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  1. Reminds me of the Pulp Fiction scene with Vincent and Mia talking about Tony Rocky Horror. Mia : He fell out of a window. Vincent : Hmm, hmm. Well, that is one way to say it. Another way to say it would be that he was thrown out. Another way would be that he was thrown out by Putin. And yet even another way to say it was that he was thrown out of the window by Putin because of his comments about the 🇺🇦.
  2. As noted above, often injured. Has never put up 30. Hoping for the best but planning for others to surpass, and Sabres to pivot.
  3. If you think that then bet on the 2023 win totals. The Vegas line for OTT, NJ and Detroit are significantly better than Buffalo. So they believe the hype. Bet the over for the Sabres and under for NJ or Detroit. The Devils were predicted to have 89 pts. last year and finished with 63. This year they increased it to 91. Seems like a lock for the under. Sabres on the other hand we’re predicted to have 67 and exceeded that number. Stands to reason they exceed this years target of 77.5. Anaheim Ducks 80.5 Arizona Coyotes 65.5 Boston Bruins 93.5 Buffalo Sabres 77.5 Calgary Flames 99.5 Carolina Hurricanes 102.5 Chicago Blackhawks 66.5 Colorado Avalanche 111.5 Columbus Blue Jackets 79.5 Dallas Stars 94.5 Detroit Red Wings 84.5 Edmonton Oilers 103.5 Florida Panthers 106.5 Los Angeles Kings 95.5 Minnesota Wild 100.5 Montreal Canadiens 71.5 Nashville Predators 96.5 New Jersey Devils 91.5 New York Islanders 94.5 New York Rangers 99.5 Ottawa Senators 86.5 Philadelphia Flyers 78.5 Pittsburgh Penguins 102.5 San Jose Sharks 76.5 Seattle Kraken 82.5 St. Louis Blues 95.5 Tampa Bay Lightning 103.5 Toronto Maple Leafs 106.5 Vancouver Canucks 92.5 Vegas Golden Knights 98.5 Washington Capitals 95.5 Winnipeg Jets 87.5
  4. Why do you think that? The Isles have over $11m in cap space, with two RFA’s to sign. Dobson you could bridge as he isn’t arbitration eligible, and Romanov is 10.2c. What is the expected Kadri AAV? I think if they move anyone it would be a $3-4M contract, not one of their core.
  5. Never heard the term until this year. Found this to describe it: A "hold-in" is when a player arrives at training camp on time but chooses not to participate in practices because of a contract dispute. It differs slightly from a holdout — when a player avoids the team facility and team activities entirely in the hope of forcing a better contract or a trade. The origin of the term is a bit murky. Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio said that it used to describe "a player who either embellished or fabricated an injury in order to not practice." Either way, it seems hold-ins are all the rage in the league, Last year, Seahawks players Jamal Adams, Duane Brown and Quandre Diggs all enlisted the strategy in the hope of a better deal. The logic behind the hold-in is simple, in theory. In the olden days, players would hold out, teams would fine them and, once the holdout ended, teams would waive the fine fines. Beautiful stuff. But as the NFL contracts have gotten fatter, so, too, have the fines. Now, players can be docked up to $50,000 per day missed. And that fine forgiveness? The NFL's current collective bargaining agreement nixed that, meaning players have to eat the fine entirely (unless they are under a rookie contract). That makes the decision quite simple for the league's biggest stars: clock in without actually clocking in. Show up to training camp every day, stay out of activities and collect a check. In other sports yes, where there is no option to restructure a contract, and the contracts are guaranteed. Poyer has enough plays on tape to show any GM he is worth another deal. He doesn't need to prove anything. This is not like MLB, NBA or the NHL, but rather a league where the average playing career is ~3.5 years and it's not uncommon for an injury to shorten or end any potential future earnings. He's the 19th ranked Safety based on AAV and probably higher on this list if you asked coaches/GM's around the league. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/contracts/sort-value/safety/limit-100/ The problem is the Bills are facing a huge jump in salary cap for 4 players in 2023 compared to this year. Allen, Diggs, Miller and Milano will see salary cap figures almost 48 million more next year compared to this year. So there is very little the GM can do to extend or restructure Poyer at this time. It's an interesting dichotomy of a player looking to stay healthy and continue playing (elsewhere most likely) against balling out to win a Super bowl. At the end of the day, I think Poyer has more integrity than most of the other hold outs, or Jairus Byrd whom I alluded to in my original post. Who was only out to secure another contract. And when he received his 6 year $56M deal, only played three years before being cut.
