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  1. Ho-Chi-Sock

    Jbot Do Something Already - 4 Saving the Playoffs Edition

    Who are the Sabres going to have give up for a quality 2nd line center? Teams aren't going to want Sobotka, Okposo, or Tennyson. It's going to have a future young star (Mittlestadt, Nylander) or a solid veteran without much of a cap hit (McCabe, Reinhart). Also keep in mind that we don't have a surplus of draft picks next year after the 1st round thanks to the Skinner and Wilson trades. Unfortunately, the move to pick up veteran secondary scoring at the deadline will probabl weaken the team in others. I don't like it either, and I hate this expression with a passion, but it is what it is. Unless we get lucky again and a team is willing to part with a solid center for pennies on the dollar, this is what our team is going to be for the season. In the meanwhile, praying for Mittlestadt to develop.
  2. So here's a hypothetical: If Berglund's agent HAD submitted his NTC in time, would the ROR trade still happen? If so, what pieces would be different? Does Tage come over? Does the lottery exempt on the 1st still happen?
  3. Did Marty make his shirt out of a Chefs tablecloth?
  4. Ho-Chi-Sock

    Buffalo Bills 2018-2019

    Steve Beuerlein. I actually don't mind him so much, but this PBP gal is bush-league at best.
  5. Ho-Chi-Sock

    Merry Christmas!

    But first he musn't forget to drink his Ovaltine.
  6. Ho-Chi-Sock

    GDT - Ducks @ Sabres - December 22, 2018 - 7:00 PM - MSG-B; FS-W

    That or he finally applied Rayzor's gift for him.
  7. Ho-Chi-Sock

    RJ leaves Sabres broadcast unannounced

    Harrington confirms RJ was taken out on stretcher, complained of feeling lightheaded: https://buffalonews.com/2018/12/22/rick-jeanneret-taken-from-arena-during-sabres-broadcast/
  8. Per unconfirmed sources, was taken out on a gurney (sitting upright). Updates will follow.
  9. Ho-Chi-Sock

    GDT - Ducks @ Sabres - December 22, 2018 - 7:00 PM - MSG-B; FS-W

    That or they've somehow been able to tune out any distractions and focus on the game.
  10. Ho-Chi-Sock

    Guhle recalled, Pilut to IR

    Guhle back to ROC
  11. Ho-Chi-Sock

    GDT.... Sabres vs B.Bruins 5pm ET Dec.16, 2018

    We get it....your smrt.
  12. Ho-Chi-Sock

    Berglund suspended, failure to report

    OK, let's put it like this. Berglund didn't throw an INT in a championship game against the Giants.
  13. Ho-Chi-Sock

    Berglund suspended, failure to report

    I'm reading he was pulling a Brett Favre on some Blues fans online. This is also per an unofficial Blues podcast. Again, these are RUMORS.