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  1. Since 2015, 3 gm's, 4 coaches. 23, 26, 31, 27, 25 in overall standings. Eichel, Reinhardt, Ristolainen, McCabe, Ullmark are the only constant for the last 5 seasons plus. Something is rotten with this core. I would have no problem trading any of these players. What have they done? Really can't get any worse at this point. They need respected experienced people in the front office.
  2. So Hughes, Power, or Clarke with the 1st overall pick?
  3. Shoot to Thrill- AC/DC Bro Hymn- Pennywise
  4. I remember when this thread used to be actual rumors posted by hockey insiders. Not fanboys playing NHL 20. ๐Ÿ˜‡
  5. Let's get rid of checking too. Everyone gets a trophy also.
  6. I imagine with my job I will be forced to take it.
  7. 3 years away at best. 1 more in Cincinnati 2 more in Roch. If not by then he will be passed by Portillo
  8. Anyone have thoughts on Subban? Is that someone Sabres should be interested in ?
  9. Pizza is supposed to be amazing in New haven. Had Zuppardi's pretty good. These places also: Frank Pepe, Sally's, BAR, and Modern Apizza.
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