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  1. Give the guys a break. They didn’t have a chance to watch Bird Box until the All-Star bye 🤣
  2. EichSnipe

    GDT: Sabres @ Blue Jackets 1/29/2019, 7PM, MSG

    Like I always say, this one’s a home game for me! I’ll be there. First game I’ve attended since the 9-2 drubbing of Ottawa that seemingly kickstarted our awesome stretch. Here’s to hoping we catch that fire again tonight and help Torts run Bob right on outta town.
  3. EichSnipe

    Things that are AWESOME...

    Update (NOT awesome alert) I loved my new Nighthawk for ~4 days. Then I tried to work from home. I use a Cisco Anyconnect VPN for all of my access. Apparently there’s a known issue (previously unknown to me, of course) with the Nighthawk firmware that makes it incompatible with my specific VPN. I tried everything imaginable in the router settings but i couldn’t get a stable connection. I finally gave up and googled if there was a problem specific to my VPN. Sure enough, Netgear has been promising a firmware fix since 2016!! Everything I’ve owned from them has been bulletproof and exceeded my expectations, but this backlogged fix was a bit of a letdown. Anyway, I’m packing her up today and shipping back to amazon. I have a new TP Link on the way, roughly the same price but should work with my VPN. It’ll be here tomorrow. Amazon, now they are awesome.
  4. EichSnipe

    Things that are AWESOME...

    Ha, I did the exact same thing last week. I went from 45/10 to 110/10 by replacing my router with a decent nighthawk. Never realized quite how much I was sacrificing with my outdated one.
  5. EichSnipe

    Around the NHL 2018-2019

    I watch a lot of Seth Jones here in Columbus, and I always think... good lord, they once had this guy too!?
  6. EichSnipe

    SabreSpace Goal of the Year final

  7. EichSnipe

    Buffalo Bills 2018-2019

    If he does this to a Patriots DB, I’ll buy his jersey 😂
  8. Somebody tell Yandle that defensemen are allowed to hit guys before the whistle. 🙃
  9. Yandle looked like a fool there. Tage sure got him turned awkwardly. I have always been a fan of his (I wanted him instead of Okposo during that offseason). But I enjoyed seeing his hips look fluid as molasses there after his uncalled-for Skinner tackle last game.
  10. EichSnipe

    Buffalo Bills 2018-2019

    Well, he has 1 career rushing yard. I wouldn’t want him to finish negative!
  11. EichSnipe

    Rochester Americans 2018-19

    Slow sports night I suppose, so Fox Sports Ohio is televising the Amerks-Monsters game. I stumbled upon it while scrolling through the guide. I honestly thought they were wearing ugly Christmas sweaters 🤣 The color schemes are wayyyy too similar. This is brutal to watch.
  12. EichSnipe

    RJ leaves Sabres broadcast unannounced

    This is the RJ thread, not the Christmas gift thread 😉
  13. One pick after we took Armia in 2011, yep!