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  1. In your ‘24 projected cap: There is almost $3m in space. Mitts isn’t there. Replaced by one of Savoie or Ohstlund on ELC minimums. Thats another $2m. One of your 4th line contracts could be Kulich on an ELC. Owens bridge is closer to $6.5m not $8m. The back up goalie could be an ELC. All of your scratches could be vet mins or ELC and/or waiver eligible that would not affect the Cap. Meier would replace one of those $2.5m 4th line salaries, thus requiring and incremental $6.5-7m. I think the changes I suggested saves $9m.
  2. A Florida win wasn’t helpful to the Sabres, but always pleasurable to see Boston lose.
  3. Wishful thinking. Perhaps true but to the previous point, we have moved on, and we are all better for it. You don’t attempt to add an ingredient that previously made you sick.
  4. Contemptuous but warranted and accurate.
  5. How much money does Tage put on the board tonight? Modest amount based on his current salary? Or commensurate with his extension?
  6. @Doohickie what’s the deal with the tix behind the Dallas bench? Before DeBoer after
  7. Kelly Hrudey ripping the Canucks Tonight on HNIC. "It's cruel" Goes onto mention how they're doing this on Hockey Talks day. Bieksa on Boudreau: "Why do we all know about this? That's the problem." Sad to see our sister 1970 organization suffering from such dysfunction. I mean glad we are not writing about this with respect the Sabres (anymore). I mean, Bruce was tearing up at a presser yesterday. Not a good look.
  8. The Anaheim broadcast team (Brian Hayward) was very complementary of VO’s goal scoring ability and elite shot. That line is playing so much better lately.
  9. Always up for a good conspiracy theory, however don’t derail my Friday dose of schadenfreude. The work week is winding down, Bill Maher is back tonight, oh and this wonderful nugget…..
  10. Bryson, Mitts, and Lyubushkin. Would have selected Asplund as my third but he has been resigned to a #13 forward.
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