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  1. Pick in the top 10 overall again
  2. In your opinion was Jack's contract merit based.
  3. Might have to sweeten the pot a little for Elias, lol. Although I would take Horvat all day any day for Risto.
  4. And I still ask why. If this team was halfway decent erod would be in rochester. He is a borderline nhl talent.
  5. 27, 29, 26,22,36 goals the last 5 seasons for Hoffman, and people are worried about losing Erod. This fan base is broken. Lol
  6. They need much more than 1 player to be in the playoffs
  7. No way sabres are giving up multiple 1st for anyone.
  8. You really think Thompson starts year in Rochester? I hope he does but I think Botts forces it again because how bad ROR trade turned out. Wouldn't mind seeing Mitts start in Rochester too, if he is elgible. I dont think he is physically ready for the NHL.
  9. Skinner is way overpaid. Hate this contract
  10. Get rid of the locker room problem that has been whispered about the last 4 years
  11. Yeah, that worked so well with Vanek. Would rather of had those 4 1st rounders all day. Overpaying a player for the optics is not the way to win. No way they can afford to keep all their young players now. Have to think Samson or Risto is traded. Also dont forget a Dahlin deal has to be done in the next 2 years. Have a great weekend!
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