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  1. josie


    In my nerd reading over the years the 1917 flu pandemic killed young able bodied people at a higher rate than the usual old/young demographic because of cytokine storm. Overdrive. A month or two ago I was telling a friend over lunch all about it because the name is so cool sounding (we had a weekly "let's get lunch and talk about what weird gross medical thing we read about" deal going). Sounds like some X-Men character. I really hope that warmer weather, ventilation, and open windows can help. Nothing worse than people crowded together in closed places for this sort of thing. Again, with 1917, some native american communities fared better than others as they would take a sick person, quarantine them in their own tent, leave the flaps open and continually keep incense or other herbs burning nearby (as per belief). The ventilation and proximity distance led to recovery, and less spread than the overcrowded hospitals in "civilization". But that illness was lightning fast. This one is so insidious because it's so slow to incubate.
  2. josie


    Yep. That's the end of my aerial studio. Financially we won't survive this. Just one of many business casualties. But if it saves lives, worth it. But if your gym or favorite place has memberships or merch or anything, consider tossing some bucks their way, or vocal support. A local outcry of love might make the difference to an owner's livelihood.
  3. josie


    My mother always said the worst curse to put upon someone was "may you live in interesting times". My good friend is a nurse at ECMC. 2 unconfirmed cases in the ER in quarantine as of last night and a family that just returned from France. Just be patient, kind, and careful. Be extra nice to the people working the checkout registers, etc. There's no win. We either take precautions and the outcome isn't as horrifying as potentially expected and everyone crows that it was no big deal/overblown, or we don't take precautions, ***** hits the fan, and we're all standing there with our proverbial sausage in our hands going "why didn't someone do something?" I personally don't care to find out how well I handle bilateral pneumonia, nor do I care to see how my ailing 73 year old father takes to it when a simple cold almost knocked him out this month. But if people wanna doomsday prep, well, whatever. No sense in getting nasty when this is out of everyone's control. We're all learning how to handle this unprecedented situation.
  4. It's Bell Let's Talk Day. About a year ago, I was low. Bad. Anxious. Sick. Suicidal. Horrible to be around. Also about a year ago I finally got the guts to go to therapy. A couple months later I got on anti-anxiety medication. Reader, for the first time in 20 years, I'm not suicidal. I'm actually pretty happy. That doesn't mean my life is perfect- there's storms coming still, big waves tossing me around, stress in levels I've never felt- but I can handle it for the first time in my life. My coping skills are much stronger. If you're on the fence, let this be the sign to reach out. Reach out to me if you like. I'll listen. If it's a money thing, reach out to me, I'll kick some bucks your way if your insurance is sh!t and you can't afford to see someone. I want that for you. Mental health is not your fault, but it IS your responsibility. Your physical health hinges more on your mental health than you know.
  5. I've added more workouts with friends to my hectic life- it's really helping keeping me sane. I've got two aerial girls who have become two of my closest friends. It's really great. I also have abs. Like, real ones. It's so weird and cool. Like... I actually love the mirror for the first time in my life. Abs, weird colored hair, a few tattoos- sad it took me to 30 to figure it out. Only problem is, stress + achieving body goals you've always had = walking that line with being insane a teeeeeeeny bit more than usual. It's dangerously tempting to go "man i'm this close, bet if I cut x food i'd REALLY get y"... and that is NOT how it works. That's how you get too weak to keep up and the whole thing derails when you get sick or injured... But my skills on hoop and trapeze/my strength have come a long way, I'm learning cyr wheel, and I'm toying with the idea of trying wrestling in a few months. I feel capable. It's really cool.
  6. Well I'll be looking for eight when they pull that gateAnd I hope that judge ain't blindAmarillo by morning, Amarillo's on my mind
  7. I loved it. I could've spent hours reading each tag on the wall of skulls. Dozens of skulls, each with a name, age (if available) and cause of death. Learned about the Scopzi that way... wiki at your own risk. For me the most affecting things were: - slices of brains with gangliogliomas and other cancerous tissues. There's lots of death in there obviously, limbs, pieces, skeletons, fetuses, but that was the part that made me feel like I was most directly facing Death itself. - there are lots of fetuses in varying stages of deformity/growth. none of that bothers me (if anything it just solidified further my decision to never have kids). But there was one conjoined twin stillbirth in a jar that was, well, forgive me, but, lifelike. The others are essentially tissue, clearly discolored, human but recognizably "medical specimens". These two were so perfectly preserved that it felt like they were going to open their eyes. Their pose was so living. It was truly eerie. I also got to see a heart with a hole in it- just like me. Lots of cool stuff. I think you'd really enjoy it. It's very respectful, very clinical, very classic. It is not a big museum. It took me a few hours because I read every little thing, and I would've spent more time but it was rather crowded (saturday). It's fully my wheelhouse, probably my number one interest. But we've had convos looking at destroyed severed limbs from ER over wings at Gabe's Gate before so I think you'd love it too.
  8. Spent the weekend in Philly with my best friend. The main purpose was to go to the Mütter Museum. Loved it. Loved it so much. A great time with good food, good drink, good wandering, good nerding out, and laughing till my abs hurt. Also, Gritty everywhere. Amazing.
  9. Every thread is full of boobs, who are we kidding here
  10. ....... paint... wild... berry.... bouncing sweater puppies. The schnozberries taste like schnozberries?
  11. One of my best friends did the Ironman Canada in Vancouver a few years ago and was a borderline pro triathlete for awhile. He's nuts- one of those All or Nothing people. My other good friend does tri training and he's a much more... normal/average build person. I can bug either for info if you want. Both got reallllllllllly disciplined and into it (scheduling food, scheduling everything) when they were in the final run up. I probably have the email from the pro triathlete to my friend about what to eat/do the day before and day of- can dig it up.
  13. My friends who know little of Star Wars said it was fun but with horrible pacing/plot holes, but overall enjoyable. My friends who enjoy SW but share my hatred of TLJ said it was... 5/10. But they all said the best part was being in a theatre full of die hard Star Wars fans who were beyond angry and hating every minute of it...
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