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  1. I'm still "mad" at dark for letting me try on brand new $999 skates at his job at Pure Hockey. They were so light. Like wearing nothing at all... nothing at all.
  2. Your shaming worked. Dark put the game on while he cleans.
  3. Y'know, I'm not honestly sure I can differentiate between replica/bootleg. There was a noticeable difference in quality on some of the jerseys (and there were a ton, because Tuch is from around here and an army of folks supporting him were present). Now whether those were cheapo bootlegs or simple not the super duper official version, I couldn't tell ya. But I could tell which ones cost big moneys, and which ones most likely didn't as they were visually inferior based off the gold fabric alone. Maybe that won't be the case with the Sabres 50th. But the gold strikes me as a finnicky special fabric that's difficult to imitate.
  4. When we saw Vegas play the Sabres, I remember seeing a ton of the VGK jerseys in person. The gold striping was really easy to use as a tell between authentic and knockoff. The authentic gold has a rather smooth/luminous look to it, while the knockoff looks crunchier/didn't lay as well- like a roll of ribbon you'd get at Michaels for your fall crafts. Dark and I both remarked that we were surprised to find that we actually rather liked it- but I'm also a huge fan of black and gold together. White and gold, maybe not so much, but Eric Bodamer's work on that detailing of the bison's withers on the crest tied it all together/sold me. It's a good detail- the smart move is as you said- they used it as a minor feature- an accent. Gilding the silver linings of the last decade of Buffalo hell hockey...
  5. sUPerStiTIon Is dUmB call it what you want, you superstitious so-and-so but yeah the first NHL game i ever went to live was sabres v florida and it sucked I'll probably be working tonight since I had to take time off yesterday thanks to a busted neck/over-exhaustion wheee
  6. I'm sorry, man. And yeah, I'm sorry to everyone who is dealing with the c word right now- I hope my aggravated posting doesn't come across as insensitive to you. As I said in my first post- it saved my sister's life and others close to me. I'm just in awe and horror of whatever ineptitude took place in this situation. And scared.
  7. Yeah I didn't want to get into that angle on this board, even though it is a big part of how I feel about it. Typed it out a few times, deleted it. Been through enough of it myself to know the bias is real, but if you haven't experienced it I doubt it sounds believable and we're all borderline hysterical bored housewives getting all hyped up off each other's misfortune. I don't know man, 6 separate women in the Rochester area who met in chemo and all found out they actually weren't ill with cancer is a pretty scary high number. I guess if that's normal that's... really disturbing. Their stories all had differences of course but the overlying reality was the same- they were diagnosed, sent straight to chemo, and only found out the results were not that serious much later. My friend's is by far the most egregious example of this, but god.. that's just so wrong. sorry for snapping, i'm just angry. I guess they're just busy. Human bodies are weird.
  8. Chemo is horrific. I've always had nothing but hope and respect for oncology- it saved my sister's life, and that of many others I know and hopefully all others to come. However, on her post on social media, a startling number of women came forward with similar stories. I say women because ovarian cancer seems to have more of a "is it isn't it" difficulty in diagnosis. There appears to be a "salt the earth and ask questions later" approach to this particular family of illness- I get it, it can metastasize quickly and be fatal, and it has a very high reoccurrence rate. But when half a dozen women share their experiences of "I went through x rounds of chemo and surgery when it turns out I really didn't have to" you have to wonder. Ovarian is one of the more terrifying cancers in my opinion- and I know it's greatly affected many people in this community. To add this to that diagnosis is just... what do you even do? What if you can't afford a second opinion? Hell, she couldn't really afford treatment as it was (yet another gofundme we're all helping with). I really want to believe the best, that it was an honest but horrible mistake, a series of failures not unlike the highly unlikely sequence of events that leads to a plane crash, but my god it's confidence shattering. You can't help but question/be cynical. She's a hell of a fighter- she'll go to war over this with a lawyer whose armor she trusts.
  9. I got the most infuriating good news yesterday. A friend of mine was diagnosed with stage 4 of a rare form of ovarian cancer around early Spring this year. It had been 9 years since she'd been to a gyno, and ovarian cancer is "the whisper killer" since it's hard to detect, and she went through utter hell. 6 months of chemo. All the hell associated- her children, loved ones- all preparing for what we assumed was the inevitable. She finished chemo October 2nd, and 2 days later had an appointment with the leading specialist in this type of cancer in the US/world in Houston. He sits her down and calmly explains that... U of R had misread her biopsies. Multiple times. She never actually had cancer. She had benign growths. They can become cancerous- she will be seeing this doctor every 6 months to ensure they're not becoming serous- but they never were. At no point did she actually need to go through the chemo. The fear. The absolute utter hell that has torn her world apart. I just have no words. Second opinions. I guess I'll never let my anxiety get in the way of asking for one.
  10. Honestly... this is exactly the kind of stuff dark and I talked about on our first dates. He had specific interests about things I knew nothing about, I like design and find implementation processes fascinating... guess there's a reason it's been 8.5 years and we've survived my Red Wings love and his need to put the heart attack inducing life sized Bruce Smith poster up at the top of the stairs
  11. I only have one women's cut and it's a Datsyuk jersey... Need a Sabres one haha
  12. I'm afraid to watch last year, when I didn't watch games, we often won. I haven't been able to watch either game so far this year (ok, so dark and I were streaming it between acts at a concert but I wasn't truly watching all the way through) I don't wanna jinx it oh god I'm so superstitious I can't paint anyone either- I'm kryptonite for whoever I paint 😞
  13. Do any of y'all have a lady in your life who has one? The bell shaped comment above gives me a moment's pause. (not much, i really don't care _that_ much) I'm totally in for a unisex cut, I have several, but I admit I do prefer when a women's cut is offered. I'm not boxy, I like something that I'm not swimming in- the alternative is a youth large that just doesn't work well with hips and chest.
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