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  1. Sounds like we’re running a season. As per past years - if you were in last season you have first opportunity. Please let me know ASAP if you are back in again or not. If I haven’t heard by August 12 I will assume you are out and will move to top of the wait list. Thanks all.
  2. Yes was wondering if I should set this up again or not.
  3. Two Canadian cities is not very surprising due to Covid.
  4. It’s lottery protected though I believe.
  5. So question. Why didn’t the nhl wait until after their play in rounds before having the lottery? Like why did it have to be now with the possibility of this scenario playing out? What was the harm in waiting until if/when they had completed this?
  6. I’m already quoting you right now. No take backs!
  7. So what happens if league can’t continue season due to Covid?
  8. So now I have to cheer for the leafs because they could easily end up with first overall if they loose play in round? Man I’m almost done with the nhl.
  9. Seriously. Only the nhl comes up with stuff. Sabre don’t deserve anything better but it really does feel like they’re getting shafted twice here.
  10. Funny my wife and I have discussed this recently. There are going to be so many far reaching effects and unintended consequences of this pandemic including the next couple of draft years being subpar as their not getting the same training and level of competition as previous cohorts.
  11. Loved listening to his wgr segments during those 2005-2007 years especially. Sad day. His voice just reminds me of the Sabres and has for so long.
  12. Derrico


    How can one blame a government for downplaying the virus when ones own president is doing the EXACT same thing? Six key days? Ask New York what 6 key days would of bought them.
  13. Derrico


    The stock market is very irrational right now. There are over 20 million unemployed Americans. 20. Million. Stock market still rebounds. FOMO is running wild right now. Didn’t watch the presser but I feel so bad for Dr. Fauci, the pressure he is under. Trump needs the economy to recover prior to elections and he needs Fauci to flaunt any hope out there.
  14. Derrico


    The longer this continues and the more stories I read (and unfortunately friends/family/people I talk too) the more this frightens me in society. Seriously, I’ve never been this concerned before but it’s getting scary. I just took for granted the amount of common sense people had......
  15. Derrico


    Yep, completely agree. So angry reading through a couple articles on it.
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