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  1. so I guess this is just more of that FAKE news??
  2. so, just read this... According to Joe Dibiase of Buffalo radio station WGR550, Jack Eichel is expected to be traded to the New Jersey Devils in exchange for Jack Hughes, Nico Hischier, and a first round pick. Strangely Devil fans have taken the stance that they (devils) were getting ripped off in this deal. I think it is the other way around but what ever...
  3. my late brother was a Toronto Maple Leaf goalie prospect that came up through the Leafs' organization from York Steel to Marlies and was actually tutored by Johnny Bower for a while (he even had some of Bower's equipment). When expansion came in Washington voiced interest and he did not want to go there this he retired but I was lucky enough to meet Punch Imlach and when he went to Buffalo in 1970 I went with him and have been a die-hard fan since day one (been a long road)... Obviously I remember drafting Mr. Perreault and he was and still is my favorite Sabre (though Briere Hasek etc come close). Most exciting and frustrating both were in that bloody Dallas series (need I say more???). To improve this team I would have never traded ROR who would improve this team immeasurably (we need a real legitimate ine center just like ROR who can take big faceoffs, kill penalties etc). In the end, I feel bad for getting my son hooked on the team as at 23 all he has pretty much known in his years as a fan is complete frustration!
  4. TB will absolutely NOT take Risto and his salary and there has to be serious doubt they'd take Mitts as he is unproven and seemingly not strong enough...it will take our 8th and Cozens and maybe even more and that is the sad truth..we had a awesome 2nd lien center and gave him away and now we are pretty much screwed. Getting a really good 2nd line center is really hard...just ask a bunch of other teams who like us are after that very same thing. It would seem silly to give up Cozens in any trade and most trades of any magnitude will probably see the other team ask for him. Jack is at his peak and we are wasting those years playing crappy hockey but giving up our future for today is also no answer. Sabres have a real tough decision here and either way they go it will hurt! And I also think TB will figure this out
  5. Truth is while it is fun to imagine adding a talent like Cirelli for whatever, we will be lucky to add any half-decent 2nd line center this summer. The whole COVID 19 thing is just adding to the equation and TB is far too smart to just give away a good young talent for players we are looking to get rid of. EXGMTM made what was and probably still stands as quite possibly one of the all-time best trades getting ROR for what he got him for (of course exGMJBotto probably now holds the honor of the worst trade ever giving ROR away for nothing and also losing kane for basically nothing as well). Realistically it'll be the same old tired lineup with no real 2nd line center thus no real 2nd line as both Skinner annd/or Olofsson (think that's how you spell it) both need a good center to set them up so one will be lost again this year playing with a under acheving center
  6. Just read this...The Buffalo Sabres’ luck might have been better. During the Draft Lottery, the Sabres slid down a spot and will choose in the eight spot. Still, it’s a deep draft and the Sabres should get a strong young player with that eighth pick. The Buffalo News’ Lance Lysowski believes the team will go after star OHL center Marco Rossi because of his interesting tie to the team and to head coach Ralph Kreuger. Although the Sabres recently cleaned house, relieving much of their hockey operations staff and minor league coaches from their jobs, Kreuger remains on the job and will likely assume a major role in draft-day decisions. If Kreuger weighs in, there’s speculation Rossi would be his preferred target if he were still on the board. (from “Sabres’ possible targets with the No. 8 pick in the NHL draft, The Buffalo News, 27/06/20). For more than a decade, until he resigned in 2010, Kreuger coached the Swiss national team. Lysowski writes that he stays in contact with the programs that produced Rossi. In addition, Kreuger coached Rossi’s father Michael when he played in Austria during the early 1990’s. That makes the clever, play-making forward attractive to Buffalo with their eighth choice. That is, if he’s still around. Too bad we could not move up to get this guy...he's a center!!!
  7. not sure if anyone mentioned Cozens is not AHL eligible LOL...anyways I simply do not like the idea of rushing him in and putting piles of pressure on him as our much needed 2nd center...it would be different (maybe) if he was slowly worked into the lineup but then again I do not like that either...the truth is he should be allowed to mature and needs at least a year in AHL...and more so we need a GM who actually identifies the need for that real NHL 2nd line center or this team will never amount to much as it is far too easy for the other teams to defend against a one-line team...
  8. I just heard that TSN is reporting that Toronto and Edmonton are the two cities to host the NHL playoffs. Edmonton has COVID 19 under control apparently while Toronto has also done a great job of keeping it somewhat under control. Do you think that the NHL will ever play again this year? I personally doubt it as athletes are going to have a big problem as they obviously breathe hard and heavy and spit and of course good old Brad Marchand will be kissing and licking and biting so I think it is safe to say no one will want to play against Boston!
  9. okay you got me...are we talking about the same guy? I find it hard to believe Dudley is 71 and has 40 years of NHL experience. Either way I definitely want the Rick Dudley I know to be hired too (along with the 71 year old)
  10. he is a "center" just as Johansson is...not great but maybe 3rd line. we need a real bonafide NHL 2nd line center (yes just like that guy we shipped out to the Loo) good teams are built down the middle and we are very weak there so it is no surprise we are struggling period. the last thing we need is another 3rd line center and giving Risto for that would be a move even exGMJBotto would not make (or wait a minute maybe he would have but whatever)
  11. no doubt they'll drop us down a few notches again...hopefully we will draft a little better this year and have something to show for yet another losing season...
  12. It is almost embarrassing that this team has tanked and/or been awful (not on purpose) year-after-year for ten years running (missing playoffs) and we do not have anymore then 3 or 4 prospects in the AHL???? That almost seems impossible; that in itself is a true indicator of just how bad both exGM's TM and JBotto really were (and the scouting dept included). Totally agree that the young players there look good (Thompson, Borgen, Olofsson) so maybe this is not so much on the coaching (Taylor etc) but on the players they were given in Rochester. JBotto seemed more concerned with older vets to make that team look good then stocking it with good young players. We gave away ROR and Kane and there alone should have at least got some good young prospects to show for those trades (we got Thompson and the verdict is still out on him). And people actually wonder why the Pegulas are frustrated after spending an absolute boatload of cash over the years they have owned this club and have nothing to show for it but a team that continues to lose and a farm-team where the cupboard is pretty-much bare...
  13. Jbotto sold everybody on his theory that it was important to have a great AHL (Rochester) just as Pittsburg does...but the difference is that Pittsburg continuously pumps out good young players that can fit right into the big teams lineup....instead JBotto just signed a bunch of overpaid vets at the end of their careers and clearly that was not working...oh and Carolina keeps developing good young guys too...
  14. Oh I knowo that just saying that there are cutbacks going on everywhere...
  15. I guess everybody's cutting back with all the lost revenue from the COVID 19 fallout...and as the NY Yankees have proven time and time again, spending big does not necessarily translate into big success. It is actually hit and miss...sometimes it works and other times it just cost the owners a bunch of money. I think the Pegulas looked at other teams (yes Carolina Hurricanes of course) and thought "why are we year after year spending to the cap, and paying a huge staff big money and get very poor results year after year? Sooner or later you get to the point where you get tired of paying out al that money for the results we have seen in Sabreland for far too many years. Paul Hamilton is just another casualty of cut backs...too bad good guy (which could be said for EXGM's TM and JBotto and a lot of other staff let go recently)
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