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  1. It’s like no one on this team except Jack can skate or handle a puck. Hawks played last night somewhere else too Same thing in the face-off dot
  2. Look what I just picked up at the Sabres store before the game tonight...#authentic Talk about timing!!!! at the game with my brother, he’s like one, two, three, Jack wants four!!!! very happy that he drove tonight so I could do a beer a period... hasn’t happened in a longgggg time.
  3. Where was Marty tonight? I missed it if it was already said.
  4. Can someone help me out? Who is in first place in the National Hockey League?
  5. Hutton is like Mr. Anderson saying “No” to LA Kings in the Matrix regardless of what they do.
  6. We have to pray that LA didn’t have some target practice in the intermission for this 5 on 3
  7. So, beer, Irish coffee or Dark N Stormy? or one for each goal?
  8. Maybe it’s safe for some of you to go to bed? You won’t be able to sleep, too pumped up now.
  9. Had dinner at 6pm PDT tonight. Wife went to bed an hour later. Got the game on the big screen through the Apple TV. Sabres have a two goal lead. It’s a win-win-win-win situation.
  10. My incomplete statement about what happens tonight was really an open question about are we going to be a different team than last year. My hope is that we rebound tonight and get back on a new streak as opposed to last year’s alternative. I think Ralph will have the guys in the proper mindset, so it will come down to desire and execution. He hinted at lineup changes in his post game press conference. No barrels required.
  11. Krueger hinting at lineup changes tomorrow. Lazar for Rodrigues? Gilmour for ? Scandy? Dahlin? not Dahlin, right?
  12. Last year we had a 10 game winning streak and then fell apart. This year we started with a 6 game point streak. Tomorrow night’s game we start...
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