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  1. If this is it for the season and the Pegula's plan to fire Botterill, I wonder when it will happen? After the end of the scheduled season or once playoffs start (assuming there are playoffs this season).
  2. I'm still curious as to what happened with the PLF/Pegula break up?
  3. I saw them in the early 90’s in Buffalo and you’re right, the pits were better then. Didn’t the singer of Zero Tolerance get arrested for murder (or accused of it?)
  4. Portillo...with a name like that, he should have been drafted by Chicago.
  5. Murray traded away all the stockpiled assets from “the tank” and left this team devoid of talent outside the top line. I would have rathered sat through a long rebuild with young players developing, than how Murray tried to jump start the rebuild by acquiring Kane, O’Reilly and Lehner.
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