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  1. You got that right. Lol. Just so disappointing. Loved the pick when it happened. However looking back on Murray's reaction to the lottery he must have heard some whispers about Jack's character. Then bringing in 2 of the leagues biggest partiers did not help.
  2. We have learned that John is a selfish POS. He was a locker room cancer and a miserable person. We learned he is the antithesis of what being a leader is. John will never win a thing in the NHL or the Olympics. My prediction is he burns the Knights down and we get their 2023 lottery pick.
  3. I would recommend Bocce Club or Imperial over La Nova, unless you want the Soprano's vibe.
  4. Ink have a question for you. I know you watch Amerks quite a bit. I checked box score of game other night on AHL TV app and they had Krebbs listed/playing left wing and not center. Is that correct? Thanks
  5. Or send them down and have them play 20 minutes a night in all situations. Just my thoughts but I see your point
  6. If Cozens and Krebs are on the 4th line they should be sent to Rochester.
  7. Zary, Coronato, and Wolf? Or is that too much or too little? Like the write ups on these guys.
  8. I have a feeling within the next 10 years all sabres home games will be played in Hamilton
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