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  1. I’m in the 300s surrounded by leafs fans. There was enough salt to butter my popcorn the last couple of periods.
  2. JBot should be fired immediatley for not getting rid of Sobotka by now. Absolutely disgusting.
  3. Anyone in BUF watching on Fubo? I'm getting thet Devils game.
  4. Calling a penalty for a guy who's laying injured on the field seems like adding salt to the wound...no?
  5. I was at the MON game during the streak last year. That was nothing compared to what I've seen so far. This is beastly.
  6. I don't like piling on or drudging up old memories, but I never the saw this kind of emotion or tempo from the fans or the players under Housley. Hell, I saw more of it from the Bylsma teams than the Housley era.
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