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  1. I am really surprised you never heard about the spin of the wheel.
  2. I remember a 7-6 victory over Boston where they came back from down 6-2 or something. I remember Mal Davis scoring a big goal.
  3. The one thing I never understand about these arguments that a team ruined this or that players development is why don’t these players “learn” how to play the game when somebody finally gives them a chance? Granted, there are instances of players fulfilling there “supposed” potential when they get there second or third chance, but they are rare. I will stand by my position, players find their level regardless of how a team “develops” them. Some guys like a Johan Larsson realize they can carve out a productive career by becoming something other then a top line player. Some guys need to grow into their bodies and become top 6 guys after a year or two in the AHL. Some guys don’t want to adjust their game. Some guys skill set falls between the AHL and NHL. Mitts is still young enough to fall in the “incomplete” category. I, for one, won’t believe that what he turns out to be has anything to do with him being rushed into the NHL. For the record, I do agree he should not have been in the NHL.
  4. Wow, we seem to have actually agreed on two or three things lately. There was always anecdotal evidence that big guys took longer to develop.We will see. He’s one of the guys I always figured as one of the potential “surprises” that every franchise needs.
  5. I’m not saying that had to search it, just that they could. If I’m not mistaken, there is no right to privacy while you are in custody other then contact with your lawyer so why would your car be different? I really don’t know.
  6. I generally agree with this although there are always outliers. However, what happens more often is that players learn what they are and accept what they are and their roles within the team. Johan Larsson is a perfect example. He was a spoiled selfish player when he got here and thought he was entitled and it was beneath him to play with what he considered lesser talents. Now he is a still young veteran who could be a crucial piece on a contender, a third or fourth liner, a penalty killer, a guy who can spell your top guys without looking out of place.
  7. For the record, I agree with this. Obviously none of us know for sure but I can tell you, as someone who has spent a considerable amount of time in Cheektowaga and Grand Island, it must suck to be a black man sometimes. I can vividly recount several instances where a rowdy group of white kids were walking down one side of the street and a random black kid walking down the other side and guess who the Cheektowaga Police followed?
  8. You mis understood. I wasn’t saying Khymlev was luck, just mentioned him as a player who came to the NHL late.
  9. Unfortunately, I see it every day. By the way, mine was 38 years ago.
  10. I’m sorry, I know that drunk driving is a huge problem and terrible thing and I’m glad my four children all use UBER and are very cognizant of the risks involved in driving impaired. However, by the time I was 22, I had six traffic stops that all could have been DWI’s. Net result, 2 traffic tickets and four “you make sure you go right home.” It doesn’t hurt being a white, respectful fairly well off male, but..... From what I saw of Oliver’s sobriety check, he did pretty well indicating that he was impaired not falling down drunk. Again, I know some of you have strong opinions on driving while impaired and I’m not diminishing the seriousness of it, just saying you have to remember they are still kids who sometimes make mistakes. Thankfully no one was hurt in this particular situation.
  11. I never understand the angst that these signings cause. It’s like taking a flyer in an undrafted free agent. They are well below the contract limit so what’s the harm? Yuri Hymilev(six?) didn’t sign till he was 27. Sometimes you get lucky.
  12. It looks like they are going to credit our account unless we decide to end our season ticket run. My guess is that we may cutback but likely retain our seats. That will leave it up to me to pay back everyone. I will let everyone know when a final decision is made.
  13. Just another piece of the puzzle proving they have risen back to the top of the league. More great, high profile players increases the chance of this happening. There must be some analytics stat for this. In all seriousness, he’s a 22 year old kid. In my day the dwi part was rather routine. Thankfully it’s not today.
  14. This should be the graphic when people talk about how well or how bad you draft. Sometimes there is just no talent available.
  15. It’s not about belief, it’s about your absolute conviction when there are no absolutes. And yes, obviously you would like 9 top 6 forwards but I would argue Buffalo is in better shape going forward then most teams. The difference between us, I could envision you being right, doesn’t change the fact that if you are, your guys will be outliers.
  16. No, hockey reference clarified and it is three all stars with the caveat being last three decades. To me it reinforces how hard it is to hit on anything past the 3rd round. In both correct versions, one guy made the all star team while playing for another team, which oddly enough, is also the case in eleven’s answer.
  17. For the record, I reached out to Hockey Reference for clarification.
  18. Well then, Hockey Reference was wrong. Apparently there was at least 3 times and Eleven has one of them.
  19. Um, I’m not sure who you are counting as number three in that class.
  20. You know how I feel about this but they already have four top 6 forwards that should be here for the next five years at least. Cozens should make five. So then you need two of Casey, this years pick, a trade acquisition or another VO and suddenly you have 7 top six forwards in your system for at least five years and you get five years to groom another one or two. Prospect depth is overrated. Every team has a shelf life and them you start over. Time will tell whether they made the right choice with Johnson but the odds are strong that he, nor anyone drafted after him will develop into more then a spare part. You are an analytics guy, you know the odds and the continuous telling us how you were right before any of them play a minute is kind of amusing. Like I said before, I respect your opinion and the work you put in but in the end, you are either drafted before that years cutoff of premium talent ends, usually 5 through 8, or you are an outlier.
  21. Here is a question for you. Only twice has a team drafted three future all stars in the same draft.
  22. Not bad but those have become rather routine. But I will give you that.
  23. Brown was terrific at getting open but I can’t remember a pass were he caught a ball that he should not have. He might have, but I don’t remember one.
  24. It’s not only the drops but the lack of contested catches. I remember Knox had a couple last year but when was the last time a Bills receiver made a “wow” catch. Every once in awhile you need those.
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