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  1. Ok I'm going to go wide right with this one I'm in a wanderlust-y mood and a film that really captures that for me is Into the Wild, film adaptation of Krakauer's book about Chris McCandless. It's a good summation of my interests- wandering, angst, human idiocy, survival, disaster. And artistically, the Supertramp bus, an old 1946 International Harvester K-5 bus from Fairbanks abandoned on a trail- really stuck with me. It had been a kind of shelter for remote hunters, and McCandless found it and ended up dying there. Of course, like all good remote things, it's become an overvisited problem- and it's in a dangerous area, so others have died trying to "pilgrimage" to it. I think they may have removed it, actually. But its shape, its color, its "wildness"/haunted nature is a pretty good example of a vehicle adding to the myth/story of an already tall tale legend.
  2. I have the art book for Fury Road and it's full of amazing sketches. So much thought and care and petrolhead nerddom went into it. I love it. This sketch was from 1997.
  3. I've never owned an automatic. My first car was a piece of crap but flashy (for its time and to 16 year old me) Mustang and it's been Subaru Imprezas since then. My mother taught me well. She only had to give up driving manual because of knee problems. I didn't mind it in traffic too much until I'd snapped my leg. It's all healed and such but it gets... cranky with a lot of clutch work. Especially when I'm in heels.
  4. Either a really big useless old hilarious brightly colored pickup from the 70s or a little also useless old Citroen 2cv because they're hilarious. I love cars that show their age. Shiny restorations are beautiful, but mine- I'd leave some character on it as long as it wasn't dangerous (rusted out frames/chassis). Not purposeful, like a rat rod, but one that shows its life. Course... If we're talking total extravagance... I'm going 1930-32 Bugatti. Or a Dusenberg. Or a fleet of Packards and Pierce Arrows.
  5. 2014 stock manual subaru impreza. Barebones rattletrap. The way I like it. Nothing fancy. I have an aux jack- the height of luxury. I love stickshift. That is until my new commute... stop go stop go stop go stop go I'm gonna have absolutely SHREDDED calves. Someday hopefully in the distant far away future I will inherit Fred, my father's 1929 Model A Ford. Fred is a factory original. The engine still turns over. I love Fred. I grew up taking rides in the rumble seat and learning about basic simple engines and such and how not to break your arm on a crankshaft. When Fred is mine, if my father hasn't had time to fix 'er up in retirement (he's almost 73 and still working), I will carry that torch. Fred will be my baby.
  6. One friend is in remission, which is good. Another friend just discovered she has late stage ovarian. I have watched more than a few friends of mine in their late 20s early 30s fight either breast or ovarian cancer. Not to mention all the other illnesses- I donate to a new Gofundme nearly weekly since everyone's insurance is crap and they're broke from student loans. As if illness isn't enough, my friends have to face the shame of begging their other non-wealthy friends and family to avoid bankruptcy. But that's another lengthy rant that tinges political and thus I will avoid it here. It's led me down a lot of dark paths of thinking and a heavy cloud of fear. And wondering what thing we do in modern times that we'll look at in 50 years with horror akin to lead face powder in Elizabethan times and radium paint in the early 20th. As Derrico said above, live your life, guys. To the others in here facing medical problems, my thoughts are with you.
  7. This is easily the third or fourth time I've seen this exact interaction on this site and I live for it
  8. Yeah. It's so scary. OKC wasn't even part of the high risk area 15 hours ago. When you see it expand into that area, that's where the really big scary stuff happens. They just issued the first tornado watches for the panhandle... and they're all accompanied by PDS- Particularly Dangerous Situation.. you just don't see that said unless they're serious. 3pm is gonna be the big spinup start time I think. Usually the hottest part of the day. Then it'll get a lot worse early evening. I'm live streaming WKTV news 9- OKC- and there's a lady asking the storm chasers if she's safe since she's in a motel with no storm shelter... "where we are now between 3 pm and later tonight is a prime spot for something to happen, please stay tuned and if you can you may want to get out of the area"... The only saving grace is the temps are relatively low throughout the area- can help keep the violence down. I hope.
