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  1. I joined, thanks. Been playing FPL for a few years now and thoroughly enjoy it.
  2. Delhi... my least favorite place to have visited. I'm supposed to go again in September, but trying to pawn it off on a co-worker.
  3. I'd be all for Vellucci. He's had success as a head coach for many years in the OHL and AHL, plus front office experience in the NHL. He's orchestrated a complete turnaround here in Charlotte, with largely the same cast of characters, and those he's worked with that have been called up to Carolina have done well. He has a knack for working with younger players.
  4. Everything that goes on within PSE seems to be bizarre.
  5. As a frequent international traveler on two airlines, the zones are created to reward frequent travel, orderly boarding process be damned. Zone 1 being first/business class, Zone 2 being the top frequent flier rank, and so on. I know on American Airlines, the non-frequent fliers and credit card holders start at Boarding Group 5, and it goes back to 7 or 8. Living in a city that's an American hub, even though I board in Group 4, I almost always get screwed with overhead space, as probably 25-30% of the plane is Group 2-4. I like to sit near the front of the plane, but by the time I board, the majority of the front bins are taken because those people boarding before me that are seated in the middle/back of the plane have left their carry-on's in the front of the plane. This pisses me off to no end. I flew to Las Vegas last month, was seated in row 7, yet my carry-on was in row 12.
  6. Yeah, but the Checkers are loaded. He's playing on the 4th line with two other rookies.
  7. 2006 playoffs, I was living here in NC, just graduated from college and drove the 90 minutes or so to see the games in Raleigh. The giveaway for one of them was glass tumblers. I was in the stands, alone, in a old school Hawerchuk jersey, surrounded by Canes fans. Most of my section was pretty nice. We had good banter back and forth, but it was all good natured. On the way to my car after the game, a group of Canes fans started chucking the glasses at anyone they could find in Sabres gear. I dodged a few of them sent my way and ran as fast as I could to my car.
  8. I remember those playoff games vs. the Boston. My dad and I had season tickets in the Oranges, behind the goal. We were there in 87-88, I was 7. There was all kinds of craziness during the playoff games. I remember one year vs. the Habs, someone made an effigy of Russ Courtnall and was swinging it down from the oranges in a noose. A Whalers game where a drunken Whalers fan starting pissing on the Sabres fans seated in front of him. My dad used to question whether or not it was a good idea to bring a kid to games like that, but those are the best memories I have from my childhood.
  9. This has nothing to do with suits, but dress shoes. Where can you find a good selection of wide dress shoes? Up to now, I've just shopped online, but I have some new orthotics that won't fit in pretty much anything I'm trying. I've tried some chain stores near me (Charlotte, NC), but no luck. Anyone else with a similar problem?
  10. We've had our board for a year now, and have already switched management companies once. The board keeps trying to fine me for having a trailer parked outside overnight that isn't mine. I keep telling them that and then the next time the guy across the street leaves it out overnight, I get a letter. It's just a pain in the ass and a waste of my time to keep calling the management company to complain about stupid crap like this. I could go on with other issues, but I won't.
  11. HOAs are horrible. We considering moving just because of how much we can't stand ours.
  12. I wanted to get more exercise, so I joined an adult rec soccer league with some friends. With about 3 minutes left in our first game Tuesday night, I tore the plantar fascia ligament in my left foot. Four to six weeks on the sidelines, and the season is only four weeks long.
  13. Why is divorce so expensive? Because it's worth it.
  14. From a marketing standpoint, which ever club lands him will cash in. I think it'll be Liverpool, since they have an American ownership group and understand the appeal having the top US player would bring stateside. The interesting question though is if he wants that on his shoulders. Going to a club like Bayern or Madrid would give him a better shot at silverware every year (and the Champions League). As far as his development is concerned, there is no question the best place for him right now is Dortmund. He should feature even more this year than past, as now Schurrle and Yarmolenko are gone. Starting out wide is his job to lose and he'll be expected to be one of the guys carrying the load with Reus, Gotze, Kagawa... A great position for an almost-20 year old to be in. And, if he can live up to the hype, he'll be worth even more next year.
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