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  1. A family down the road from me growing up had 13 kids. Every single one of them was voted prom king/queen their respective year. Interesting crew. Anyway... I clearly remember their giant 90s turquoise/violet splash decaled GMC Safari van, packed to the gills with kids.
  2. I used to say if I ever decided to have kids, I'd want twins to just get it out of the way with one 9 month span of hell. Well, after like 75% of my friends who've had kids have had twins... I take it back. Yeah, I have to assume there's something in the water. aka fertility treatments. But I know plenty of people who never did treatments/visits and still popped out twins... Quadruplets... jesus christ. I knew a couple back home who had triplets, then got pregnant with quints. Just... my god, I can't imagine being a living clown car. That's got to be hard.
  3. Hey now, I resemble that remark Have you seen Skinner's legs lately?
  4. Only thing I can think that's close is the Assyrian Lamassu:
  5. Feathers. You know, the wings on the buffalo.
  6. He meant it as a compliment I believe ❤️
  7. As my friend said today... that's america's butt
  8. I turn 30 next month and have never had avocado toast in my life, nor do I get a drink from Starbucks everyday. Thus, according to the times, I may one day afford a house. -- -- -- August doldrums. I painted traditionally for the first time in over four years this weekend. It was... overdue. I was thrilled with how easily it came back to me. Dark and I holed up in the garage, tunes blasting Saturday night and both painted and it was the happiest I've felt in a while. I plan to be very selfish about it. I've spread myself far too thin over the years here, and I will not turn one of my rare joys into yet another side hustle. Acrylic painting is for me and me only haha
  9. I grew up in Red Wings land and boy howdy I tell ya, every morning you'd have to get up an hour early just to go out and shoo the damned winged wheels away from the bird feeder. Always taking the best seed and scaring off the good bird. Rascals.
  10. While you're not wrong about people overreacting to it, I take offense to shoehorning diversity in. As someone who fully supports diversity, I find purposefully/loudly including it to be more harmful than good- it actually enhances the "otherness" rather than giving valuable context (it also feeds the trolls but who cares what those ***** think). Take the whole "Nagini is a trapped asian woman" thing... not necessary. Genuinely rather creepy, from an exotification standpoint. Some of her statements I'm fully on board with. Dumbledore being gay, sure- it makes a ton of sense- it's alluded to in the originals. But then she keeps it out of the newer films. You can't stand up and say that, as the creator, and then not follow through. That's where I believe a lot of the fan's displeasure comes from. For someone who claims to be so fully in tune with the open minded ideology, she doesn't back it up. Casting and standing by Johnny Depp, who at the time of casting and arguably now, was a controversial/problematic figure during the metoo movement, goes against many of her other claims. I have no issue again, with stuff like "oh Malfoy is actually a werewolf" because cool, I like those little "behind the scenes" nuggets you're dropping later on to further enrich the tapestry you've woven- nuggets that you can see pretty plainly in the text if you look. But a lot of it doesn't feel planned, it feels like forced relevance (when it doesn't need to be forced at all!). I take no issue with people of color playing the main trio either (Many adaptations have Hermione black and Harry as ethnically Indian), that's super cool. I do think people misunderstood her condoning this for plays/art/etc. as "rewriting"- which is where some of the misplaced anger lies. That's on the fans. Do your thing (in before black ariel rage). The world exists- some people are gonna love the new headcanon stuff, some are gonna stick to the original work as it was written. Again, I'm all for seeing diversity (lots of creatives I follow are craving more "regularly" female characters, we've gotten the extreme badass heroes now which is amazing but... can we also be something besides a trope/a genuine character?), but I also believe if Rowling truly feels this way about many of these issues (which I hope she does, and is not simply going with the "woke trend" some have accused her of), she can use her talents to write new stories, additions, sequels, to further enrich and verify her world moving forward. Have those characters tell these stories, not just her on twitter and then not actually doing anything with it. I don't want you to think I'm over here rolling my eyes at diversity - rather I'm rolling my eyes at poorly implemented diversity - afterthought diversity for somewhat inexplicable reasons which seem more for publicity/novelty rather than deeply held belief of actual equality, which cheapen the whole idea of it. well that turned into a book- sorry man- but it touches on a couple things that have kinda been floating around the zeitgeist for a couple years here. She's not as bad as Lucas- but then I feel my opinions on Star Wars and what's happened with it recently are kinda unpopular.
  11. Typecast, easy money. I don't remember the publication, but there was one fairly recently about how he really has no money, and it really painted him as a bit of a *****. Dark and I were watching Living and Loathing in Las Vegas the other day and while he's still wacky in that flick, I miss that Depp. Loved him growing up, Don Juan diMarco, Benny & Joon, Crybaby... I think that whole Alice in Wonderland bs was really the end for me. God I hated that take on the mad hatter. Wow, super glad I didn't waste my hours on earth on it then hahaha
  12. Cursed Child or something? Didn't read it. Also didn't see the 2nd Fantastic Beasts movie. I read a synopsis, saw what they did to a kind, adorable character (alison sudol's role) and said NOPE nope nope. Also didn't think I could stomach more wACkY johnny depp. I also ignore Rowling's stupid "elucidating" commentary on the world and leave the universe where I loved it as a kid, and enjoying the first Fantastic Beasts movie.
  13. Nice. My friend didn't end up going and I'm not a fan of either really so I skipped that one. i gotta say though, the concert on Friday with Alice in Chains and Korn was seriously a good time. I was really surprised/impressed. Korn has a couple new songs that are actually pretty heavy, which was fun. The wolves howled. My shorts didn't disintegrate. I was handed too many beers. I got to be with my best friend and watch her husband dance like an idiot. All in all a great time. I'm looking forward to Knotfest. Just wish it wasn't a Sunday night. Monday's gonna hurt... getting bathed in vape/cigarette smoke for hours never leaves my head feeling good.
  14. I have cut the sleeves off. It is more magical now. My best friend had that work for her for awhile. That's a no go for me unfortunately- I react very poorly to psychedelics. I also have a heart condition (metal in my heart essentially keeping me alive) that I have to contend with- even low key "common" stuff like cannabis and mild alcohol can cause me problems-doc's orders are to steer clear of anything that a doc is not tightly involved in. But yeah, I have another friend who swears mushrooms have helped her more than anything else so far. I've found a route that seems to be doing the trick. Very low dose- I'm not on much. I've been very open about it all on social media because I strongly believe the stigma attached to mental health is super dangerous. As one of my fav podcast hosts says frequently: "Your mental health is not your fault, but it is your responsibility".
  15. I aspire to that. Glad to hear you're living the dream.
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