  6. Agreed. He’s a high caliber individual. Just worried about players in a contract year without guarantees. Human nature is self preservation. Hopefully the opportunity of leading what could be an all time great D will not allow the lack of an extension to interfere with his play.
  7. I just hope he doesn’t develop plantar fasciitis, based on ‘absentis contractus’.
  8. Vin was a class above the rest. No one could carry a game like him. He transformed the commentary of baseball into an art form. The best. Rest In Peace.
  9. Not a fan of Biz, but dropping a $750k rif on KO was strong.
  10. Was "Dr. Dirty" a name he earned based on the condition of his fingers, or piano keys? Tickle the ivory? No, how about clean them.
  11. I know he's on the roster (until he isn't) but shame on you. It's bad juju to even anticipate ice time. JJP or nothing.
  12. No, Somebody that I used to know.
  13. I find the 4 years telling. I mean Laine gets his AAV, but COL probably held off term. With the question marks on defense and motivation, this is the poster child candidate for a short term deal. You have to keep certain players hungry.
  14. You shouldn’t complain Doohickie. My father complained once, ONCE!
  15. Nick is $1.75M AAV - $7M total. Edit - overpaid, as was Miller. Cannot believe he received a two year deal.
  16. How is this possible with a QO of $7.5M for Laine? Cap Friendly is not updated yet, but if $12M AAV as reported, the BJ's have only 900K in space.
  17. I would like to examine number one a little more. Monica is 48 years old, and they were married in 2009. That puts her at 35 when he was 68. She was entering her sexual prime and OSP, best case scenario, has a ***** collecting dust. Right? She was an outstanding athlete. Nine Grand Slam singles titles, and coming off a Tennis HOF induction. To finding herself having the most unathletic sex, ever. What is the attraction? Monica ***** Seles should be off the coast of Portugal drinking sangria with some dude name Tiago, then back to the Four Seasons after some dancing at the local discoteche. Not reminding OSD (Old Sugar Daddy) where he left his reading glasses seven times a day. No comprende.
  18. Has to be. Big name players not qualified in 2021 all signed for less than their QO's. Interestingly enough, two from this year on last years list as well. Kase - $2.6M with Ducks in 2020 - signed for $1.25M this past season with Leafs. Heinan - Making $2.8M with BB traded to Anaheim, and they didn't offer him. Signed with Pittsburg for $1.1M this past season. His would be arbitration eligible and scored a ton of goals for a 3/4 line player. So his QO would have been much larger than 10%. Dom Kahun - whom the Sabres didn't Qualify in 2020 signed with Edmonton for $975k and when they didnt Qualifyt in 2021 he played overseas. Ryan Donato - Sharks didn't Qualify at $1.8M (+10%) and signed league min with Kraken.
  19. Riders on the strome Riders on the strome Into this house, we're born Into this world, we're thrown Like a dog without a bone An actor out on loan Riders on the strome
  20. That’s what she said….In passive demeanor.
  21. I included him in the Cap hit on their top 5 dmen. After that signing, unless Ellis stays on LTIR they have no space available.
  22. How? They have zero cap space. What’s the projected AAV for JG? $8-9m? They would need to pay someone to take JVR, and still clear more, as he’s only $7m. Or R. Ellis, who missed all year and supposedly will play next year. They have $28m tied up between 5 defensemen. And those contracts….
  23. Yeah, what better way to pump your clients value than being linked to the Buffalo “must overpay a UFA to come there” Sabres. Would love to know if Adams has feelers on Burakovsky. Insiders?
  24. Redlinkski breakfast sausage is highly underrated as one of Buffalo’s best. It’s always in the gift package when the parents visit SoCal.
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