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  1. It’s like no one on this team except Jack can skate or handle a puck. Hawks played last night somewhere else too Same thing in the face-off dot
  2. Look what I just picked up at the Sabres store before the game tonight...#authentic Talk about timing!!!! at the game with my brother, he’s like one, two, three, Jack wants four!!!! very happy that he drove tonight so I could do a beer a period... hasn’t happened in a longgggg time.
  3. Where was Marty tonight? I missed it if it was already said.
  4. Can someone help me out? Who is in first place in the National Hockey League?
  5. Hutton is like Mr. Anderson saying “No” to LA Kings in the Matrix regardless of what they do.
  6. We have to pray that LA didn’t have some target practice in the intermission for this 5 on 3
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