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  1. If Skinner, Dylan or KO could just elevate the puck it’s 3-0.
  2. Power with his usual fanning on puck in front of his own net. WTF.
  3. stachybotrys chartarum - the Matt Ellis of molds.
  4. Unfortunately recent history agrees with you. The Sabres are 1-18-1 their last 20 games being out scored 83-33. https://www.statmuse.com/nhl/ask/bruins-vs-sabres-record-last-20-games The only logical prediction.
  5. All this. Neither of these two are winning awards for debate and logic reasoning, however there is a segment where they lay out how so many hires of Head Coaches, assistant coaches, GMs and other front office are/were unqualified. I’ve never listened to the podcast prior to last night but listened to the show on WGR a few times before. Perhaps an element of sour grapes in being let go by the organization, but they were brutally honest about their assessment of the assistant coaches. Peter’s asks what makes Matt Ellis qualified to run the Sabres Power Play. Something written many times on this board. But it feels different coming from former players. Someone tell the Uber drivers to get their recording devices out in cities where Buffalo is playing road games so we can hear from Tuch or Dahlin. Also good comments about the forward line construction and the lack of change in roster. Peter’s made a joke about more turnover in a 12U team. So true. Most teams have at least 3-4 new Forwards YoY, and they brought back the same team. Olofsson included. Again they were brutally honest that this was a KA failure. You have too many skilled forwards that can’t forecheck. I was ambivalent about the two UFA Dmen Adams signed but right now it look like a fail. And while I love the post game comments from Johnson and not questioning the leadership skills of EJ, it seems like a big overpay on Adams behalf to get someone/anyone with experience in the locker room. Almost desperate.
  6. I’m 50/50 on Sundays game as well. But if they win in KC, its inconceivable they could run the table. If they lose Sunday it’s over, and in my mind, McD has lost the team. I would guess three more losses follow (Dallas, Miami and even LA). I would need to see changes before getting excited about the offseason.
  7. Why is Benson playing PK? Are we back to developing again?
  8. This team is consistent at one thing. Inconsistency. Frustrating to no end. I thought they outplayed the Blues overall, but stretches of this game including the first 10 minutes was just head scratching. Have the kids ready to ***** play at puck drop. Donny, what are you telling the team during the time out? Did you not expect push back? And what’s up with the three quarter zip sweaters? Every game? Are you on blood thinners? Mix in a v-neck, would ya? I think we have Nana’s shawl if you’re chilly on the bench.
  9. I’m watching…..bad play all around, including the goaltenter.
  10. Or….keep his city out of your voice.
  11. You have been banging the drum for a long time. Glad you got the scoop.
  12. Touché. It was actually reverse jinx logic for the hockey gods. And it worked. This game also answered my question about what would it take for UPL to claim back the net. A performance like that.
  13. Sam Rosen “Rangers winning most of the face offs tonight”. Shocking, said no Sabre fan, ever.
  14. Here are your 8 in sequential TB - with Jonas Islanders - below average tea, not Sorokin Senators - Nice offensive outbreak but almost gave up a 4 goal lead in the last 2 minutes Avs - Solid win (Avs long road trip with B2B) Maple Leafs in Toronto - good road win Wild - Poor team with back up netminder Black Hawks - nuff said Penguins - Nice comeback but played only one good period. Rangers are -235 at home on the money line. Give up the 1.5 goals and take the Blue shirts +107
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