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  1. Arizona would be taking in more $$ than sending out, not happening
  2. Anybody know when Empedded episode 2 is debuting?
  3. Yep - more realistic- kuemper for Mittelstadt and a 3rd Sabres trade Miller elsewhere for a 3rd
  4. Kuemper is worth a ton more than Montour - look at his last couple years - top 10 goalie. My #1 trade target. Sabres get Kuemper, Sabres make the playoffs ++. Arizona is up against the cap too Reinhart, mittlestadt, Hutton, Miller, 2022 1st for kuemper, hanifan, schmaltz, kessel would have to unload another contract to make cap work for us
  5. Ek is a joke but the Sabres thread has a lot of knowledgeable people on it and sometimes insiders. Sunday they were speculating on Hall signing with Buffalo hours before anybody else
  6. 1. Try to avoid arbitration, by signing the three, given the depressed market 2. Trade a RHD, probably Miller given Ralph's lack of using him last year 3. Trade for Kuemper will money saved by #2 4. Season with playoffs and surprise deep playoff run 5. Resign Hall at Staal
  7. Mittlestadt might get you him?? Maybe a pick also?
  8. I absolutely would sign Chara for 1/$2m if he would sign here as for goalies, you trade for Darcy Kuemper. Top 10 goalie and Ari at 83.5m isn’t only above the cap, they’re significantly above their self-imposed cap of $70m or so. kuempers cap hit is $4.5
  9. Mittelstadt for Kuemper bring Pilut back to be #2 LHD ( he has an out clause on his KHL contract Trade Miller for a 3rd and Hutton for a 7th goalie situation solved, d solved, cap fine, playoff team
  10. good for buffalo but makes no sense for LV as cap implications are the same
  11. Vancouver is now in cal hell and will have to sell off. At 79.5m with 3 prominent RFAs
  12. Yep but we'd have to dispose of hutton somehow? Miller, Mitts and Hutton for Kuemper and Kessel or Schmaltz Arizona has a mandate to trim $15m and this trade would trim 3.5 if kessel is included and 2.5 if schmaltz is
  13. No room for Toffoli unless you move reinhart for a LHD or a goalie
  14. I like it though I think they intend on giving Tage an everyday role
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