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  1. Sounds like the gunman didn’t get far, according to ESPN
  2. Anniversary dinner tomorrow night. Great excuse to try the new steakhouse just up the street from us.. A quick peek at the menu has my wife thinking twin lobster tails, while I’m eyeballing the 8oz filet. Will report back! I spent the last week in LA for business. I venture out and try to find good grub each night with coworkers that know the city. Two of us visited a taco spot one night that was literally tucked away in an alley, underneath a pop up tent in downtown LA. Not a single person there spoke a word of English, and neither of us speak any Spanish. I have no idea what I ate. But I know it was delicious. Also, horchata is incredibly delicious. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend. A simple yet tasty drink to accompany the spicy tacos.
  3. *notices Toronto isn’t high on the list... ”Take that, Toronto! You aren’t even top 5!!” *realizes this is a list of American cities... ”Take that, Toronto! You aren’t even in the top 50!!!”
  4. This is so strong that it is distinctly skunk.. Not even any room for interpretation! We’ve been trying to cover it up with a spray but all we have is this mediocre lavender Febreeze. It isn’t really helping haha
  5. A skunk got stuck in the intake vent at my office building. You can imagine how lovely the air circulating the building is 😳
  6. I’ve considered doing this.. curious about your rationale and your experience.
  7. Best of luck! June 19th ain’t a Thursday, so the surgery has to go well since there’s no complaint thread to post in. Fingers crossed that all future updates are in the Awesome thread instead🤞
  8. Unless Risto is moved out, Bogo is already our 3rd pairing RHD behind Montour and Risto. A pricy one, albeit. But I’m not sounding the alarms yet unless Montour’s news comes back disastrously.
  9. Has anyone attended any Big 4 All Star festivities? I’m planning to head up to Cleveland for this summer’s MLB HR Derby and ASG. But that would be my first of any sport.
  10. Love this thread idea.. MLB: Old Yankee Stadium, New Yankee Stadium, Cleveland, Cincy, Toronto, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, San Diego but not for a game NFL: Bills only, I think. Plenty of OSU football games at the Shoe. NBA: Cleveland, Orlando NHL: Buffalo, Toronto, Columbus, LA Kings
  11. Gotta show a little love for CC Sabathia hitting 3000 Ks earlier this week. Only the 3rd lefty in MLB history to do so and 17th pitcher overall. For comparison, 32 hitters have recorded 3000 hits. This is a pretty elusive club!
  12. Sean Kuraly grew up in Columbus (actually the same suburb I live in, Dublin) and played collegiately at Miami, OH. The series against Columbus will be a cool homecoming for him. A homecoming that I hope is smashed to bits and pieces by a furious Tortsnado. But a homecoming nonetheless 😜
  13. I think they officially counted the 5th goal at 19:59. Just never dropped the puck for that last second runoff
  14. Hehe, much love, NS. Giphy is just an online depository of animated GIFs. They seem to integrate well with many platforms, including message boards! If a picture can say a thousand words, imagine how many a moving picture can say....
  15. Woah. Kevin Hayes has a career high of 25 goals and 55 points. He’s topped the 20/50 mark just once each. If someone gives him 8x8 I will laugh hysterically. He’s a 5x5 player to me (whom I’d gladly sign).
  16. There's not much I like more than a good bagel and coffee... If I find a nice cobblestone patio, I imagine I could waste a lovely day away watching passerby and consuming carbs 🙂
  17. Pominville’s 1000th game celebration (which was actually game 1001), where the Sabres smoked Ottawa 9-2.
  18. I might find myself in Montreal for the first time this August. I’d be accompanying my wife as she attends a science conference. So really a zero-agenda trip for me. My days would be free to explore solo. Any recommendations for attractions, foods, beers, sights?
  19. It's been a fun week watching in Columbus! I catch quite a few Jackets games on TV, go to a handful of games each year, and I have some good friends/coworkers that are passionate fans. My expectations were low heading into this series and therefore I was feeling pretty dismal about the upcoming offseason. I even tried to temper expectation to a few folks at work that passively follow the NHL and were overlooking Tampa's historic season. But wow, they've been out-hustled, out-coached, out-played, you name it.. Check your milk cartons tomorrow for Steven Stamkos' face. Here's my rooting order, if I had to whip one up: Columbus Colorado Nashville Calgary San Jose Tampa Bay Washington Winnipeg St. Louis Carolina NY Islanders Dallas Pittsburgh Boston Vegas 2020 lock out commences early, no Cup awarded Toronto
  20. Sportsnet evidently displayed the top three ahead of time on accident. Check the time stamp of that tweet. Oops 😂
  21. The lottery is very early this year. April 9th. Perhaps that’ll play into the timing.
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