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  1. I've been out of the drinking game for over 20 years, but are these real drinks? How about a "Screaming Viking"? And don't forget to bruise the cucumber. (Cheers fans??)
  2. Krebs wasn’t even the best player on his line. Kyle had a good game (finally) followed by Gus and then Peyton. As evidenced by his time with players other than Z and KO (Natural Stat Trick) below. And when you look at the replay of Kyle’s goal, Krebs stick is not even on the ice when the puck is deflected by Karlsson. Meaning he didn’t even have the awareness to get in a position to attempt a high danger chance. Tuch was by far the best player, followed by Skinner and then EJ. Honorable mentions to UPL, Cozens and Kyle.
  3. While statistically the “letdown” game is a myth, next weeks matchup against Philly is letdown personified. Super Bowl rematch, on the road, with a second half comeback win twist. Add to it a shortened week for the Eagles, and a Buffalo team that desperately needs to stack wins. To me this game is so much more important than KC. Philly can afford a loss and Buffalo cannot. A win next week followed by a bye week can give them the proper mindset going into KC. A loss just hangs over their head during the bye knowing KC is a must win.
  4. Hawks are a 10 point, 5 win team coming off a B2B and the Sabres are in a must win situation. Being outplayed overall and dominated 5v5 that period is nothing less than unacceptable.
  5. When I was single it was twice a year, or more. In my late 30s and 40’s it was once a year at most. One of my sons has autism and travel from West to East was challenging when he was young. Plus my parents both retired early so they spent all of December and January with us so I didn’t feel I was missing anything. When I turned 50 and my Dad hit 80, it changed back to 3 times a year. The oldest with autism is now a Senior in high school and he’s mostly taking life skills classes so for the last three years we go back for 10 days during October. Sabres games in person a must, plus wanted to show him the fall foliage of western NY, which is a season we don’t have in California and he loves. Another trip in the spring, which brings more games. Then another trip in the summer where the wife and other son will come as well. My wife is from Laguna Beach so she can do summers in the 716. Not so much the winters. In the 26+ seasons I’ve been out here I’ve seen Buffalo play at least once (Anaheim, LA, PHX or San Jose) per year but it’s been great seeing them play 2-3 home games per year the last 4 (excluding Covid).
  6. Do you own a house there? Where do you stay for 8 weeks?
  7. Lived in SoCal for almost 27 years and there is NOTHING close to a Sahlen. I literally have neighbors who ask me to bring a 3 lb bag back after I visit the family. We used to serve them for parties and the parents would rave about them. Especially served with webers mustard and Teds hot sauce. But with my kids in high school and the shear volume of kids over for a party, coupled with the inflationary cost of a 3 lb bag, N.F.W. they are getting their hands on my f-ing Sahlen hot dog 🌭 .
  8. This one is "notorious". The clip below also has Charley Steiner's laughing uncontrollably on Sport center.
  9. Boston broadcast stats… Bruins have out scored the Sabres 18-1 last 8 periods.
  10. Yes, it’s much better after the clock reads 0:00, and then you realize it can’t end on a defensive penalty.
  11. Only one player in this play standing completely ***** still….How can Skinner not see Pasta on the wing?
  12. No kidding. And at the risk of sounding Misogynistic, what happened to the hot women who sang earlier in the year.
  13. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/cap/ Now is not the time to chastise the GM but next year will be challenging as Allen, Diggs and Millers cap figures escalate. Not quite Cap Hell, but maybe Purgatory.
  14. The reality is that a team that could not stop an impotent New England offense and this Denver team from driving the length of the football field under two minutes to win games was not going to compete against KC, Baltimore or others in the playoffs, if they made it all. Hopefully “13 seconds” and “12 men” give them enough cover to pivot on McD and this regime this offseason. We cannot let any more years of Josh get wasted.
  15. For me, this is where the rubber meets the road. If the Oilers miss the playoffs completely and Leon chooses not to resign and test UFA, then McDavid could force a rebuild scenario. McDavid might not want to play his last season without him, assuming Leon Ops out after 2025. Which means you are buying only one year of term so the return could be short of Eichel, who had 4 years of prime term. Two good players and two picks. Maybe conditional 1st or Second rounders. And another big if, is how well our team is progressing, bc as you said, he has a full NMC. If Buffalo isn’t showing real growth on its own, McDavid would ixnay any trade to the 716.
  16. …If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.
  17. Bills play a first place schedule, and Houston plays a last place one. Houston’s remaining games are all winnable, whereas Buffalo has Dallas, SanDiego, Philly, KC and Miami. Need to win at least 3 and two must be Miami and San Diego to keep pace with the conference. The North have a ton of games against each other so Pittsburg, Cinci, and Cleveland will probably suffer a few more losses each (minimum) in conference. Miami has only two tough games left on their schedule, with Dallas (home) and Baltimore (road). I thought the Bills easiest path to the playoffs was hope for 2 Miami losses, allowing us a loss to Chiefs and Philly then come down to week 18 against Miami for the division. Only way they make it is to take care of business and that means getting the Offense back on track to scoring 30 points per game. The defense is somewhat decimated but they can hold all of these teams under 30. Even KC.
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