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  1. Bills are 4th in the NFL in total yards against allowing ~300 yds /game. The Vikings have 227 through 3rd quarter. Giving up 10 points to a 7-1 team is exceeding expectations.
  2. And Mitts had a chance to hit Nosek but instead chose a weak, stick check that missed. Their 4th line, which is physical was matched against our 3rd, which just isn’t. That line struggled at the end of the second as well. Quinn had a decent game so I do not want to take away from his offensive effort.
  3. I won’t be watching live tonight. My son is playing basketball in a new Unified Sports League which pairs high school kids with and without intellectual disabilities on the court together. So proud of our school district for their efforts on social inclusion. Doubtful this one lives up to the last meeting, with Eakins classic trolling of Jack in the faceoff circle, but one can hope. Melodramatic Whodunnit.
  4. You are on record for them viewing the Vegas game as an “event game”. A quote from the GDT below….. so if true, why are they tweaking the lines, again? When it was clearly a factor in the loss yesterday. Then add to that sitting Quinn, and giving Vincenzo (whom I like in a top 12 role) time on the first line? How do you reconcile the two? Seems like they are treating this game like the last few. Perhaps a few players are more motivated and come out flying, or playing in front of a bigger crowd gives some added juice but not sure how these changes “help” with a W. “Event games, these vibes games, they are a different story. The team approaches them differently imo and I think the statistics from last year clearly bear that out. Maybe they get shellacked tomorrow but I don't think so. I think they win.”
  5. Watched late last night, but some observations. All three goals for Chicago were greasy. The lack of size and strength in front is costly. Missing mule. Victor has 6 goals in 8 games. If he weren’t scoring I could see the concern. No criticism here. And he needs to be on the first PP. Chicago had only one line working last night, and Kaner still has something in the tank. If he keeps this up he will generate a lot of interest in the off-season. Love Z but wish he had softer hands. Quinn trending up; Krebs trending down. Asplund needs to be back.
  6. Habs PK was top 7 in the league (surprising), so the Sabres didn't show too poorly. They potted one goal. I agree with overall assessment of zone entry. No disputing that. And their PP is the abysmal. Maybe 1 goal all season? I think on the BJ's are worst with nil. So my caveat is the Sabres looked good without two key performers (Mule and Rasmus II) against a bad unit.
  7. Not moving or widening goalposts or attempting to correlate hits to wins. In fact after watching Calgary, I can see diminished returns from too many attempted hits. Just giving my observation which is the increased number of registered hits, and the subsequent suppression of shots and high danger opportunities is one contributing factor to improved play over last years team. To the bold, sometimes. And other times, one hit ends possession. That is a good thing, and I would debate happened less frequently with last years starting line up.
  8. In other news, water is wet. Obviously outscoring is required to win. The point made is forecheck, backcheck, and boosh-check can have a positive effect in contributing to turnovers. Guys like Dahlin, Cozens, and Mitts are showing significant improvement in the defensive zone YoY. By taking a body and separating man from puck, they improve their oppounity to suppress shots and increase turnovers. The Sabres have more physical (and obviously more talented) players like Tuch, JJP, Boosh, Mule, and Power replacing guys like Eakin, Bjork, Pysyk, Hagg and Miller. Their size, reach, strength are all contributing to solid play in the defensive zone. Evidence by reduced high danger chances and overall scoring chances against YoY. And I would wager if you threw out the third period in EDM and period two last night they tell an even better story. Why can’t you admit that improved offensive skill, slightly better goaltending and size/strength and a more aggressive tone on D can all play a factor to helping the team “out score” their opponents?
  9. Weren’t two of Rob Rays three keys to the game the exact same? He should probably stop drafting these minutes before puck drop.
  10. Introducing undrafted defenseman Arber Xhekaj. He was feeding Zack so many rights that Kassian was begging for a left. https://www.hockeyfights.com/fights/n265616
  11. He registered zero give aways last night, but your guy Casey had two glaring turnovers in the defensive zone.
  12. Cozens>Asplund>JJP>Krebs>TT = Skinner= VO > Quinn.
  13. Still on west coast time, and get the pleasure of spending time with family in the 716. @Donny - please move Alex to FL1. Migratory Watching.
  14. What was wrong with the call? Reilly tried glove it to himself but never played the puck, so after touched by another Leaf player, how is it not a pass?
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