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  1. Plus one on this take. Tampa missed at least three open nets in the first two periods, including a one timer from Kucherov from the right dot. I was shocked he actually missed the net. I think they had two posts early as well. Out chanced by a lot.
  2. And just think, you might just hear something worthy and insightful with respect to the color commentary. Instead of chitchat and banter.
  3. Probably. First overalls tend to be studs. But, how long is it going to take? The defense is struggling this year and will continue to do so next year. Also note when Owen’s next contract kicks in next year the Sabres will have $28m dedicated to 5 defenders (including little Johnson on his final year of ELC). And that group still has no true #2 to play alongside Dahlin. It’s OK to disagree but there is a reason no team in the league has more than $32m across 7 players on Defense. It’s about proper appropriations of the cap. I’d rather keep Joki on $4-4.5m deal, pick up a true 28-30 year old Defender (like Slavin or Peche) and strengthen the First FL#1 with that $8m cap number.
  4. Which is maybe why he was a waiver pick up? If KA can find a 4th line that doesn’t a) cost over $7m, and b) can generate chances and convert at a higher rate, while c) not sacrificing defense/higher 5v5 GA then we will be better off. Look at what Vancouver did last offseason. They improved the bottom six and it’s paying dividends for them this year.
  5. Your understanding is correct. However the screen shot I first provided shows both expected goals per 60 (column 2) and goals above expected per 60. I used this measurement because @mjd1001 was using the goal/60 stat for Zemgus in another thread. And if you agree with the Money Pucks algorithm that converts quality chances to “expected goals” (and it’s ok if you don’t agree and use your observations), then my contention is that you cannot simply just rank the players on the team and derive anything (for any of these metrics - expected/60, goals/60, or goals above expected/60). For example, the perception from my reading on this site is Benson is struggling scoring but he is getting tons of chances. Compared to other Sabres this year, he is behind all players on FL1, plus Kyle, JJP and Robinson. Not bad for a rookie at all. But my contention is the Sabres in general are bad, real bad, so a ranking of 7 isn’t great. Look at that metric to last year’s Sabres as well as other FL2/3 players on different teams this year and it will provide more context. My observation was that Benson replaced Olofsson between the 23 & 24 seasons, and the chances for Victor last year (5v5) was significantly better than Benson this year. Coupled with the fact that VO converted more of these opportunities helps explain the drop in overall goal scoring for this years team. And while Cozens expected goals remained about the same (good sign), others like Tage dropped Year over year. So TNT not coverting at same rate (maybe lucky last year) coupled with fewer quality chances means his actual 5v5 production is half of what it was last year. Using the YoY comparison allowed me to disagree with others that Tage has had the same level of Quality chances/60. I’m saying it’s way down. Eye test confirms he is missing more, and that is confirmed when you look at Tages stat goals above expected/60 this year compared to last. If you ONLY look at the stat for this season and just Sabres, Tage ranks #2 (1.3 goals above expected) and would lead you to believe he’s having an OK year 5v5 and all the problems are on PP. I disagree with this assessment and believe the problems are across the roster and and we need improvement in 5v5 play. Of course PP issues exist and it’s a glaring problem. They are bottom 5 most of the season. No disputing its needs an overhaul.
  6. Cozens expected goals/60 is less this year than last year, but it’s close. We had better hope the difference is bad puck luck this year and not that’s he’s a perennial below expectation performer. Benson expected goals/60 is significantly below Olofsson’s efforts last year. So it’s puck luck (actual below expected) and fewer quality chances for Benson this year compared to Victor in 22/3. So question mark if you want to say Benson did the work. Lastly, Tage’s expected goals/60 is way below 2022/3. So not bad in terms of actual/expected but generating fewer quality chances per 60. The combination of the two has resulted in his actual goals/60 cut in half compared to last year. All of these are are 5v5 stats.
  7. Here is what Money puck shows in terms of actual scoring against expected goals. @mjd1001 how do you reconcile this chart? It implies that as you suggest, Cozens is just awful. Not comparing previous years, just not converting this year. In fact the worst Sabre by a lot in terms of actual/expected. Notice that Benson is also way below expectations, which makes sense to me and also contributes to lack of scoring. The person he replaced (Olofsson) was at the opposite end of the spectrum last year, scoring way above expectations. I believe little things like this contribute to the lack of overall offense. Where is the Ire for Benson for not only scoring less than Victor but below his even lower expected goals? Why does he get slack? The chart also this suggests Tage is fine in terms of execution. While not scoring near the same rate of last year, this means he isn’t creating quality chances, or at least to the level level of last year.
