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  1. No. It means that JBott sucks. I know that JBott sucks because he agreed to work for the Sabres. Only people who suck would ever sign with a Buffalo sports team. I know this because Buffalo. /s
  2. This is going to be the best Leafs Elmination Day ever!!
  3. This is awful!! Botterill should be hung from the town square for hiring Martin!! Oegula is next- Wait, they haven't hired Martin? They're just kicking the tires on him for now? (hangs head, puts pitchfork away.)
  4. But will he eat green eggs and ham?
  5. JJ must have gotten a raise.
  6. He's been doing stuff with a charity for people who have Down Syndrome (Best Buddies I think it's called). A couple of kids who have Down Syndrome that I used to be a camp counselor for actually got to meet him through that charity and from what I understand was awesome with them.
  7. Call me crazy, but I don't think the main objective of being a fan of any sports team is to enjoy take pride in and soak up all of the things that make you miserable about it.
  8. Would it be fair to say that he's.... GENERATIONAL??
  9. I'm not a hardcore hockey geek or draft wizard. I just like what I was able to gleam. The link from mynhldraft that you posted made several favorable comparisons to Hughes and I like the playmaker attribute that he's been thrown. I'll probably be happy with whoever they take unless it's a major reach, but this happened to be the kid I ended up liking the most after reading these threads.
  10. After skimming what blurbs have been posted, this is the guy I want. Make it happen JBOT and hockey gods.
  11. I'm guessing that apart from Hughes and Kaako, no one is expected to start the season in the majors?
  12. I'll try to focus on the positives. The streak, as temporary as it was, was a welcome breath of fresh air. Seeing them beat the Habs in overtime with my dad and uncle was also a wonderful experience. I hope the new coaching regime can make many more moments like that for years to come.
  13. As someone's who played Quantum of Solace and watched Casino Royale, I can appreciate that. But seriously, what kind of system does he run? Can he bring a winning background to the locker room (all I know is that he had the misfortune of prosiding over the Sens' recent dumpster fire)? Overall is he a good fit to get the Sabres to the next level?
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