  9. Hope so. Been a rough few days for tornado alley people, but you guys are used to it. They're cancelling schools/activities left and right in the OKC area. Amazing. I guess after the Moore twister took out some schools they're taking that precaution. I feel for anyone flying through there as well- the turbulence reports are wicked. The flight lines are gapping all over the place as a result. Fascinating to watch- glad I'm not a part of it.
  10. As an art person whose biggest freelance client is patches... this is what I would do. Contrast. Also, be a cheeky way to keep hopes down and then bam, royal blue... As a Sabres fan... my hopes aren't high.
  11. I saw something where Emilia Clarke was saying that playing Dany was so important to her as she survived a couple of brain embolisms during the first season or two and she found strength in the character. And when she read the script as to what happens in the end with King's Landing and all she just totally lost it, so upset, asking her family if they'd hate her for it.
  12. I'm fine with it. I think expectations were tempered by the last season or so, so to be a little miffed/disappointed didn't feel as contrasted. Bran is your typical fantasy novel king. He has The Sight, he's just, he has no need for glory, pretty solid choice. In the books (god i hate even typing that but here I am) there's a lot of foreshadowing now that I think about it. You're reminded constantly he'll never be king because he's got older brothers... but you're also constantly told about his namesakes, Bran the Builder, Bran of the Bloody Blade, Bran the Breaker... Brandon is the OG Stark King name and is deeply steeped in the Old Gods and creation of the 7 kingdoms- great catalysts. (Saw someone on the twitters going on about how his name is so lackluster compared to "Aegon" or other Valyrian sounding names). But if you don't get his backstory and character building like you do in the books, I totally see why folks feel like he was shoved into the slot. They pretty much ignored him for a whole season or so and now the audience has little to no affinity for the guy, so it doesn't go down well. The more I think about it, there were lots of little details that peeve me. Ashes turn to snow, ok.. then... no snow. Sunny. Fine. Ok... Arya on the white horse, this gorgeous apocryphal moment... then NOWHERE in this episode. You even see her wandering around shell-shook, but no horse. And to think I had a tweet about her being Azor Ahai go modestly viral over that... for NOTHING! My internet points! Lot of clunks and awk to get to the final point. Also still mad how they did the Ironborn- my favs in the book. Violent (yet oddly progressive) Viking pirates, steeped in legend and magic. Asha... eh. Definitely not what I envisioned. But Euron.. he's this eldritch horror summoning wizard pirate demon, a great magician, terrifying, evil incarnate, an eyepatch covering a jet black magical eye, a strong beast of a man, a Kraken in human form... legitimately a final boss for any wannabe King or Queen. And we got fuccboi swagger Euron the sleezemuffin. Which is MUCH more what Theon was supposed to be like (pre Reek). And if you're gonna have my second favorite character of the whole thing, lovable big woman loving kissed by fire Tormund Giantsbane, a beastly man who loves Jon as a brother.... WHY DIDN'T HE HAVE ANY LINES? Meaningful looks? Just. Yup. There he be. Bah. Eh whatever. I wanna re-read the books now. I like delving into the GoT wiki. Lots of stuff there. It was a fun multiple year show, it was gorgeous, and I hope GRRM finishes that damn book soon.
  13. So.. I'm a weather and tornado nerd and the predictions for today are the scariest I have ever seen. You don't often see High Risk on the severe outlook maps, let alone that large an area and for as long lasting as they're saying. I'm seeing storm chasers I respect call for Oklahoma to suspend turnpike tolls today in case people get trapped (these things often hit around rush hour). Even the maps for the El Reno and massive Moore tornadoes didn't look like this. So if we have any sabrespacers or their friends/fam in those areas... stay safe, folks, I'm thinking about you today.
  14. I have an aerial show tomorrow. Great, but I managed to get slammed in the head with a trapeze bar last night so now I have a giant bump/bruise and mild concussion... hooray... it's burlesque themed and it's not easy to attempt to be attractive when you're dizzy and rockin' a black and purple goose-egg on your forehead... but after tomorrow, I'm free... I'm free... and then we move. Holy hell it's stressful up in here.
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