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  1. One of the worst teams in the NHL, yes let's get excited about a jersey.
  2. Ogelthorpe


  3. Ink, how are they on air fryer?
  4. 911, Gene McCarthys, Castaways, Doc Sullivans, Hear good things about O'Danirels, anyone been? Bar Bill is the most overrated around, horrible and rude customer service. Gabriel's is a close 2nd in both being overrated and horrible, rude service
  5. 14 Marlins tested positive for covid in Philadelphia
  6. Hopefully some Buffalo gvt official steps up and stops the Jays from coming here.
  7. Get ready for Buffalo to become a hotspot. You know these spoiled, pampered, entitled, babies wont follow quarantine rules. Adolph Cuomo strikes again.
  8. Pretty simple really, Sabres have no clue
  9. Grigorenko: should have been kept in juniors Risto: should have been kept in Rochester Nylander: should have been kept in juniors Middlestadt: should have been told to stay in college. Through multiple regimes sabres have shown they dont know how to handle young players
  10. If cozens is on team this year it will be mismanagement of another 1st round pick
  11. Everything. I'm going broke because of Goldbelly! Lol. And some bourbon for dessert!
  12. I got all the consoles. Ps4, xboxone, alienware m17. Like shooters, space opera stuff, sci fi fantasy. Historical things too. Thanks for the response LTS. Stay safe
  13. Thinking about getting Red Dead Redemption 2. Any gamers have thoughts recommendations on this or any other game. Getting sick of Madden. Thanks all stay safe.
  14. Ogelthorpe


    Thoughts and prayers to you.
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