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  1. totally agree...not hard to see the players are so down and the more they lose the more it snowballs.
  2. so is it just me or do I not see what other's are seeing? Some suggest to "be patient" blah blah blah (like we've been patient for how many year snow??). I watch the end of Boston/NY Rangers and the intensity and drive of both teams win or lose is awesome! They hit push scrum and fight at the end of the game a good scrap. I am sorry but this team is not an NHL team right now period! I agree they get paid like a NHL team but they are truly an embarrassment and anybody who actually believes this will "turn around" anytime soon is smoking too much wacky tobacky...Jack is clearly not a leader and
  3. Isn't the old blame-the-goalie thing getting tried? You really think we would have won with that "effort" they put forth today with Linus in net? That was really hard on the yes...an dyes I am totally on board to trading Jack and a bunch more but I do not trust the current regime to do any real moves. We first have to clear deck then hire a real President who then hopefully will bring in a compentant GM then coach. And they actually are serious about bringing fans back into the stands? That would have been a complete boo-fest today if there had been any poor souls fool enough to pay money to w
  4. Funny when my son heard Ullmark was out for a month he said that we had to go after another goalie and I said that what's the sense? The year is over and we should get what we can for Hall and whoever else at the deadline and look forward to next year as we always do. Absolutely sickening
  5. OMG this is so hard to watch...this team is absolutely dreadful. Philly are awful and are ripe for the taking and winning only because we are worse. Sad part it looks like no one really cares out there (for us). Hutton is awful but so is the whole team at this point Just absolutely pathetic period
  6. at the end of the day (or season) I still think both Edmonton and the Laughs won't go anywhere once they play a good team. Living up here north of Toronto and having to hear Leaf fans go on and on about how great they are and what a great season they are having is sickening! They go on about how this is their year (like they do every other year but this year they are playing in the lousy north division where there is virtually no competition to speak of). Will be interesting next 3 games TO versus Oilers...Mathews is going great guns and McDavid is, well I can only say I said it then, and I wi
  7. you get my vot eas well...exactly what should take place
  8. the team cannot score 5 on 5 and that is what Skinner was signed to do and what he does best. End of story...bye bye Ralphie (can't be soon enough)...
  9. trust me Skinner would waive that NTC in a heartbeat but there is no way to trade a $9MIl player who is basically not wanted...
  10. It really is sad to see these guys and the crap they went through fighting to stay in the NHL...I am so glad the "pre-arranged" fight is gone and do enjoy a good spontaneous scrap between two willing combatants. Anyways this is a good watch as well...
  11. certainly makes one wonder...I mean Jack is absolutely brutal out there and Hall is a complete bust yet Ralphie picks only on Skinner? Does not make a lot of sense. It's not Skinner's fault that he got such a absurd contract...and he was signed to score goals which he did very well until RK came along. Meanwhile everybody still wants to trade Sam and he is our best player right now (obviously others are close behind such as VO and I love Cozens). I do like the young guys we are seeing more of such as Cozens, Asplund, Borgen etc...
  12. so true...that is what always gets me when I watch other teams is how they play with such intensity and heart and drive...teams like Montreal Pittsburg Philly etc etc win on shear tradiiton and heart and desire. all things this team seems to have virtually none of. Our captain is the quite possibily the worse of the whole bunch...sad
  13. Heck Montreal was doing much better then our Sabres and they fire everybody? How the hell Ralphie is still here is beyond me...
  14. Funny cause at this point I think Adams was their best hire out of everyone! I was referring to Ralphie who many claim is a good coach. Remember even JBotto came highly regarded and I hate to admit it but many including myself thought it was a good hire at the time. Obviously he turned out to be a complete train-wreck and his legacy will always be what was without doubt the worse trade in Sabre (and possbily NHL) history. I loved exGMTM getting ROR and yes I liked the Kane trade and again Botto gave Kane away for basically nothing. But having said that Iike KD's moves thus far and love to see
  15. I have to admit I was thinking Jack was playing so badly to get Ralphie fired as he usually does but now it looks as if Jack simply wants out. meanwhile, hopefully he can take RK with him as he is a absolutely brutal coach. No wonder Edmonton got rid of him so fast...I know everyone is quick to blame the Pegulas but these guys they keep hiring come highly recommended...
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