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  1. Really, I thought episodes 1-3 were great this year. Episode 4 was a bit all over the place but to me that is trying to show how Dany is losing it , ie: The Mad Queen.
  2. Rumors about more dragons showing up.
  3. Could they be worse than Wedgewood and Wilcox?
  4. I cant wait for Sunday. Lol
  5. Why do you talk down to people? No reason to be such a douche bag. Obviously with your 29000 post you have no life but come on man
  6. Just wondering why Johansson would not be in Rochester? He played extremely well in Cinci and played well in Rochester when they brought him up.
  7. So both Rochester goalies next year will be coming off major injuries? 3 young goalies come into the Sabres system and have hip problems, sounds like a strength and conditioning program problem. Andrew Allen needs to be shown the door, possibly training staff too,.
  8. IMHO I don't think anyone wants this job. Whoever gets it may be the 1st person to say yes. This has to be one of the lowest points of the franchise.
  9. I believe they sd on WGR that they have not won a playoff series since Ryan Miller was there
  10. Does anyone have an opinion on Benoit Groulx the Syracuse Crunch coach. Seems to have done well there. Is he well regarded, respectected?
  11. The Sabres organization is a joke! They are ruining my love of hockey!
  12. Not true my man. Paying 200 level prices for an inferior product is getting old. Also have not liked Martin anywhere he has been.
  13. If they hire Jack Martin I'm done. No more season tix for me
  14. I think everyone dies. No way this has a happy ending.
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