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  2. Got caught years ago driving without my license, way back when you had 24 hours to produce it at a cop shop. I was 18 and that is only part of the story, but the only part I'm going to tell. Got caught for speeding once. It was all a frame and a trap. I was mortified. That's it, unless you count smuggling way too much booze at a derelict and non-descript border crossing in rural Quebec that is used for just such a purpose. They were not the regular cops, though.
  3. I rarely get pulled over. I got tagged for speeding a few times when I was younger but it's been a while. And the one time was because my speedometer was broken and I should have known better lol The one that pissed me off was back in grad school. I was coming home with some chinese takeout so I could work on homework and I rolled a stop sign in our little residential neighborhood. It just so happened to be Halloween, and it just so happened that some hero-cop State Trooper who used to live in the neighborhood had gotten permission to park his squad car behind a some bushes on a resident's lawn near the stop sign so he could write people tickets all night. Real solid use of a STATE TROOPER's time, right? I made sure to ask him when he would be back, since he cared about the neighborhood so much. He didn't like that. But I never saw him again because obviously he didn't care that much. Jabroni.
  4. I was an ASE certified mechanic for 15 years. GM & Chrysler shops. Got sick of flat rate shop favoritism. Worked at Napa for 10 years and trained in HVAC. Became an industrial mechanic since. Getting older I don't do any work on my vehicles outside bulbs and wipers. Just ain't worth the pain crawling, stopping and kneeling. Stay away from chain shops. Find someone close that specializes in your type of car. I was lucky. We have Toyota's and there's a ex Toyota guy in the next town.
  5. Talked your way out of a ticket? Got a ticket for some bull####? Cop cut you a break? I'm sorry officer, I didn't know I couldn't do that...tell it here. Working nights in CNY years ago, I'd get pulled over at least 6 or 7 times a year by Oneida Country sheriff's when I was leaving work at 2 am. Just looking to give me that DWI. Got popped once for driving with my music too loud. Who knew noise ordinances were a thing? Rolled a stop sign leaving the bar with an expired registration and inspection. Oops! Good thing I was stone sober. Cop let me go. Pulled me over 3 weeks later to see if I got my registration and inspection (I did). And I've got about 100 more. Sometimes you win, most of the time I lost. I'm curious what I've paid in traffic fines over my 18 years behind the wheel. Not to mention what I've had to pay the DMV in NY just to keep my license with all the points I put on it.
  6. Those were my thoughts exactly! And I get frustrated when things don't fit. Metal you can force, plastic tends to break. Then I'd lose my *****, start yelling at my car, yelling at myself, and her and I don't need that.
  7. Taking out the glove box is a breeze. Putting it back in can be frustrating.
  8. I replace my air filters when the air compressor won't successfully clean them anymore. Never done the cabin one though. Seems like a hassle to take out the glove box to get to it.
  9. I recharged my AC recently and was pretty damned proud of myself. My greatest car "repair" feat to date, edging out air and cabin filter replacements.
  10. I have one but it's really not worth it. You can't really do anything with it. I have an Actron that's far more useful.
  11. Anybody have the FIXD plugin sensor? (www.fixdapp.com) If so, does it work and is it worth the money?
  12. New brakes all the way around, new plugs, 3 new tire pressure sensors and an inspection later and I'm poor again. I draw the line at air filters. I can change them myself.
  13. Yeah, the dealership might be expensive, but you're going to have a hard time getting your car worked on at smaller places going forward. Too much proprietary stuff going on with cars now. I firmly believe that the over-contenting of cars is a deliberate attempt by the OEMs to handcuff owners to the dealerships and therefore generate profit from service rather than sales. It's always kinda been this way anyway, but I think many dealers view service as the only way to make money now, and the OEMs are going along with it. I think that, at some point down the road, you're only going to be allowed to take your car to an OEM certified tech. So what you'll see is the small private shops becoming subsidiaries of the OEMs or local dealers and they'll only service one or two brands.
  14. "I would never take my car to a dealership. And I would never take my car to a single place you just named. Dealership will do the job right because the techs are well qualified, but they are gonna ***** you severely on price and bull ***** repairs. Chain shops generally have the dumbest techs alive." - Direct quote from a BMW tech.
  15. I'm not going to attempt to do my own work. What is the best nationwide service center that does quality work without being a rip off shop? Midas, Meineke, Firestone. Pep Boys, Goodyear, Sears? I saw a documentary on dealerships that pretty much said that after the warranty expires, you're better off going to a local shop. Some service managers said they were paid on commission as high as 70% which incentivizes unwarranted repairs.
  16. Yeah, ***** that! Anyway, I had a heat shield rattling underneath today. Screwed that back in nice and tight. So I'm a raging ball of testosterone right now.
  17. Yep. One wheel was stuck and in trying to get it off, I smashed my hand really bad (pure stupidity on my part.) I like my fingers way better when they are playing bass, not when they are bleeding on lug nuts. Plus, it's 186 degrees out.
  18. After this morning, I may be reconsidering this opinion.
  19. The only thing hotter than Agent 86's smokin' red 1965 Sunbeam Tiger in the original Get Smart TV show was the more smokin' hotter Agent 99.
  20. 1987 Mustang. Black, 5 speed. I loved it. My girlfriend at the time hated it. Not too long after that she still hated it, but accepted my bended knee proposal anyway. I had it for 10 years until it just went to Mustang heaven with very short notice.
  21. Too bad the Buffalo one shut down 😥
  22. 67 Camaro convertible. Puttin’ the top down in the winter. Frame broke, never did get the doors shut afterward. Sold for 2k. Got a ‘68
  23. 93 Toyota Supra twin turbo. White. Stick. Fast. Wound up flying around in her (Vikki) for 2 years until I rolled her twice then cartwheeled into a tree. I didn't get a scratch on me and my laptop on the passenger seat survived too but all was not for the best. I broke a pair of Oakley's that day. And Vikki, well let's just say that Vikki was laid to rest.
  24. 74 Chevy Camaro. Canary yellow. Black interior. 5 spoke factory mag wheels and Dunlop raised white letter 60 series tires. I beat the hell out of that poor car. Paid $1000 for it. After driving it hard for 2.5yrs it was rear ended while I was sitting at a red light. Busted the frame on both sides. Long story but the guy that hit me wouldn’t fill out an accident report and I had to file a complaint with NY DMV. While the wheels of justice slowly turned I parted the car out and scrapped what was left. Got about my $1000 back. 6 months later I finally got an $800 insurance check from the guy who hit me.

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