last year I was at the Eichel return game and the RJ game. Both were entertaining in their own rights but neither had to do specifically with how the Sabres played. Tonight had everything to do with it and as someone who sat in section 307 for this beuaty... I would agree with you 100 I'm not going to get into analysis.. here's my quick thoughts: UPL has a name that mandates he makes it in the NHL. Whether its the "Luuuu" chants when he makes a save or the fact that if you enunciate his whole name it leads the crowd to chime in perfectly with "Luukkonen" As in.. Ukka. Pekka., LUUKKONEN". From where I sat , he made some key saves. The Quinn-Cozens-Peterka line.. long may they run. They are the key to the Sabres being successful. Tonight they clicked. I can watch Samuelsson play defense all day long. There's no flash to his game, it's very collected and he just makes simple moves to clear space and move people off the puck. Confidence is insane for a team. The move Tuch made early on in the game, despite not leading to a goal, is an indication of a team that isn't playing with a confidence issue. There were many other plsys that followed. Tage Thompson.. I really feel he's still not at his peak.. and he's just stupid fun to watch right now. Other thoughts from the crowd, the Sabres presentation, etc. Sabretooth rapelling from the rafters. There was no way that wasn't going to Van Damme me in the feels. It set a tone. The entire intro video did... well done. Although I still live for the day of on-ice projection versus the small screen experience of the "not-so-jumbotraon". The crowd was into it tonight. No end to the number of songs that belted out when the music was dropped out. The wave did extremely well. The 1,2,3,4,5... we want 6 chants were solid. However, the crowd needs to leave the Hey-ey-ey-ey chants at the Bills game. It did not go well. We also had a chance to completely razz Binnington and failed. The only thing I missed from tonight's game was a Binnington meltdown. That would have been EPIC. There were a lot of black/red jerseys. Many of the red butter knives too. I would say it was well represented. I ultimately decided to wear mine as well. Money well spent tonight. I was there and brought my son, just home from college, and two of his friends. They had an absolute blast and I got watch them enjoy the game. I got a chance to meet up with a former SS'er which is always a welcome experience. Looking forward to Friday.. these are the games that show us what this team CAN do. We just are waiting for them to get to them doing it on a consistent basis.
  13. Can't wait to see how tonight's game looks... live. Sadly I need to wear the red crossed-swords so my kid doesn't know I went shopping for goatheads. If he saw mine he'd be suspicious that I got him one (which I did). ๐Ÿ™‚ Place should be rockin.. just hope the Sabres give the crowd a reason to keep rockin.
  14. That ESPN article is pure trash. It's clearly written to try and generate clicks. The team does lack swagger. This happens to every team. Examine the losing streaks in the NHL this year: https://champsorchumps.us/records/longest-nhl-losing-streaks-in-2023 The Sabres play the team they are tied with at the top, tomorrow night. The Blues have plenty of experience, including that often cited "MVP" that was traded from here, Eeyore. Didn't help them. The Penguins had 7 games, they are like the oldest team in the NHL.. age didn't help them. Calgary had 7 games. Because the Sabres are young they get thrown under the bus as not ready. It might be the case, they certainly have swagger but they need to find it and keep it, like they did tonight. They have issues, no doubt, but plenty of other teams much more highly thought of are right up there with the Sabres on losing streaks.
  15. Drafts don't turn franchises around overnight. But drafting well over a few years will. That's the trajectory the Sabres are on now.
  16. I don't think it's quite this though. There's competition and then there's giving yourself the best opportunity to have a CHANCE to succeed in your career. I think we've all seen plenty of examples where the high-priced acquisition wins out over the unproven rookie, sophomore, etc. because of the money being paid. I sure hope Levi is getting games in Buffalo. Hell, it would be great if both signed.. but until either of them sign they are not locked into anything. I see it no different than the UFA situation.. the closer you get to the deadline the less risk there is of waiting to see what happens.
  17. I assumed voice dictation. I think its a reasonable plan. It's just not the plan the Sabres have stated they are on. The debate can rage on but the final judgment really can't be made until the plan is terminated and the Sabres were either successful or not. I think this team has the capacity to play like they did when they started the season and tonight against Montreal. I think they'll begin tweaking the team for next season. It's not what many fans want (and hell, I would love them to win more this season) but I'll accept it because I really do think there's a good amount of talent in the organization now. I think the Sabres are at the floor for no other reason than that's how the plan played out. There have to be reasons they aren't picking up the players some think they should be. We might not agree with the decisions but I'm not going to assume Adams is incompetent. I think what we are seeing is judicial spending, but there's still a gray area in the judiciousness of it. I wasn't trying to insinuate you did not understand spending. I was just commenting on the articles you linked. I assume this is just the full movie... but listed this way to make the copyright monitors not realize it.. I'll sum these movies up.. "Off the F---n' chain"
  18. Just a thought, but if Buffalo goes out and signs a big name goalie (assuming they could) do they lose on Portillo and Levi automatically. I'm not saying they shouldn't have done it.. but it's a thought. Granted they still don't have either of them... https://thecoachessite.com/a-behind-the-net-power-play-formation-driven-by-analytics/ There's a lot about this. Although this design is a little different than me thinking you play 1-3-1 in reverse. All in all, move the puck, move your players, and good things will happen. Just to be clear.. this is Kaiden Guhle a homegrown Habs pick. Brendan Guhle is now checking out the DEL for his career path. ---- Onto the game. Hell of a start. The team played with confidence and certainly brought back some physicality. Jost to be commended for stepping up and winning the 5 min major pool. Dark horse candidate to be certain. A little bit of confidence goes a long way. You could see them sharper on their passes and covering the ice better. They were more relentless on the forecheck and only a few times got locked into their zone. Now they need to do this tomorrow..
