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  1. Detroit obviously played for draft position...they should have just forfeited and saved the sabres airfare to detroit. As for Skinner looking down I am sure he'll be allsmiles come July 01 when he signs a crazy contract with a winner...
  2. Gotta agree...Botteril gave away OReilly. kane and lehner for basically nothing (I am not saying we should have kept lehner but we gave a 1st round pick for him and got NOTHING in return) now it is all but assured that Skinner is gone (his agent will be droolling to get to free agency) that is ion Botterill and thorwing Phil under the bus is typical GM stuff to buy time
  3. I guess you didn't see OReagon up here? FAIL
  4. That is funny! I do however think that Phil isi being told to play Scandella, Thompson and Sobtka (or however the hell you spell it) as Botterill has to have something to show for those trades whereby we basically gave away ORielly and Kane for nothing. I was under the impression according to JBotto that they (OReilly and kane) along with Lehner were all that was wrong with this team. Now they are all stars and the Sabres??? whatever... when we lose Skinner this summer for absolutely nothing (why would he wish to stay and play for this team???) then that'll another all star gone for nothing. Not sure who is worse...Housley who is obviously not head coach material or JBotto who has given away a lot of talent for nothing...
  5. Don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out JBotto is forcing Housley to play Thompson, and Sobotka and Scandella as these are all he has to show for some pretty bad trades and he has to have something to show for basically giving OReilly away. Everyone was blaming OReilly for the losing culture within the dressing room so I wonder who we are to blame now? Kane was also traded cause he has an "attitude". Funny both seem to be doing quite fine where they are now. If we had got anything back in return for two bonafide NHL star players we'd be much better off today. You really think we can lose those two guys and get basically nothing in return and that isn;t going to hurt this team significantly? JBotto is trying desperately to get rid of Murray's guys and build his own team but gave away two very big assets in doing so for nothing, That in itself hurt this team immensely
  6. I'm as negative about this as anybody right now but I do have to admit that our defense of Risto, Montour, McCabe, Pilut, Nelson and of course Dahlin is actually extremely good and young and I think any team would like to have this "d". Up front we gave away too much in OReilly and got absolutely nothing in return and that set the team back. I do think that phil's system whatever it is exactly is leaving the very young defense out to dry so to speak and we are in need of Quenville to implement a system whereby the forwards actually help out and play a team-defense system.
  7. It's that Damn OReilly guy...oh wait we shipped him off to St Louis where he is doing everything and more...leading candidate for the Byng and even hart trophy's. Yep he was the problem clearly in the dressingroom. So do you really think or can you blame Skinner for thinking "I'm getting the hell out of here"...
  8. Botterill is on a mission to get rid of all of Timmy's players so we're showcasing Nylander to trade this summer. Dallas is almost as disappointing as the Sabres and very likely may lose here. Sabres are overdue to do something...
  9. my reaction is "who cares"...they absolutely stunk the joint out perhaps the lowest point of the year and all we talk about is the hit? I was hoping that maybe that would wake the team up but nope...and Housley has clearly been ousted by the players. PLEASE bring in Quenville sooner the better
  10. I also find it hard to believe or accept that OReilly was the reason for the "losing culture"...I think it is safe to say that culture existed long before he arrived in one of the best trades in recent memory (then we gave him away for basically nothing but whatever)... no I think it is more just Botterill clearing out any guy Murray brought in hence we see more and more them getting sent out such as Bailey, Batsite and especially Guhle who sure seemed like a good one. And we keep getting Botterill guys like Tage and Scandella playing every night
  11. so if at the end of this mess (season) Skinner takes off and signs anywhere but here and says he wanted to go to a winner will we dump on him like everyone dumped on OReilly because that is in essence exactly what he (OReilly) said. there is a losing and very concerning culture here it seems and he did not enjoy it nor wished to play on that kind of team. So I wonder; who does? I could not blame Skinner for thinking "I'm outta here"...
  12. simple...Botterill has to keep playing Tage so he something to show for the worse trade I can ever recall, giving away OReilly for basically nothing. I so agree that Nylander and others should be up but they were not drafted or sign3ed by Botterill...he is on a mission to get rid of all players Timmy brought in. Maybe he (Botterill) can swing a trade with Toronto to get that really good looking player who had 3 goals last night. I think his name is Tyler Ennis. Maybe Nylander and a 1st for Ennis? Meanwhile Joel Quenville is looking better every day...I do think there is talent here and a good coach could do much better. Babs over in TO would have this team playing much better for sure. I wonder if Skinner is not getting tired of losing now and it looks more and more like we'll lose him for nothing. That would be just about par for the course and losing Kane, OReilly then Skinner for basically nothing would in my eyes be just about enough to cost someone their job...
  13. Yep, we need a center who can play good defense, add good offense when needed and take important faceoffs and win them most of the time...oh wait we had that guy and dumped him for basically nothing. We also gave away kane for basically nothing and if JBotto cannot sign Skinner and we lose him for nothing... I find it so hard to watch right now and just knowing Quenville is out there is hard to take. I loved Housely as a player and all but as a head coach?
  14. Well said...I have said all along that JBotto is on a mission to get rid of any of Murray's players thus dumping 2 stars for basically nothing. The other guys being talked about (Compher, Zadorov, etc) are fringe 3 or 4 the liners and we already have lots of those guys. But giving away OReilly and kane for nothing are the moves that for me are inexcusable. We have that Tage guy playing only becuase they have tio have something to show for the OReilly trade and the same for Reagon or whatever his name is. Both these guys are just filler for Rochester. Murray stole OReilly and traded value-for-value in the Kane trade and people are still bashing him yet JBotto gets no grief for two of the worse trades I have ever seen only becuse they were Murray's guys and JBotto is determined to get rid of all his guys (Bailey, Baptiste, etc). Nylander should get a chance over this Tage guy but he (Nylander) will be next to go...
  15. Isn;t this kinda like Colorado too? When McDavid and his buddy Draisidal (think that is how you spell it) are on the ice, Edmonton is apparently the best team in the league (I am told stats prove this). Same in Colorado when that crazy trio is on the ice...no team better. The problem is that these team shave no other forwards or a defense to speak of. There is no doubt jack is good when he's "on" but too many nights he is off or invisible. McDavid is on every night as are the 3 in Colorado. If and when either the Oilers or Rockies score chances are good these players are involved. All those games where jack throws temper tantrums after another lose (and that is often) clearly shows when he thinks or knows he was crap and let the team down. McDavid is not frustrated like that because he knows he is doing everything he can EVERY NIGHT and he is not to blame for the Oilers loses. If Jack was driven like McDavid and produced game in and game out like Connor Jack has it in him to be quite possbily as good or close to it...
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