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  1. josie

    F'N...tastic Fridays....

    Beauts play for the Isobel Cup this weekend. Good Buffalo hockey. It does exist.
  2. josie

    The even randomer thread

    No just anxious a.f. P!ssing people off on the internet has only led to awful stuff for me. Bit of stalking, bit of rape/death threats... don't hurt others and they won't hurt you... hopefully. I'm so sorry NS. -- I woke up to a text this morning informing me my cousin is heavily active in a white supremacist group. We're doing what we can about it but there's only so much you can do when someone's full of hate, rage, trauma, and encouraged by xenophobia. For those who've read my ramblings before, his father is the uncle I've talked about here (the bootstraps guy). I'm just so done with this world. I'll have answers and understanding and balanced ***** to say later but right now, I'm furious. Just furious. My own ***** flesh and blood. I should log off again. I'm in a vile mood and just might argue with people on said internets.
  3. josie

    E. Kane's Wife has miscarriage

    My mother lost 13 of them and my sister's twin (sis was about 4 months premie). It really really damages the psyche and is a big reason I'm afraid to ever try to have kids- most women in my family have had trouble with it and due to a lot of medical issues it looks like I'll likely face it too. Everyone else in here who can relate- I'm sorry for your loss. I believe after 20 weeks it's called a stillbirth rather than a miscarriage. Vocab aside, absolutely awful. Feel for them both. I hope they have the help they need to get through this.
  4. josie

    The even randomer thread

    Jake McCabe. No, just wants to tell me about it I think. I haven't read the messages. Maybe they want to collab or whatever. Blerk.
  5. josie

    The even randomer thread

    I have a person who found me on twitter DMing me about their Sabres fanfiction and their obsession with one player in particular (not one of the main dudes). I'm afraid to look at the cascades of messages flowing in. And they're the sort of person who doesn't mean harm, so blocking would be cruel. Some parts of the fandom clearly haven't died, boys, have faith!
  6. josie

    The Home-ownership Thread

    Awesome. I got all excited cuz I'm a ship nerd *closes marinetraffic tab* Someday I hope to have some property and weather stuff. My minimal freetime is often spent reading whatever meteorological data I can get on noaa and then matching up the patterns to shipping routes/flight paths. So yup- thought that looked interesting. Sounds like a neat project within more projects!
  7. josie

    The Home-ownership Thread

    Is that a lake freighter shaped anemometer on the left there?
  8. josie

    The Music Thread

    Helluva day for celebs. Ted Lindsay passed, Luke Perry passed moments ago, and Keith Flint took his own life. I've been a huge Prodigy fan my whole life. The band just put out a song entitled "We Live Forever" all of 3 days ago... ***** sad.
  9. Hey now. I’m very sensitive about knocking on 30’s door haha
  10. Whatever they inject in broken racehorses prior to a big purse is absolutely running in Skinners veins right now
  11. Dark almost got kicked out for saying the F word oh my
  12. Yeah. As someone who spiral fractured that area thanks to hockey- the tendons are usually messed up too. I still can’t do back crossovers on one side thanks to that. But I also don’t have good drugs and good surgery and good PT to work it back into playing shape. Who knows. Not good any way you slice it.
  13. That ankle spun right round baby tendons at best spiral fractures at worst