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  1. totally agree...yes they have down years but they have tradition and come playoff time they are tough to play against (which is more then we can say seeing how we never make the playoffs anymore)...
  2. Yeah Sydney is amazing for sure. Doesn't seem to matter who he plays with either. I love what OV has done scoring but he is pretty-much one dimensional whereas Sydney is al over the ice. The MacKinnon/McDavid debate rages on but Sydney is still the best come crunch time. Clearly MacKinnon has a far stronger support cast as Colorado sure has a good team whereas Edmonton has McDavid playing with Kassian sometimes Neal who started like crazy with the Oilers but sure faded quickly. That McDavid continues to roll up big numbers is amazing. Nice to see Florida get rewarded with a win last night also...kinda hoping they win the series
  3. Funny how the Traveres injury may be the best thing to happen to the Leafs...it has taken the onus off of how they lost and all they are talking about is the play and the injury up here in Ontario. Even the guys on both TSN & Sportsnet agree though that Foligno picking a fight was pretty bad and really was pretty silly as clearly there was absolutely no intent on Perry's behalf. How Foligno did not get an extra instigator penalty is beyond anybody. Having said that. Montreal is a great example of a team that wins on good goaltending (which they almost always had & have), good coaching and they play with so much heart and determination for a franchise that is loaded with tradition and such a great history. They simply do not accept losing and fired their coach this past season when they were still well above .500 hockey. Love them or hate them, Montreal is such a great franchise and role model. Still think Leafs will prevail though...
  4. The story I heard was that Rutherford resigned as he had a trade worked out to move Kris LeTang and his huge contract but for whatever reason the owner was totally against that. Obviously clearing out Letang's contract would have freed up big cap space the Pens needed desperately. Heck maybe Rutherford can come here and move Skinner's and/or KO's contracts out (that would take a genius but he is good at moving out bad contracts). And yet again the Pens are going quite fine and is a team he built. They make the playoffs pretty much every year and get big mileage out of so-so players (which is exactly what we need)
  5. Oh I miss that so much..the heart determination and talent! Oh and did I mention it is Danny Gare's birthday! I still have his jersey I ordered from the Sabre website years ago...awesome player
  6. agree...there is nothing saying that Jack will be traded 100%...he is walking a fine line by trying to remain neutral as yes he may end up trading him but he may also end up keeping him and may even resign Samson to a proper contract (like 5 years). I really do not know how Jack could not look at the team towards the end of this past season and see potential (and they were playing a style very-much suited to Jack's game). I am just not convinced KA is going to run out and trade him tomorrow. Of course he may but then again anybody can be traded...right Wayne? But if it makes no sense as in not a favourable return then so be it. Jack is under contract and has nothing to do but honor that if the team wishes to keep him. I still think that this team as they played at the end under DG with a healthy Jack & Jake and Linus (or two NHL goalies) with some tweaking (like losing the obvious players and adding some toughness and maybe a free-agent winger and keep playing the way they did under DG and the team will be entertaining (most important) and fun to watch. That works for me as this really is all about entertainment. I use to drive my son and I for over 4 hours from north Ontario to Buffalo to see the team play when they were entertaining. Win or lose they were great to watch. They played with heart and gave their all. They need to return to being that, with or without Jack (and Sam and/or Risto if need be)
