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  1. Yeah, I'm a sucker for punishment and keep following along. Oddly enough it's one of the few things that keep my old man and I in regular contact. The highlight of my youth is going to games with him in the late '80's/early 90's, sitting up in the oranges. Now we text back and forth while watching the games, complaining about how no one seems to give a crap, and longing for the days when, they may not have won the cup, but damn if it wasn't fun to watch. Jack just seems so "meh." Everyone gave him a pass for the attitude and body language over the years, but I'm to the point where I
  2. I haven't posted here in ages, but I actually think Jack is part of the problem at this point. If he's the captain, then he should be leading by example, but he's been invisible. The coach is supposed to be this master motivator and this team is flatter than a week old two liter. I think Jack wanted out, so the Pegulas nixed Botts, brought in KA, and he went with the Hail Mary and brought in Hall to try and show him some good faith. It obviously isn't working. There's no better time then now to move Jack. His NTC kicks in after this season, and he'll hold the bargaining chips on where he
  3. Not going to take sides in any sort of COVID related discussion, just contributing a story... this pandemic has practically, and literally, killed the company I work for. We organize international trade shows. A once robust company of 10 employees has been reduced to 5. We've been able to keep the company "alive," through some new virtual events we're developing. We usually coordinate 20-30 trade events per year, all overseas. This year, every single event we're involved in has been canceled or postponed to 2021 or later. Oddly enough, the only event on target to actually occur, will be
  4. I'm here, alive, healthy. Can't say much else is going well, but I'll focus on the positives ?
  5. When and how did you become a fan? - Started going to games with my Dad at the Aud in 1988... we moved to Buffalo in 1985 (I was 5). Who is your all-time favourite Sabre and why? - Rob Ray and Dale Hawerchuk... always enjoyed Ray's antics and Hawerchuk just had a ton of talent Most exciting moments as a fan? Most frustrating? - Exciting is going to playoff games at the Aud with my Dad in the late 80's/early 90's. Frustrating - Jay McKee's staph infection
  6. He lives in Ottawa now full time. Has been in Evansville, IN the past few days visiting his son who is playing in the SPHL there. I enjoy his show on SiriusXM. Sorry to hear he can't grow up.
  7. Thanks for all the recommendations and advice. Per @Eleven's suggestion, I have looked into some non-MBA master's degrees that are a little more appealing to me. A lot of my work is in the agriculture sector, so I've started looking into MS in Agribusiness or Agricultural Economics; also, my alma mater offers an MS in International Business. What I like most about what I do now is the global nature of the business, and wherever I end up in the future I would want it to have that same international focus. Does anyone have any opinions on how an MS in International Business would be perc
  8. Welcome and thanks for chiming in! That's a hurdle for me. I live in a major city (Charlotte), but the only local MBA programs are in-person, and I can't do that. I have other school options 2-4 hours from Charlotte that offer fully online MBAs, but I've heard you lose those networking benefits when doing an MBA online. I have no plans to leave the Charlotte area for 7-10 years at least.
  9. Part of me wants to do it, and part of me doesn't. Overall, I'd probably rather not do it, to be honest, but I don't see how I can maintain the same income level without it, were I to leave my current job (by my choice or management's). The other plus side to doing it is that down the road I would really like to teach part-time at the community college/small college level, which would require a master's degree. That has always been a "winding down my career" interest of mine.
  10. A friend of mine got his MBA at Georgia Tech right after he finished undergrad, and he pretty much said the same thing - go big or go home. He said no one cares if you have one from a smaller state or private school (he works in HR for a major bank), it's all about the name of the school on the diploma.
  11. Thanks for the feedback so far, I appreciate it. Most of what you've all said is in line with how I'm leaning. Whether or not I get the MBA won't impact my earnings at all with my current position (my boss says it's a waste of money), so there'd be no financial help in paying for it from my current employer either. I guess it just comes to down to the estimated cost vs. potential earnings if I leave and move elsewhere. Because of my current job, I travel a lot internationally, I have to find something that's 100% online and flexible. In-state programs that would work for me, include U
  12. Looking for some career-oriented advice here, and thought of no better place to get some opinions. I'm 39, currently a VP of Sales & Marketing for a small company (12 employees, $3-5 million in revenue annually). I've been here for almost 12 years and am essentially the #2 person in the company. The owner is planning to retire by the end of 2021, and I tried to buy the company from him back in April, but it fell through 3 days before closing (investor I brought in backed out). So, he decided to give the company to his daughter. Now we're trying to transition leadership. I like wh
  13. I joined, thanks. Been playing FPL for a few years now and thoroughly enjoy it.
  14. Delhi... my least favorite place to have visited. I'm supposed to go again in September, but trying to pawn it off on a co-worker.
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