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  1. Obviously without Skinner and Olofsson (or however you spell his name) this team is in deep trouble. But then again, if you take two of the top 4 scorers off of any team they would feel it for sure. having said that, it does seem that no matter how much things change, they stay the same. This team has changed considerably but they are still the Sabres. Then you take team like Pittsburg; doesn;t seem to matter what they do they just win. Malkin missed a bunch of games and now Cindy has been out for a while yet they keep winning. I guess it really is a culture or mindset. We are programmed to suck. Doesn;t seem to matter what the heck we do. Mind you there are a bunch of other teams in or around the same area or level of play that we are at. It is getting over that hump that is tough.
  2. I would love to move Bogo but there is no takers, especially at his cap-hit. I am glad Pilut is up though. And we do NOT NEED Subban. We need a forward if anything although trade for Frolik was a big step in the right direction...
  3. I like him but really??? $2.65 Mill for 9 goals. The whole problem is that now the owners and management have gone and given huge contracts and the triggle-down effect is that even bottom-line players are now looking at bigger salaries. Just as in life, there is no more "middle-class". I find it amazing that there are still so many unsigned RFA's including some very big names. The owners and have created a situation whereby now instead of getting 3 or 4 or 5 years at a good rate now even young players are looking for 8 9 10 million or even more at 20 or 21 years of age. Crazy!!! and of course it is the owners that have created this problem...
  4. so I guess it becomes a question of how well Nylander will do playing with kane and/or Toews? If he can't product playing with them and getting lots of PP time (which I am sure he will) then we can for sure say he was a dud...
  5. yes...good player and great guy-probably get him for 1M
  6. Just looking and see there are still some fairly interesting names left out there in UFA...I am sure these guys could be had on a very reasonable contract. 1) Brian Boyle had 18 goals, 24 assist 42 points at 2.55M 2) Derick Brassard had 14 goals 24 assist at 5M 3) Nick Cousins had 7 goals 27 assist at 1M and is only 26 Do any of these guys seem to fill either the 2nd or 3rd center spot? Boyle is quite good at faceoffs, which is something this team desperately needs after giving away one of the best. he is also big and plays big which is nice against the physical east. Here is what is left of free agency...
  7. really? okay that is a good start back on D...we for sure have lots of 3-4 and 5-6 guys...we so need another center though
  8. we do have lots of wingers, and 3-4 d-men. only Dahlin seems to be a 1-2 guy and most of our wingers are 3rd or 4th liners
  9. agreed our 1st round picks do seem to suck but other teams rebuild through the draft and four 1st rounders is, or at least seems to be a lot of picks for one very good player
  10. agreed ...not goos enough if you want to compete every night. we need a real 2nd line center that is essential
  11. with all the lunacy we see every July 1st in free agency it is somewhat surprising some idiot hasn;t done it yet. of course you have to not only give away 4 picks but probably 12 million per and most teams can't do that...so many are already in cap-hell and it is to stay down next year too apparently
  12. Really? 4 -1st round picks...that's crazy. Marner is real good but you are totally giving up your future for one player. I just can't seem to get to that place and think: "yeah he's worth the next 4 -1st round picks and our future for the foreseeable future
  13. so unless a miracle happens and we get someone real good in a trade, we are what we are and have to hope like hell Ralph can perform miracles on ice...otherwise let's get ready for another long season, and NO playoffs
  14. I do think that a decent coach just may make a BIG difference with the Sabres...as soon as Babs went to the leafs they immediately improved
  15. The leafs sure are throwing money around yet still have not signed Mitch...what the heck are they doing? Trying to piss him right off???
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