  7. TY sir...so I take it the Amerks do not play at all?
  8. I just read that the Amerks play their last road game tonight apparently. Does anybody know if the AHL is having playoffs and if so are the Amerks in the playoffs? Have not heard much about them...Thanks in advance
  9. Did Jack's neck injury not occur during the season? I saw where some guy put Jack into the boards and he clearly at that point favored his neck and don;t think he played again after that point (but did play til then). I know that jack's stats were pretty bad til that point but then again so were the stats of every other Sabre including Hall
  10. Isn't it safe to say that Hall would have never come here period if not for the $8MIL AND NMC? And I also think it safe to say that we all thought signing him was a great move and we all had at least for some time grand illusions of this team competing for a playoff spot. No way KA could have foreseen Jack basically checking out for the whole year (even when he played he was pretty disengaged and clearly not himself) and/or that we'd have a pile of goalies all hurt at the same time. Hutton had a year left on his contract so he was here either way. Of course Linus was suppose to be #1 and he looked great except that he too got hurt. I also think Jack's unhappiness existed long before KA came along. No doubt he (and Samson and maybe even Risto) all looked at ROR and thought "what a lucky guy". I also think KA truly believed or thought that by adding Hall & Staal the team would be greatly improved and would make us a playoff contender which in turn would make Jack and everyone else happy. Again I (along with many others) thought the moves KA did last summer were good and I did think we'd be able to compete for that playoff spot. Of course playing in what is for sure the best division does not help! Hell with DG coaching al year if we 'd be in any other division we would have certainly competed for a playoff spot no?
  11. That is why I think keeping DG as coach to retain stability when the team clearly enjoyed playing for him is vital. And yes hopefully KA with Karmanos can develop into a good combo. Funny thing is when the Pegulas made all these moves over the years, it was thought to be the right move at that time. I also agree with the Lather rinse repeat thing as that is what happens with all the available coaches...they get hired bringing high hopes and new enthusiasm to that team and all goes good for a few years then it goes to s**t and they get fired and the team brings in the next coach. Would bringing in a new coach now not be doing the same thing? I prefer to let DG run this ship for at least next year and see how it plays out. The players clearly like playing for him. And at least the team was entertaining and fun to watch...
  12. totally agree...and I loved how the team played under DG. Fun to watch with young guys allowed to do their thing. The sign of a good coach is one who allows players to play to their strength as well as one who can recognize changes that need to be made during and after a game and again DG showed he is very much good at this too as he made changes after loses to both Boston and Pittsburg that were very good. The team tried to run and gun with Pittsburg and got beat 8-4 so the next game they tighten up and played a excellent defensive game and lost on a fluke goal 1-0. The team was fun to watch and the young guys will only get better under DG...which is vital as we seem to suddenly have some good young prospects in the system
  13. Here is a big surprise...Hall is all for Jack of course...what really irritates me is how they are so quick to try and put all their struggles and poor play on the team and culture surrounding it. It has been stated that Edmonton hasn't exactly surrounded CM with huge talent (playing with Kassien is hardly awe-inspiring for Connor) yet he goes out every game and plays his a** off and never complains. The Sabres got Hall to play with Jack and even after Jack disappeared exCRK still played Hall on the top line and gave him huge ice time when he clearly did not deserve it. Everyone ***** about the Pegulas but they spend a ton of money on these cry babies and I think the Pegulas deserve better then the lousy crap these players are passing off as "their best". The team was clearly a much better and far more interesting and fun team to watch after getting rid of Staal, Hall, and losing Jack. Clearly coach DG is the first in some time to coach to a players best attributes and not to try and get them to be something they are not. You down there in Buffalo should be careful what you wish for...if they sell it is very likely the team would be moved (Quebec is really hot-to-trot for a team). https://www.audacy.com/wgr550/sports/sabres/taylor-hall-supports-jack-eichel-those-were-some-dark-days-in-buffalo?fbclid=IwAR3hNvklMgFkSvneg-efKHeqCwwyW4Rjs_S4D_kjIuClrqAcvPAAlDCM-Mg
  14. If we could get Tkachuk, Lindoholm AND Monahan for the two cry babies that would work for sure...again I doubt we get that much but yes again it would sure set up a even more intense battle of Alberta one that Calgary is losing big time these days and they do need to do something big...
  15. Gaudreau just just so small...gets pushed off the puck as soon as the going gets rough...I want us to get harder and tougher to play against, not easier. I wish we could get Tkachuk but I highly doubt that...
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