  19. Yeah, I mean if it kept Bryson off the ice I'd be fine with that. Bryson has speed.. a skill they do not use. So he's pretty useless. Let's break down your response: - Green light: The conversation was not about green light. Hell, there's less known about "green light" than the actual trade market in the NHL. You are bringing in something new to try and combat what I said. Typical.. but it has no place here. Why would you even bring it up? - I didn't say other GMs have to make trades. Your reading comprehension needs work. I covered indicators of an active or heating up trade market. I covered, actual trades, and speculation. Both of which are non-existent right now. Your response somehow ties other GMs making trades to Kevyn Adams having the green light to trade. That's not the discussion. Kevyn Adams could have green lights all the way to California, but if no other GM wants to make a trade right now then it won't really matter, will it. ๐Ÿ™„
  20. I have no doubt it plays into it. Then again, it could be the other way as well. Our PK is so bad that the PP can stand around and still score. Steel sharpens steel right? This is one area that is absolutely on the coaching. If players are not moving you need to pull them off the PP. You can draw all the perfect diagrams in the world but the players have to execute. If they are unwilling (or unable due to some broken mindset) then you have to take them off and give others a chance.
  21. Is there evidence here or is it speculation? Just because Boston waived him does not mean they don't see value in him. We know Adams could have claimed Reilly, what we don't know is what it would take now to obtain him. There's no evidence he's not going to make a trade. There are no trades happening in the league. None. There's barely even speculation. Your hypotheses are about all we have to go on. That said, 6th best D is still better than Pilut and Fitzgerald who are both absolutely terrible.
  22. There's a difference in how you approach it. If you want to join up to be part of the support group that's fine. But there are a solid contingency of posters who have made it their goal in life to just complain, even without basis and then denigrate or deflect rather than have a discussion. I'm not sure anyone on here is happy with the team and has not complained in some fashion. If you are here because you want moral support in being a Sabres fan then welcome to the forum. If you are here just to complain then I think the point is, as said above, why? Eliminate that negativity from your life. Avoid it. We're all here to bring people up and get through the tough times but there are those who have a deep seated disgust of the team, the owners, etc. and it shows.
  23. Lord I hate that. I'm still waiting for the first coach to add the behind the net power play. Teams are so used to defending the 1-3-1. You could just as easily take the low player and put them behind the net and still get your 1-timer opportunities but now you force the defenders to turn. You can easily mix the two together if a team is playing aggressive. Once you go behind the net they will back off. Oh well.. it will take time, but the first coach that does it will look like a genius.
  24. I think that note is the key to this move overall. It has the potential to create roster competition which hopefully forces players to step up to keep their spot. Bjork wasn't doing that because they all beat Bjork to the lineup out of camp. I think if the team had been in this same losing streak and not had the depth of defensive injuries they might have gone after Reilly as well. A mistake in my opinion as they should have picked him up if for no other reason than he has to be better than Pilut or Fitzgerald who are abysmal.
  25. I did read through the other link you sent. What I don't see (may have missed) is the timing of the spend relative to success of the players it was spent on. Take the Avalanche as an example. They were pretty low in salary cap. They had lots of young talent. They won before their spend caught up to them. Next year they will be near the top. The Lightning were similar in that regard but also managed a few mid-tier salary agreements. I think most of the team you look at that end up spending money are the ones that developed their players and then paid them. It was just a question of whether the top talent got the contract before or after the success. The one thing that plagues Buffalo unlike other franchises is the change in ownership and a complete lack of continuity and strategy for the better part of the Pegula ownership. However, you've seen the beginning of the change with the Thompson contract. You see the Samuelsson contract that so many panned but once he was injured the defense suffered greatly. The building blocks are there. Fans carry the length of the losing on their backs, it's tough to shed that. I bet Kevyn Adams could go out and spend money tomorrow... it might equate to a season of winning.. and then it might very well end up leading to more losing because of the desire to go for the short term flash. It might also work out. Both happen quite frequently. Spending analysis needs to extend beyond looking at the amounts spent and really look at how it was spent. Was it paying youth that was drafted or acquired in a good trade or was it spent on a UFAs. How long did that spend equate to winning? Is it enough to win one or two seasons or does it lead to long term success? How much change occurred during that spend when it comes to ownership and management? There are so many more factors than just records and money that have to be accounted for to truly get a sense of what works best.
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