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  1. 1. Maybe Drury knew what Jack was worth and was negotiating based on the value he saw. 2. NYC/ Bos/ Toronto - all big city fans are annoying. 3. Rangers have more drafted players on their roster than Tampa or Carolina, not including Fox and Giorgiev who weren’t drafted by the Rangers but you could say are home grown. 4. agreed. I dislike both organizations but just hate Carolina a little bit more. The original 6 things plays a small factor in the Rangers favor and of course the 2006 playoffs and me paying up on a $100 bet against a North Carolinian whom I was working with at the time sets it over the edge. Does it matter? Is anyone going to solve Vasilevskiy?
  2. Definitely a kick. The problem is the referees/League hardly ever over turn a goal. I’d disqualify half of the goals directed in with a skate. But we get so tied up with language like distinct kicking motion. Get rid of all goals that go off an offensive player and we won’t have to argue about this anymore.
  3. How about this guy? Checks most of the boxes. Probably would expect term of 5 years.
  4. Nate breaking ankles like only he can do.
  5. More Hank, and less Biz is a good thing. Lose Koho next.
  6. I’m starting to think Andrew Copp should be the focus of the Sabres attention this summer. His contributions thus far in the playoffs is impressive. Ten points in 11 games. Considering he is one of these mid-range UFA, he could be what Phillip Danault was to the Kings this year. Brought in to be a middle six player with defensive responsibility but blossomed into a premier 2C with a career high in goals. Copp has improved each year and it shows. It’s not like you would break the bank to sign him to a longer term deal, and he strikes me as the kind of guy that would have no issue sliding down in years to come when others assume a top six role. Can play wing or Center. Sturdy and reliable. Can play on PP and PK. Why not?
  7. Entertaining. Some of the names on Defense thrown out there were interesting. I also had no idea that @thewookie1 was a co-host of the podcast. I'm just assuming based on the idea of an $8M AAV offer for Letang. Or maybe he's just reading Wookies posts here on SS.
  8. Hot take - Barry Melrose needs to retire. I remember him on ESPN back in the mid 90’s after he quit coaching. Seems like ESPN is grasping to some kind of nostalgia from that era, now that they have NHL games again. On a side note, Melrose is 65 and Chelios is 60. Cheli looks a decade plus younger.
  9. Did you hear the last comment by RT? Gretzky told Koho to “stay hot”.
  10. Least valuable rules analyst in all sports. Without question.
  11. https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/mapleleafs They have $7.8m to sign one forward, two D and a goalie. As stated by others, the Mrazek contract and money they will need to pay Campbell is the most troubling. I see Nylander as the collateral damage this offseason.
  12. That clip was perfect. Two different angles of the hit and it ended before Koharski spoke. Thank you!
  13. I too would take Rasmus going forward, but he didn’t display those skills that differentiate him until February of this year. You could argue Dahlin’s defensive lapses in his second and third years left him behind Hughes in comparison. Demonstrated in Hughes contract extension vs Rasmus’ bridge deal. I don’t consider the comment that outrageous at all.
  14. No surprise. The coaching carousel that is the NHL. Trotz prior to this firing was the 5th most tenured coach with a team. Only Cassidy, Bednar, Sullivan and Cooper have been in their respective positions longer. Really makes you appreciate what Lindy did in Buffalo.
  15. He can go straight to hell. ***** the station for adding a no talent ***** like him to their broadcast team. It’s not funny, it’s not a schtick, it’s pathetic. Bissionette makes Kevin Bieksa look like Kelly Hrudey.
  16. Came for the catnip of a Sweet Lou trade idea, stayed for the pedanticism. Trade idea - Mitts and Bryson for Killorn and Cernak.
  17. 5-1 =4. Unless you mean when KO and Zemgus move on.
  18. The Carolina / Boston series is getting chippy…….and I’m liking it.
  19. Another fun fact about Journeys power ballad, it’s Spotifys top streamed song from the 80’s and in Apples top 5, yet peaked at # in the Billboards top 100 in 1981. Why the late success? The Sopranos final episode? edit - I was always a fan. From day one of listening to the Escape Lp.
  20. Goalies are usually thin. He looks husky. Thick if you will. Chubby even.
  21. Here are the latest contracts between 5-8 years, with an AAV of $6.25m and $7.5m. Should be an interesting summer. I can see Tage taking a long term extension on a team friendly deal as long as TPegs gives him a nice signing bonus. Tage is due to make only $1.6m next year. (Pains me to write that). Seems like both parties would be interested to get something done. Tage as he is newly married and it might give him solace to have certainty so he can buy a home and settle in to the community. Happy wife-happy life. KA would love to have Pasternak like contract to pay dividends in a few years. https://www.capfriendly.com/signings/all/all/forwards/5-8/6250000-7500000/0-0/1-way Git r done
  22. His contact was made while the goalie was in the blue, before the puck was frozen.
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