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  1. Vitek Vanecek seems to be doing quite well. He's been available at least twice. Alexandar Georgiev has also been pretty spicy they also had Ullmark on the actual team, but who knows maybe he wouldn't have signed any any circumstances.
  2. 1 ignored user ever, now +2 in two days. Not you, the tinfoil hat guy who probably has an election to refuse to certify somewhere.
  3. Ok, I'll bite. Then why didn't they claim a veteran defenseman when the whole D was hurt? They clearly needed and still need some support there and what was available really can't be worse than what we were calling up and we don't really have any D prospects in Rochester to block anyway. It just feels like there's incongruity there. Whatever.
  4. If the timeline isn't to start winning, at least a little, in the next 2 years idk what to say so he matches from that standpoint but I don't know that he brings the defensive improvement that we need. We need more than Samuelsson to be able to reliably defend. His injury history also concerns me quite a bit. Certainly too much to consider ponying up what AZ is reported to want. I have 2 follow-up questions. 1. Isn't that the same timeline the Sabres appear to be on? 2. If #1 is true why do people have a fit when I suggest trading Olofsson?
  5. This is what would give me significant pause. He hurts his knee, now suddenly they are willing to deal him away even though he has 2 more years left at a very reasonable number? That sounds very sketchy to me.
  6. It's the only things I've said remotely recently. Where's that ignore button? Edit - found it
  7. Which stupid thing did I suggest? I think being open to trading Olofsson for a proper defenseman is prudent and that's about the only thing I've said but don't let that stop your continued arrogance. Edit-correction I was also confused why they didn't claim a defenseman for free when the team was essentially out of defensemen and doesn't have a lot of depth there anyway.
  8. The team sucks. I want it to not suck. I want it to not suck as quickly as possible without doing stupid things. Don't confuse that with demanding "immediate" change. I appreciate your condescension though. Typically this level of arrogance is reserved for teams that have a modicum of success.
  9. Immediate? Can we have change on a time scale that is somewhat shorter than the entirety of galactic history?
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