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  1. Winning, and having the #2 seed is awesome, but sending the Hoody/Pats home with a losing record and no playoffs is just so comforting.
  2. Tell us what you really think!
  3. Recent history I suppose. For every top 10 draftee that takes 2+ years to develop (Quinn, Suziki, Glass) there are multiples who are contributing in D+1 - Necas, McTavish, Berniers, Kent Johnson, Cole Sillinger, L Raymond, Cole P, Lundell, Jarvis, Zegras, Dach, Cozens, Elias Petersson, etc. Even Mitts made the squad in 2018. So if there is talent in the bottom six keeping him out, he would most assuredly will see a top 9 role by 2024. If Mitts is truly finding his game as a forward on the RW, and Jost continues to contribute in his role, then both contract situations strengthens the Sabres ability to develop Savoie another year with no risk. This also assume Krebs continues to develop with a grinder line this year and next. But history says many of these kids are ready D+1.
  4. Just thinking the same. Saying if the Sabres can keep it behind the Blue Line and limit turnovers, “they can’t play with us” shows confidence. Well received.
  5. Just read this to my father, who is visiting from Buffalo. He recalled seeing Pete multiple times back in the day at a breakfast place on Hertel Ave and he always had time to chat up the boys about the Bills/Sabres/Bisons. 🙏
  6. Not that this tournament is the end all, be all, but six goals in six games, and chosen as player of the game is anything but “inconsistent”. Coupled with his playing in the AHL at 18, I would say his development is on 🎯.
  7. Curious about the shift away from Def zone face-offs for this line, and specifically Mitts and VO. When Casey was on the wing with Tage he saw a 53% O-zone rate. With Vic for the entire year (with/without Jost) they were 58%. And with neither, Mitts was a staggering 28%. In 84 minutes of time. So why would a coach drastically reduce Defensive Zone face offs over the last few games (since the formation of the line with Jost- Arizona) for a player when they are statistically one of the better performers on the team? Not that Face-offs matter, eh Liger 😉. The answer could be the offensive prowess of the three and better opportunity to score. But I’m more glass half empty on this one. It’s fear that a team struggling on the Dot will lose possession and increase the chances against with Mitts/VO in their own zone.
  8. Could be 52% for the year. Not this line. Highly sheltered. Natural Stat Trick.
  9. Bryson may have been a +1 but wasn’t fine. Horrible pinch/decision to pinch, out of position multiple time and still loses more puck battles than he wins. I bench him before Clague, when Joki is healthy. Not like it hasn’t been said consistently on multiple threads, but the Sabres need to trade for a RD.
  10. Just was commenting to my dad that he has 7 points in his last 5 games playing with Ovie on FL#1. How did he not pass?
  11. Did Matt Ellis bring a change of clothes on the road-trip? Same shirt and suit the last few games, no?
  12. How is a 2023 1st better than Savoie? In terms of your value. If their progress continues the selection could be mid-round. Plus you are waiting another year for development. The 2023 could be less skilled and not available to join the team until 2026.
  13. This is the same for most sports, except the NFL, and it too is rapidly changing the platform which you can view it. Google/YouTube and Amazon Prime winning bids in the last year. How will these two companies monetize Thursday Night Football and what was formerly known as The Sunday Ticket remains to be seen. Local markets lost MLB with the advent of NESN and YES networks, which require a basic cable plan. The NBA has a minimal number of games on ABC, and reserve most of their prime time events to ESPN and TNT. World Series and NBA Final is still “free” but for how much longer?
  14. The only way the Sabres are involved in a Horvat trade is if they are a third party holding cap for a Toronto or similar cap strapped team. Adams would not add a player like this unless he would extend, and you don’t extend a center for $9m plus after you just signed Tage.
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