  8. Interesting note. Yesterday before the Columbus game, the Sabres were +165 against Carolina and today it’s +135. The book seemingly rejecting the fact God doesn’t want this team to win 3 in a row. How is the line not moving in the other direction?
  9. Old school hockey fight. Great stamina from each pugilist. #Haymakers. https://www.hockeyfights.com/fights/n269050
  10. Dearest Rachel, Indications are very strong that this campaign will soon be over. Fear not, as divine providence will return our regiment to western New York in the summer to prepare for a siege in the fall. Tonight’s battle in Ohio could likely affect our recruitment this June. I have no misgivings or lack of confidence in our plan, and even though we are fighting a weaker opponent, Gods will is that if we are not defeated now, it’s a certainty in the Carolinas this weekend. As always, my resolve is strong. Captain Tage Thomas 100th volunteer infantry regiment
  11. 7 teenagers talking through the entire showing of One Love this weekend. Absolutely ruined the event. Movie wasn’t spectacular by biopic standards but nevertheless. No one to complain to at the Theatre. I saw one kid both scanning and helping at the kiosk where you buy tickets. Will we have theaters in 25 years? I can say I have no interest in going anytime soon.
  12. Isn’t that the idea? Throw out some babies and get some grown ass men?
  13. It’s OK boys. Donny and his Cracker Jack staff are going to make the proper adjustments and shut this team down in the third and will them to an OT victory!!
  14. Rob Rays key to the game was “play fast”. Must have come up in the producers random draw. How is JJP getting 2 for that?
  15. In contrast, our neighbors up north just signed Keefe to a two year extension this summer but rumors late January was that he was on the hot seat, and the front office might consider a change. Their team is solidly in third place of the division, Keefe just signed an extension and yet he is in the hot seat. But Donny’s subpar performance doesn’t qualify for the same? That’s because they run a business, not a f#*$ing charity. Did you hear anything from Leaf players about support for their coach? Because the players are professional and they know it’s a business about winning. Apparently this memo hasn’t matriculated to the locker room south of the border. Maybe platitudes, but this is all you need to do to ingratiate yourself to the fans. 50 second mark of his post game last night. https://www.nhl.com/mapleleafs/video/auston-matthews-post-game-6347135355112
  16. Looking at the June ‘25 option, if the Sabres retained $3m in a trade, the net dollars paid by Terry would be less than a buyout ($6m vs $8m). Coupled with Skinners actual salary of $7 & $5m, the team acquiring him would only have an actual salary of $4m and $2m respectively. Instead of compensating a team to take on a huge cap dump of $9m per, the Sabres should be able to receive something back, no? And the total cap retained ($6m over two years) is much better than $14m over four.
  17. No buts…Scoring is a problem. Don’t try to dilute that with anecdotal numbers for JJP or Mitts. The GF last year, same games played was 197. It’s 155 this year. That’s 42 goals. The PP rate last year was ~.75 per game. I hear how the Sabres are middle of the pack in even strength and the problem is all special teams. If the PP rate was equal to 22/23, using that ratio it would increase the GF total by 17 goals. 42-17= 25 goals difference. This year the Sabres have scored 2 or fewer goals 23 times. Last year through 53 games it was 8 less. Scoring is a problem. The GA is down YoY by 20 because better overall goaltending and arguably improved play by the defenseman. I do not see much improvement in defensive play by the forward group. Hence the need to shake things up a bit. For me, more on the forward side than D. I’d prefer 5-6 new faces there and 2 new on the Blueline. The game against Florida confirmed it for me that the roster as currently constructed could not win a playoff series against most of the top 16 teams in the League.
  18. Comrie in net, Master Algorithm says game after a Win exceeding 4 goals at home is always followed by a loss, Florida streaking, Panthers present match up problems for the Sabres, injuries to starting line up. This could be ugly. The ONLY thing they having going for them is Bryson is in the line up......(I never thought I would write that sentence, ever).
  19. Pretty sure most of standing room only crowd of the 70’s and 80’s Aud missed their fair share of dental visits. Great F***ing Moniker.
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