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  1. No wonder ROR is so revere by some of you. Cripes...
  2. The Toldyasos and Woesaremes are still enjoying their victory parade over ROR's Cup win. They'll be a minute. I'm good with this.
  3. Krueger hired. Skinner resigned. Long way to go, but things are already looking up.
  4. Did they sign him yet? EDIT: How about now?
  5. Is he there yet? By there, I mean, signed .
  6. Did they sign Skinner yet? How about now?
  7. That's how the board played out. I wasn't going to ask questions.
  8. FanSpeak's OnTheClock for the NHL is live: https://fanspeak.com/nhlotc/?utm_source=OTC&utm_campaign=OtherTools EDIT: Here's mine for dissection: 7: R1P7 C ALEX TURCOTTE U.S. U-18 30: R1P30 C PEYTON KREBS KOOTENAY 67: R3P5 RW GRANT SILIANOFF CEDAR RAPIDS 98: R4P5 D WILLIAM CONSTANTINOU KINGSTON 160: R6P5 G ROMAN BASRAN KELOWNA 175: R6P20 D RYAN SIEDEM CENTRAL ILLINOIS 177: R6P22 LW ALEXEI TSYPLAKOV SKA 191: R7P5 C GARRETT PINONIEMI HOLY FAMILY CATHOLIC
  9. That was my backup plan. Perhaps he can intern.
  10. Associate Coach: Guy Boucher Assistant Coaches: Steve Smith, -+ ??? (At least two more) Goaltending: Marty Biron
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