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  1. A martyr complex entails somebody feeling persecuted. Who here feels like they are being persecuted?
  2. I may have let it go off the rails. But you sure haven't helped keeping things organized and civilized.
  3. There, are you all happy with my new avatar?
  4. I respect the fact you don't like my stance. Always open to everybody's opinion. I'd love to understand your opinion. I do understand the deep hatred for Raleigh. But I live here now, so it's tough to misunderstand. As a diehard Sabres fan, I completely understand. And next year my extreme fandom will go back to Buffalo. And it will always be with me until they don't make the playoffs and my 1B and 1C does. Then I'll support them until the next year.
  5. Was this directed at me? I can change my tone, and I have. I have apologized a few times in recent days for comments I have made. But, my tone and my comments about O'Reilly will not change. Neither will my comments about Raleigh. They won't beat the Caps this year, but I do support them because they are in the playoffs. Once they lose, I'll be back to supporting Buffalo 100%. And it's pretty obvious the Panthers are making the playoffs next year............... if the Sabres can't do it, you all can bust my balls for supporting Sunrise.
  6. I'm not poking the bear. People are poking me because they don't like my avatar. And I have repeatedly said the Sabres are my team and will always be my team. LGR is poking me looking for a response and I've given up explaining myself.
  7. Of course I'll be banned or warned based on this thread but nobody will hold LGR4GM accountable. Congrats SabreSpace.
  8. I will always be a Sabres fan, you piece of *****. If you can't take my word for it, you're more of a closed minded ***** than I thought you were.
  9. They're in the playoffs, the Panthers and Sabres aren't. I'm sorry I live here and you don't so I root for the home team. Stop being a dick and stop scrutinizing me. For the 25th time, I'll say it again. The Sabres will always be my team, the Panthers will be my 1B team. I'm supporting my local team because my 1A and 1B teams are playing golf. If that's not good enough for you...... I'm sorry. At this point I don't care what you think. Might be time to put you on ignore. You're starting to piss me off.
  10. Montour is not better than Risto. His +/- is obviously better, but Risto plays 70 minutes against every team's best players.
  11. I've made several comments about my commitment to being a Sabres fan. Apparently you ignored them all.
  12. Fair points. I just don't see Pilut as proven yet. Any team would take McCabe, Risto and Bogo in a heartbeat. Of course they'd also take Dahlin..... but there is no way in hell Buffalo gives him up.
  13. Forgot about Capuano. I guess he wouldn't be a bad second option. He would certainly be better than any rookie coaches.
  14. It sure would be nice to have a coach before the draft.
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