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  1. Must win (4-pt. game!) ps maybe we should have started this yesterday!!!! another day ahead
  2. JohnnyK

    GDT - Sabres at Blues - December 27, 2018 - 8:00 PM

    Must win!!!! Go Sabres! and I like Ellie in the line up over Pominville (spelling?) Pominville has not done much when not on the top line (IMO)
  3. JohnnyK

    Playoff Format: Do you like it?

    I would also like 1-16, so the season matters more
  4. JohnnyK

    Botterill’s makeover

    This team seems to be going in the right direction! IMO I would have Jack and Skinner on different lines to spread out the scoring and have two guys who like to carry the puck on each of the top 2 lines
  5. JohnnyK

    Evander Kane or Jeff Skinner

    Just watched Skinner highlights and would like to change my vote!!!! OMG!!! this should be a fun year!
  6. JohnnyK

    Evander Kane or Jeff Skinner

    IMO if the Sabres lose Skinner for nothing at the end of the year it is a waste of assets! If they re-sign him or move him before than I like the move, To answer the Q I picked Kane, we still need more toughness who can score!!!!
  7. JohnnyK

    Nic Baptiste signed 1yr deal

    IMO put these guys with Girgensons and leave them together and have a high energy 3rd or 4th line. Let them develop and not move them from 1st line to 4th line and back again (like last season) and kill penalties now that ROR is gone!!!
  8. You know if we had wingers that scored we wouldn't need a new goalie to make every save and win each game 1-0 in a shoot-out! sign Lenher (spelling?) and have him split time with Ullmark (spelling) i'm in a rush or would check their names (sorry)
  9. JohnnyK

    Larsson, Girgensons, and Bogo - Sabres next season?

    Yes I agree..Grigs would a be a solid 4th line Center and PKer!!! Stop trying to make him a top 2 LWer already He finishes his checks and is better than his stats...Larson is not as good as his stats and is a negative IMO!!!
  10. JohnnyK

    Who is your favorite Sabre of all time and why?

    Peca, folinio (mike) and kaleta
  11. JohnnyK

    Evander Kane did very well in his 1st playoff game

    Sign him!!!! that would make the trade look better!
  12. JohnnyK

    Realistic expectations for Casey

    Put him between Bailey and Bastista (Spelling?) and leave them be as a third line... stop changing the lines every night!
  13. JohnnyK

    Which QB Do the Bills Draft?

    They better get it right!!!! whom ever it is!!!! Go Bills!!!
  14. JohnnyK

    Jbot Do Something Already Part 2

    A trade out of desperation would most likely backfire. The only move that he might make sense is moving Kane before you lose him for nothing. Imagine the backlash for Jbot if he didn't get anything for Kane and the Sabres finish poorly! All moves should be for the long term success of the team.