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  1. It’s a fun quiz that test’s your knowledge on the Sabres trade history. A lot more fun than watching them play hockey. It’s multiple choice. I got 20/25 for 80%. Won’t share any spoilers on the questions I got wrong, but most were from before my fandom started. https://theathletic.com/2469480/2021/03/22/the-ultimate-buffalo-sabres-trade-deadline-quiz-from-ryan-miller-to-daniel-briere-and-more/
  2. If this keeps up, I could see the Sabres entering bankruptcy again. Seriously, when fans are able to buy tickets again, who would? Again, I was going to not buy a mini-pack for the first time in two decades. Hope sprung eternal on paper in the offseason. It was fool’s gold. Eichel is a shadow of himself from last year. Dahlin is so pitiful defensively, and Hall is totally lost. No wonder he isn’t still on NJ or Arizona anymore. No wonder Skinner was traded out of Carolina for a bag of pucks. Ralph is a good guy but there is no offensive system in play. His only answers come from defensive structure. No wonder chz rep was fired. Kim can see the writing on the wall. I will be canceling my NHL App subscription and go back to watching hockey in the Canadian division - anything outside the Leafs. Sadly, as an occasional poster and long time lurker, I think that’s it for me again, best of luck you regular posters.
  3. I think the lowest point in franchise history from a big picture competitive team standpoint was losing Chris Drury and Daniel Briere for nothing. The 70’s had Gil and some early excitement, the 80’s yeah, they kind of sucked so an arguement could be make about those day, but the early 90s were exiting with LaLa and Mogilny, late 90’s with Dom and the Cup run, the mid-2000’s with those playoff runs out of the lockout. I’m sorry, I have to give kudos to Tom Golisano for saving the franchise but at the same time I have to blame him / Larry Quinn for the start of the demise of this franchise from that day. If Pegula had been the owner at that time, he would have signed both since there wouldn’t have been the same breaking even mandate that Golisano had. Certainly there has been a lot of brutal management decision making since then, but the first day of brutal asset management by this franchise started on that day when we lost our co-captains.
  4. Two players in COVID protocol per Harrington
  5. I had actually decided at the end of last year to not buy my usual mini-pack of 10 games or so after over 20 years. Then they picked up Hall and Staal and made a few other small changes. I thought, well, maybe I would’ve changed my mind and picked one up again. The pandemic made the decision for me. There would have to be some unforeseen miracle of transformation for me to even slightly consider buying tickets when possible again. The Sabres are the definition of insanity.
  6. Where was this effort when we needed it back in 2014, right Tim?
  7. Thank-you for delivering the front end of the four points on my weekend request. Why must the Sabres continue to do it in such an underwhelming to put it mildly and non-regulation fashion though? The narrative was that this team finally had the missing skaters to come together and make a bigger impact, but 5 on 5, they look disorganized. The biggest hole was supposed to be the goaltending. What Ullmark has done since getting back in net while still mourning his Dad is preserve those extra points after regulation for the most part. He’s been the strength of the team along with special teams. It’s still early and they still have lots of time to find that cohesion, but they are getting results. The wins are what count but we need more of them in regulation when it comes down the tiebreakers at the end of the season. We are already behind the eight ball being tied for the fewest ROW wins in the division.
  8. Zajac and both goalies Blackwood and Dell in COVID protocol and will miss the weekend for the Devils. I know they still have Wedgewood who has played well for them, but this will be his 5th game in a row. This has to turn into 4 points for the Sabres. They have to take advantage of these absences to key players on opposing teams. They got 3 of 4 from the Caps, but they are better than the Devils. There has to be a strong response to the effort last night, like the Rangers and Flyers did to us after we won the first two games against those teams
  9. He was the ONLY one that showed up tonight and the poor guy is going through more than any other player on this sorry excuse of a team tonight. He deserves a TON of credit. Every skater owes him an apology for that embarrassment. They all apparently love playing for Ralph Krueger. They are all so tight in the dressing room. It’s a bizarre way of showing it on the ice.
  10. That was the biggest DISASTER of a game I’ve seen in a long time, and that’s saying a lot. They sure as **** didn’t deserve any points. Again... NO HEART!
  11. Where is the intensity? Hello? Wake up! Show some grit. Get pucks to the net. Win some battles. Stop the lackadaisical effort. Battle in this third period and don’t regress further. Let’s go!
  12. Two more regulation points Thursday please. Thank-you for tonight.
  13. Two points. Not in regulation like I requested, but I’ll let it slide. Thanks for slightly taking the edge off the nightcap on the sports weekend. Two more on Tuesday please. Buffalo sports fans will need winning hockey therapy more than ever for the next little while.
  14. Had to be 3pm start. NHL on NBC has exclusive window between 12:30 and 3 for Detroit and Chicago. Bottom line is the Sabres need to win today in regulation. Period. I don’t care about anything else except two points. Put me in a good mood before the Bills game.
  15. They can’t beat a Caps team with no Ovechkin, no Kuznetsov, no Orlov, no Wilson in the third and a rookie goalie, they get outhustled , outmuscled, and have no heart on a night when they should have been all heart for Linus. There was never a better chance to get four points and the Caps get none. This is supposed to be the year when they turn things around and tonight they should have taken control. They didn’t show a killer instinct. Washington wanted it more and they got what they deserved. It’s a huge let down and someone needs to explode in that dressing room to say enough is enough. Win. Period. And start on Sunday afternoon in regulation.
  16. Sunday has to be a regulation win or I’m gonna break something in my house.
  17. repster

    Goal Song

    Here are examples of other horns/songs from around the league. Nashville’s made me laugh twice.
  18. It’s like no one on this team except Jack can skate or handle a puck. Hawks played last night somewhere else too Same thing in the face-off dot
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