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  1. In just a hair? Weren't you cold? Didn't people stare?
  2. Wow, it has been awhile. So... that bachelorette party was actually incredibly relaxing. With the exception of me and one other, everyone was married, so everyone was super chilled out, we did goat yoga... and it was the most beautiful fall weather in the finger lakes that whole weekend. Everyone was in bed by 1am. Such hard partiers (these folks USED to be party hardy, so I was worried). Goat yoga. Yes. Most millennial thing I've ever done but also really wonderful. The homestead it was on was amazing- I could live out with some goats in the hills and be pretty happy. But in current news, figured out some previously impossible moves on trapeze, coding is sort of making sense, and I have xanax to get me through thanksgiving if need be...
  3. The trouble is I'm stuck until I learn a lot more... because as I learned the hard way, no one wants to hire an illustrator. My talent is worthless as far as most places are concerned. It's all good, it's a catalyst, I'll be ok but ugh
  4. haaahahahaha most of my department has quit and i'm somehow going to learn a whole new career in the next two weeks before the latest person's last day in addition to all the stuff I already do (which is like 3 people's jobs in its own right) I better get an effin' raise
  5. This is a lifelong dream of mine. Will I ever have the money/time to go? probs not. But maybe.
  6. Oh my god has anyone posted this article about NHL dentists anywhere yet? It's gleefully gory and a horrible joy to read. I love these "behind the scenes" looks into sports. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/27851359/the-ugly-gory-bloody-secret-life-nhl-dentists
  7. lol it's acro- aka people stacking/balancing. She's balancing on his feet. There was another picture I took where they were starting to get into position and it was totally dino sex
  8. Our company is having problems and us creatives turned our little room into a haunted house. It was a nice morale boost. And then my boss at the aerial studio somehow managed to do stuff in her costume... I didn't get home until 10 (as usual for Tuesdays and Thursdays) so I missed trick or treaters, but glad we got some spooky silliness in.
  9. Bachelorette Party this weekend. I need 3 days of sleep, not partying, and since I don't really drink anymore... I'll be the one snoozing in the corner of the winery. Say, do you think they'd make fun of me if I showed up with heating pads and icy hot patches and my foam roller? We're getting too old for weekend long bonanzas. By the time I get married we'll be to the werthers and polident gift bags...
  10. Because right now there's fires everywhere and you can see fires everywhere.
  11. My good friend lives in Cloverdale, CA. He currently has his car packed, ready to go- the Kincaid Fire that exploded overnight is 10 miles south of him. His wife works at a winery 5 miles south of the fire. The highway is single lane either way right now and I'm just hoping they don't get cut off from each other. He can see the fires over the next hill, and says there are firefighters wandering around his street, setting up stations to fight if necessary. I'm absolutely terrified for them. Wind is gusting up to 80mph and it's dryyyy dry dry. He says it's "very disaster movie". I grew up with tornadoes, but there's something insidious about a firestorm. A hurricane is horrifying, but man... I think a wildfire might scare me more. I'll take the great lake blizzards. You couldn't pay me to live in CA.
  12. I'm still "mad" at dark for letting me try on brand new $999 skates at his job at Pure Hockey. They were so light. Like wearing nothing at all... nothing at all.
  13. Your shaming worked. Dark put the game on while he cleans.
  14. Y'know, I'm not honestly sure I can differentiate between replica/bootleg. There was a noticeable difference in quality on some of the jerseys (and there were a ton, because Tuch is from around here and an army of folks supporting him were present). Now whether those were cheapo bootlegs or simple not the super duper official version, I couldn't tell ya. But I could tell which ones cost big moneys, and which ones most likely didn't as they were visually inferior based off the gold fabric alone. Maybe that won't be the case with the Sabres 50th. But the gold strikes me as a finnicky special fabric that's difficult to imitate.
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