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  1. When Hyman returns in November, they will be $2.25 over the cap. They now have to do something before that...bottom line is that I hope they choke in the playoffs again this year. Boston always seems to take care of business, but Tampa better be there as a back-up this time if needed. Another first round exit might be the end for Babcock. I can only hope. I wish it was the Sabres that would be their kryptonite but reality is that I hope we get in as a wild card at best.
  2. It’s really weird. I watched both the first two games at home in Niagara Falls on my wifi, but on the road today in St. Catharines it’s blacked out on LTE or a wifi hotspot.
  3. Rob Ray gets Ex-Bison Bo Bichette’s Homerun in Toronto! 44F6D1FF-5B6B-4945-BCA6-F7539F89D09E.MOV
  4. Mini-packs went on sale today. Lots of good seats were available on the seat map in the 100 level shoot twice sections even though existing mp holders didn’t get an exclusive window this year. Got my six pack on mostly Saturdays including the home opener this year. Cant wait to see how the team will gel early in the year, seeing 4 of my games in the first 7 weeks! Also nice to see the Bills dominance tonight.
  5. The first Pegula Championship: https://www.wtatennis.com/news/what-you-work-pegula-romps-first-wta-singles-title-citi-open She will be ranked #55 on the tour on Monday, a new career high.
  6. #90 back in the Sabres lineup! Only $30 to change the nameplate at Sabres store! I’ve gone from Vanek to Moulson to Dahlin. Hopefully no more changes for at least a decade!
  7. For example: https://mobile.twitter.com/TSNBobMcKenzie/status/1144726373778558976 apologies for those on desktop computer if this link doesn’t work (maybe just remove where it says mobile...?
  8. Last year: 16 2017-18: 19 2016-17: 15 2015-16: 19 2014-15: 19 2013-14: 13 So, lowest number of back-to-backs since Cody Hodgson led the team in scoring with 44 points, Nolan was fired in favour of Roulston, and Regier was fired in favor of Murray. Hopefully it’s not a sign of things to come!
  9. I was wondering if everyone else was as frustrated as I was after that game...no doubt about it. Apart from the 10 game mirage, this team looks so much slower and less determined than it was in November. It’s like they’ve lost their confidence, and can’t get it back. Watching the playoffs slowly slip away is more difficult to deal with as a Buffalo fan, but this is such a close league, and we were probably overachieving when we were streaking. Now, the tough times are showing that this team isn’t quite ready for prime time yet. We are where we would have liked to be in the beginning, but dialing back the expectations and possibly wasting this opportunity after tasting the feeling of being at the top is a very difficult ask for Buffalo fans.
  10. On the bright side, the Bruins lost tonight as well, and the Habs put Carey Price on IR today. If we win Saturday, it could be five points up on the Bruins and six on the Habs if they fall in Florida tomorrow. Hopefully tonight was a wake up call and they get their north game going next time.
  11. Face-offs will be interesting to watch when Jack and ROR meet up tonight. Wonder if either of these two have any new tricks up their sleeve? Despite a bad start, the Blues are 5-3 in their last eight and beat the Pacific leading Flames in Calgary in their last game. Hope the Sabres aren’t looking past this game with the key Bruins match-up next.
  12. I wonder if no one picks him up on waivers, and there is no trade that makes sense, would they bury him with Matt Moulson on the Ontario Reign? I guess they would have to want him...however we can get rid of his cap hit, get it done.
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