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  1. Agreed! Not resigning the teams top Centers was the biggest boneheaded move. Next was resigning Vanek, instead of getting multiple first round picks from Edmonton.
  2. The Sabres were the first sports team the Pegula’s bought, so they were brand new to owning and operating a sports franchise and it showed. The LaFontaine hire backfired in many ways, between LaFontaine quitting abruptly and Pat’s choice of GM [Tim Murray]. Murray gave away all the assets the Sabres were stockpiling during “the tank” as he tried to accelerate the Sabres rebuild, which left the Sabres void of talent and depth. The players that Murray overpaid for were traded away by the new Sabres GM [Botterill], so in actuality, all those years of tanking only got the Sabres three good players: Eichel, Reinhart and Dahlin. So after being at the bottom of the league for so long, I’m sure it started to impact a lot of people in the organization, but I don’t think overall the Pegula’s are bad owners, just inexperienced. With the Bills, the Pegula’s have had many of talks with Bill Polian, so Bill was able to provide a lot of mentoring to Terry and Kim. With the Sabres, they’ve had to learn as they went along.
  3. The 1992-93 team was also incredible. It’s too bad Muckler didn’t play Hasek more and let him develop instead of trading Andreychuk for Fuhr.
  4. I just hope the next GM is an experienced one and not an Assistant GM. Both Murray and Botterill were Assistant GM's before they came to Buffalo and their lack of experience was detrimental to the team.
  5. I hear ya about the cap hit, but from an organizational standpoint, having to pay Ehrhoff $879k for 14 years after he's been off the team, Hodgson $791K for eight years and Leino $1.2M for six years after both players have been off the team are just bad contracts/business decisions.
  6. You and me both! Too bad we didn't play sports on a professional level. I think Ehrhoff has been getting this settlement payment every year since 2014?
  7. Another bad one. I wonder how many of these bad contracts the Sabres still have to pay?
  8. In the words of the late Ronnie James Dio...
  9. The Sabres have to pay Ehrhoff $857k every year until 2027-28... that’s ridiculous!! Good job on that contract Darcy!
  10. Are the Sabres still paying for Ehrhoff?
  11. Jeremy White Retweeted Chad DeDominicis @CMDeDominicis 2m This is going to be close to see if they can get in another deal by 3 PM
  12. Jeremy White Retweeted Chad DeDominicis @CMDeDominicis 3m They're not done
  13. WGR 550 Retweeted Chad DeDominicis @CMDeDominicis · 1m I believe the Penguins are the team where Rodrigues is headed
  14. I wonder what the return will be for him... a bag of pucks?
  15. According to the interview with Darren Dreger on WGR550 last week, he wasn't expecting much from Botterill before the trade deadline. Dreger believes Botterill will be very busy trying to overhaul the roster in the offseason. Maybe Botterill will be busy trying to find a new job? Who knows?
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