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Jake Livingstone


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Best case scenario would be he becomes Power’s partner on the 2nd pair.

Most likely he will be a 3rd pairing NHL guy.

Will be a lot of teams interested in him so I wouldn’t get my hopes too high.

23 year old undrafted college players rarely make it beyond depth pro players although a few breakthrough.

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I have not seen this guy play, but, based on this thread, took a peek at his stats and they look good.  6'3", 205 lbs, 35 points and +10 in 39 games at the Divison 1 level.  Looks like pretty good numbers for a defenseman.  His stats have also improved from one season to the next in each of his 3 seasons in college at Minnesota State.

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15 minutes ago, tom webster said:

The Sabres have come a long way but they still don’t attract high end college free agents. Considering how rare it is they turn into anything, it’s not a major hurdle at this time.

With Johnson being 1-1/2 weeks away from making a decision, would've been very surprised to see the Sabres make a hard push for him and even more surprised to see them land him.  Now had Minnesota been eliminated this past weekend and Livinstone moving on to the Frozen Four, maybe.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a VERY SPECIFIC REASON to revive this one.

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