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  1. Considering its a battle of figure skaters......its hard to say who wins.....maybe they could have a dance off
  2. #becausebuffalo We have been here before. Playoff disappointments with this team. Wide Right, Music City Miracle and now :13 seconds in Kansas City Its okay the sun will rise tomorrow morning and we will all go back to our little lives and wait for next season
  3. Just got back from game……it was enjoyable to see Quinn score and at one point it was 4-3 and our goal scorers were Dahlin, Quinn, Cozens and Tuch…..it felt like a dream but as the third period began we all looked at each other and said “they are going to lose this game”. You could just see it coming. it’s a shame we only get a little taste of what this team could be and then have it trampled on by Dallas, Hey let’s make it 2 for 2 with our Stanley Cup tormentors when Philadelphia comes to town on Saturday
  4. The Bruins are 3rd, Rangers are 4th, Lightning are 5th and the Panthers are 7th, when you look at the whole list. Seems that some teams can play physical and win too......
  5. It would be nice if Jeffy could stay out of the box \
  6. My bad for not clarifying, definitely referring to the Pre McBeane days for sure .......17 years of I'd rather be doing something else
  7. Its a cr** shoot, don't let any of the "experts" fool you. Nobody can predict what the future of this group will be
  8. I always feel worse with the 3 hours I waste on a beautiful fall sunday afternoon if the Bills play like cr**, not so much a mid-winter Tuesday night Sabres debacle
  9. What going through Donnie Meatballs head right now? I got yelled at by another poster for that observation about a week ago. 🤐
  10. Absolutely...Obvious AHLers, its not fair to them. They know they don't belong, we'd be just piling on.
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