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  1. Yes and Yes. I've been wanting to get a Dahlin sweater and was hoping to do so with the 50th. I find it pleasing.
  2. McDavid to the Sabres for Sobotka, a 3rd in 2028, and the rights to Ron Guidry. happy?
  3. Good to know that I don't need to bother watching any games this year since the Nostradumasses here already know that Sobotka is going to be on the first line and JBot's giving Mitts the captaincy or whatever
  4. Drew Magery's writing is about as enjoyable as a shotgun blast to the face IMO
  5. I wanted to update the thread title after the signing but wasn't able to from the Editing menu.
  6. https://buffalonews.com/2019/07/21/buffalo-sabres-evan-rodrigues/ (Apologies if covered elsewhere)
  7. Let's make a few things clear: Tim Murray, in retrospect, was awful at his job. Yes I bought into the hype too. I'm as guility as anyone else. But there's a reason he hasn't even come up in rumors for GM openings (Bylsma got some murmurings for HC jobs this year, just as a reference) Reinhart's a very good player. Probably not the 2nd best from that draft as @GASabresIUFAN mentioned, but I certainly don't mind having him on my team. He drafted Jack Eichel. Yay. Good for him. He didn't accidentally say "Dylan Strome" at the podium. (Yes same credit for JBot with Dahlin.) When Lehner wrote his tell-all about his rock bottom and recovery, he only had good things to say about JBot and his role in helping him move forward. No mention of the guy who scouted him for OTT and brought him here. He overpaid in trades. While I consider the trade with WPG to a small wash in WPG's favor, did he really need to thrown in a 1st AND Armia for Kane and Bogo? Compared to JBOT who just needed 2nd/3rd/6th rounders in different drafts and a prospect with a funny name to get Skinner. Had Murray made that trade, I imagine Buffalo would have given up (I exaggerate some parts, but you get the idea): Sam Reinhart 1st rounder (not lotto protected) Evan Rodrigues UPL Devante Stephens a 3rd rounder in 2030 Sabretooth's urine sample the Rights to Ron Guidry And here's the one I'll go down with the ship for: Ryan O'Reilly. The GOAT-head. Mr. Sabre. He got lucky this year. He got paired with other players who could carry the load for him and a coaching change. He's not a franchise player. He's a very good player who wins faceoffs and score points, but he's not someone to build the team around or be a veteran safety net. That's what was expected when Murray traded for him. O'Reilly failed miserably in those regards. No I don't like the return of Berglund or Sobotka, but anyone who thinks ROR would have been the difference maker this year is delusional. In fact, I'm willing to bet they would have done even worse this year with Captain Eeyore in the room. For all of the pain and suffering this team went through this year, you didn't hear rumblings of locker room tension and disfunction that you did when ROR and Lehner were in town. Coincidence? I think not. (This is the actor Ho-Chi-Sock who plays Ho-Chi-Sock on SabreSpace speaking): While I can understand some of the trepidation with JBott, I support him. I think he has the right idea when it comes to roster building. I like most of his moves and can see he has a very results-oriented mindset and willing to take responsibility for any miscues. He just has the misfortune of working for a team with a very impatient and passioniate fanbase. GMTM and his outspokenness: He's like the "cool boss" you have in your 20s. The one who lets you wear beer shirts to work and has a fooseball table in the office. It seems all well good at first, and then you think twice about his comments about your female clients, and notice that the company keeps losing money and your paycheck has taken a hit as a result. Then you realize "Hey this guy's not very good at his job." That's how I am with Murray. Maybe he'll get a 2nd chance but I'm not holding my breath.
  8. TBF, I don't think JBott should have been fired for this trade. Just forced to resign and do a tearful apology in the KeyBank center while wearing clown makeup.
  9. Browsing the Blackhawks' subreddit. The fans...are....um......unhappy.
  10. I ***THINK*** the Hunwick conditions expired at the draft.
  11. The way things are going Bogo and Hunwick are going to be 2nd liners in CIN.
  12. The tweets I'm reading from people who can formulate basic sentences instead of GIFS and memes seem to think JBott fleeced CHI here.
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