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  1. I do agree that Skinner was not used properly whatsoever almost ALL season by Kruger and as I have said before at least exGMTM immediately addressed the weakness this team has had at center for years since we lost Drury and Briere by drafting Jack and stealing ROR (who JBotto was so kind to give away to St Louis). We desperately need that 2nd center and ROR would be absolutely perfect but even if for whatever reason you traded him then you had to get back a 2nd center. They are rare and hard to find and giving one away because you don;t like the fact he wants to win is absurd and stil costing this team big time. Poor Skinner is the kind of player that obviously needs a strong center to feed him and they hung him out to dry this year. And I have absolutely no faith in GMJBotto to get a legitimate decent 2nd center
  2. Everyone was (is) so quick to diss exGMTM but has GM JBotto really done anything better? At least Murray immediately addressed the biggest weakness when he drafted jack and traded and stole ROR. All GM's years ago would say that you build a team by being big and strong drown the middle. I totally agree with this and in fact while I know that the "new NHL" is more speed and finesse I still like a team that is big and physical when needed. Just before the season went down the drain I watched Florida and Boston and they were running each other and there were fights and chippy play and it was GREAT! The intensity level was insane and clearly was a preview of the upcoming playoffs. Anybody that really thinks that physical play and size isn't as important now is totally wrong. That is why Philly and Boston continue to win. They are the perfect blend of speedI actually think exGMTM knew this and apparently GMJbott has no clue how to build a team.
  3. you really think a team would take Skinner with his inflated contract? I am not too sure as most teams simply do not have ten mill a year in cap space and even if they did they would want that money spent on someone who is clearly at the top of the pile...Skinner is a one-dimensional player who adds virtually nothing to a lineup when he does not score...truth is it would have been much better if we'd spent that money on that elusive 2nd center and/or a actual NHL goalie
  4. that is true you would think at 214 they'd be NHL ready but often that is not the case. and we need help NOW
  5. good question...like why would he want to come to the Sabres? does he like losing or something? seems strange
  6. My late brother was a very good goalie who came up through the Leaf organization (Don Mills flyers, York Steel, then the Marlies). He got to play back up for two leaf games and was the number one goalie for the Marlies who I went to see every game at home. He was tutored by Johnny Bower (even had his gloves) and was looking forward to a career with the Leafs when expansion came in 67...Washington apparently told him they would draft him of he was available which Randy had no interest in going to. he retired and went into Psychiatry which as it turns out was a big mistake (long story). anyways we met Punch Imlach many times and when he went over to the Sabres in 70 I went with him! God the Sabre teams back then with the French Connection and that amazing 2nd line of Luce, Rammer and Danny Gare was so friggin good. And we had Schoney and Korab and later Playfair who sure could fight and the team should have won at least one cup back then. Then of course there was the fiasco in 1999 which saw the Sabres in the finals for the first time since losing to Philly in 1975. The Sabres were led by captain Michael Peca and had the Dominator in goal. They were a rough team and I loved them! They looked like they had a very goo0d chance of winning their first cup but the NHL ensured that they would not, and Dallas would when they allowed a goal by Dallas to clinch the cup even though Brett Hull's one skate was clearly without any doubt in the crease. If you are wondering what that meant well all year they had started calling ALL goals off if any player for the team that scored had one or both feet in the goalie's crease it was immediately called off. They called this all year faithfully without missing any until that goal. There was a huge climb in cases where players were parked inside the goalie's crease thus the NHL stated that no goal would be allowed if any feet were in the goalie's crease. They called it all year til that goal and clearly it never should had counted. That started the whole business of the NHL disliking the Sabres when at the NHL draft just after that no call, when Darcy and Lindy walked up onto the stage to announce who they'd draft Bettman went to shake their hands and neither one would and just walked by. Earlier Ryan Miller had also sounded out publicly that the goal should never had been allowed and that the Sabres got screwed (which they did). The NHL has had in for the team ever since and even Bobcat on Talk radio 590 acknowledged that it was (and still seem sis) obvious that the NHL had it in foe the Sabres since that snub of Bettman and seem to still hold a grudge (even though all are gone or retired now). And then there was Darcy getting us Danny Briere who was just sop friggin; exciting to watch. His teams were fun and fast and over the years we have had many teams I thought had a real chance at a cup. Sure wish we'd win for for RJ before he retires...
  7. here in Ontario (Canada) our teachers have been doing one day strikes almost every week as they battle for more money and now they announced our schools are al closing for two full weeks AFTER next week's March break...thus they will be off minimum THREE weeks! There has been no known cases of COVID 20 (I call it "20" as this is 2020 not 2019) in any school but better be safe then sorry I guess...
  8. actually our taxes are due April 15th
  9. No Hall...we all know (hopefully JBoitto does too) that we need a 2C and goalie help. No spending ten mill on Hall.
  10. Yep were tanking and we are not even trying! With the other teams around us in the standings playing well and winning we look good for maybe 2nd or 3rd last. Yet another high pick. Maybe that was JBotto's plan all along this year? Maybe what he meant by "meaningful games in March" was it means something to keep losing as we can get another high draft position. hell maybe we'll win the stupid lottery for once and draft first! Nah the NHL will never let that happen. We'll probably get bumped down as usual. OV is slumping so look out! He is due for a big game. Although the Sabres tend to lose the so-called "easy" or "winnable" games and beat the better teams. Thus, we will win 4-2...
  11. agreed...those B announcers are absolutely pathetic. They are one bunch where I always turn down the volume as I simply cannot listen to their rhetoric and BS...mind you Boston is pretty good. Give them the Sabres for a while and they'd change their tune. I sure wish we could just win one lousy Cup for RJ; or for that matter, maybe just play a stinkin' playoff game
  12. The cap goes up so JBotto will immediately over-spend with Sam and give him some big long contract to celebrate. Playing Sam alongside jack all year has allowed him (Sam) to inflate his numbers so that he will be in line for a big raise this summer. Not sure if that is on the GM or coach but both are basically responsible. Just as both are responsible for playing their other big fish Skinner wasting away on a under-achieving 2nd line. The smart money would be for sure to seek out a experienced proven goalie and that ever-elusive 2nd line center this team so desperately needs. But knowing JBotto he'll piss away the money on over-inflated contracts...
  13. Yep...the Ducks and Ryan Miller in relief held on to beat the laughs 2-1...we are looking more and more at a nice low pick. Hell we are tanking and we are not even trying to! Tonight should be very interesting as we play Philly in the City of Brotherly Love LOL. Philly is everything that we should want our team to be. They totally rebuilt that team and got rid of some terrible contracts and drafted well and made some good trades and they are now a very good team, and still have lots of good prospects coming too. The big argument that JBotto needs four or five years loses it's reasoning when one looks at what Philly has done in a very short period of time. Hell even Ottawa seems to be heading in the right direction after giving away their 1st picks and trading away anyone who seemed any good they still are starting to win and they play with heart and determination and grit, three things sadly lacking from our beloved Sabres.
  14. totally agree...I stated in another thread that anyone who thinks that nastiness and grit is goner should have watched Boston Florida. It was fun! They actually looked like they cared and wanted to win. Don;t see that much in Sabreland these days
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