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Found 6 results

  1. ... Grit, Tenacity, and Size. How should they be viewed at the draft?
  2. Defenseman Not happy with that one
  3. Sabres win the draft lottery and call up Vancouver and offer it for Bo Horvat and their 1st round pick. We get our 2nd line center (and still don't lose the first round pick) who has already played in the league and they get their Sedins 2.0. Two questions: 1.) Would you do it if you were the Sabres? 2.) Would you do it if you were the Canucks?
  4. With the 2018 draft in our rearview mirror, it's time for us, Sabres Fans, to turn our attention to the 2019 draft and start thinking about what BUF needs to do to secure the best odds in the Jack Hughes lottery. Let's face it, Buffalo isn't winning the Cup this season. So it would be a disservice to try and finish anywhere but dead last as Jack Hughes is truly a once in a lifetime generational talent... not counting McDavid, Eichel and Matthews... and maybe Dahlin. So rev up your tank engines Sabres Fans and let's get this party started! IMO, the first step should be trading ROR.. better yet if they get a likely lottery pick in return. Moving him would open up a huge hole in the lineup, losing a PK and PP centerpiece, and faceoff genius. Nobody else can do those things as well as him. Probably good for about 10-12 additional losses with him out of the picture. Then sign a journeyman goaltender and make him the starter. Bury Mittlestadt, Guhle and any other promising young guns in Roch the entire season. That should be enough for another last place finish... I'm ready.
  5. I think a lot of the answer to this will make or break the RoR for a lot of posters. So, what do you think Botterill's plan is for these picks? Edit: How do I make the votes public?
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