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  1. 3 years away at best. 1 more in Cincinnati 2 more in Roch. If not by then he will be passed by Portillo
  2. Anyone have thoughts on Subban? Is that someone Sabres should be interested in ?
  3. Pizza is supposed to be amazing in New haven. Had Zuppardi's pretty good. These places also: Frank Pepe, Sally's, BAR, and Modern Apizza.
  4. Some fun facts: -one of oldest players in draft -did not make AAA team until 15 -did not start training until 15 or 16 -needs work on skating Sounds exactly like a sabres pick. F'd as usual. So glad I gave up seasons
  5. Ogelthorpe

    So #8

    I'm betting askarov
  6. Hey Evander what about the human rights of the 3 women you choked in Buffalo then got arrested for?
  7. Watching the Sabres the last 9 years make me depressed!?
  8. So glad I got rid of my 200 level seasons. This organization is a joke!
  9. One of the worst teams in the NHL, yes let's get excited about a jersey.
  10. Ogelthorpe


  11. Ink, how are they on air fryer?
  12. 911, Gene McCarthys, Castaways, Doc Sullivans, Hear good things about O'Danirels, anyone been? Bar Bill is the most overrated around, horrible and rude customer service. Gabriel's is a close 2nd in both being overrated and horrible, rude service
  13. 14 Marlins tested positive for covid in Philadelphia
  14. Hopefully some Buffalo gvt official steps up and stops the Jays from coming here.
  15. Get ready for Buffalo to become a hotspot. You know these spoiled, pampered, entitled, babies wont follow quarantine rules. Adolph Cuomo strikes again.
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