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  1. Brady retires. Bucs walk away from Jameis. Bill teaches him how to throw balls to guys wearing the same color jersey as him. <shudder>
  2. I guess my thoughts are that Toronto is going to get their D help from someone else, if not us. So if we think Kapanen (or other hypothetical player) is the best return, there’s no need to take less from someone else in an attempt to spurn Toronto. It’s like when Ottawa wouldn’t trade Hoffman to Florida. They took a much lesser package from San Jose, who promptly flipped him to Florida. I wouldn’t hurt my own team to hopefully hurt another team. All that said- if I have two deals on the table that I view pretty equally, I’d trade my asset out of division and hope they wind up with someone worse/cost more.
  3. Looked like Tennessee’s Center was about 10 yards downfield on that 57 yard screen pass ?‍♂️
  4. There’s one of those in the bathroom at work. It’s about 8 feet high on a side wall, right above the urinals. When it goes off, it might as well be in your ear. Plus, how humiliating. You mean to tell me that the bathroom didn’t smell bad enough for you to spray, but as soon as I walk in.... I tell myself it’s reactive instead of timed, just so I can be mad at it ?
  5. “Congrats” feels like the wrong word, but I truly mean it. I can only imagine what a relief it must be to get that monkey off your back. If you’re not passionate about it anymore, you’re only going to grow to despise it more as your research consumes your later PhD years. Take that Masters that you’ve rightfully earned and get on home! You’ll figure it out- I think everyone on this board is pretty confident in that, even if you don’t know what’s next ? Programs that offer “along the way” Masters to PhD students are honorable. OSU just started it this year for my wife’s program. Before that, you could fail your final defense and walk away with nothing. You’d have 7 years of experience and a lowly stipend, I guess. But you know what I mean. My wife didn’t think it was that big a deal when she got hers recently. I told her that you never know what life will throw at you.. You could need to relocate for my work, drop out for health reasons, leave the program to attend to family, or simply have a change in passion and want to pursue something else. They can’t take that Masters away. I’m glad she got it, and I’m glad you did too!
  6. I'll be home for Labor Day weekend. It'll be the first time since middle school that I'm not greeted by a big, lovable golden retriever when I walk in my parents' front door. He wasn't sick very long. I'm grateful to hear that you got that bonus year, but still saddened to hear this news. Hang in there! Ouch. I don't think I know whereabouts in Columbus you are... What's your commute? And yeah, speed bumps suck. They recently re-paved a road by me and totally tore out the speed bumps. I was ecstatic when there was a delay in reinstalling them. Except then they put them back in, and made them even bigger than before. But, joke's still on them. They're bigger, but much more elongated than before. So they're actually way smoother, and no one slows down. I'm waiting for them to make them worse again lol.
  7. @Thwomp! have you been to Saucy Brew Works up in Cleveland? I LOVE their beer, and they’re opening a location in Columbus. It’ll be just east of the Short North area/south of campus. 3rd and Michigan I think. Pint Room up by me often features their beers, which is where I was introduced. I’m pumped that they’ve been successful enough to expand into their own Cbus location. I stayed at an Airbnb right across from their Cleveland HQ last month while I was at the MLB all star game. Best beer I had there was “What’s His Nuts?,” a vanilla stout with peanut butter. They had a barrel aged version of it on tap too. This one checked in at 11.2% but was smooth as can be. Dangerously drinkable for a beer that dark and strong.
  8. Ha, I’m the exact opposite. I’ll happily pay the NHL.tv price, but cringe at recurring cable fees required to watch NBCSN games. I have YouTube tv for a variety of reasons, NBCSN included. But before that, I was completely cut off from cable and the national games were blacked out on NHL.tv so I just missed them.
  9. It would probably take Reinhart ++ to get PLD out of Columbus. I don’t see him going anywhere. Would be a stud to add to Buffalo, but alas he’s not our stud to have.
  10. Just saw Gabriel Iglesias live at the Ohio State Fair. I’ve never seen a full show/special from him. Honestly just clips on Facebook, probably. He was hilarious! I’ll have to watch his Netflix special now. We intentionally didn’t watch it before, just in case he refused any jokes. But it sounds like tonight’s show should be 100% unique from the Netflix special.
  11. My company does catered lunch each Friday back at HQ. I’m in a satellite office though, so we get to pick and choose our meals. Sometimes we go out, sometimes we order in. Today Doordash brought me a burrito, roughly the size of my head, stuffed with both chicken and chorizo before being smothered in queso. I may need to skip dinner....
  12. Angels had their first home game since Tyler Skaggs’ passing. They had a small ceremony, moment of silence, his wife and parents on the field for the first pitch, etc. Then they batted around in the first, hung a 7 spot, and wound up scoring 13 overall. Trout obliterated the first pitch he saw for a 2R HR. Trout’s first hit would prove to be enough, because the Mariners didn’t muster a single one. Two Angels pitchers combined to no-hit them. Dare I suggest it’s the first intentional “opener” no-hitter in MLB history? Pretty special night.
  13. Sabres: 1. Eichel 2. Briere 3. Dahlin (bonus who I never saw play but love nonetheless would be Mogilny) Around the NHL: 1. Seth Jones 2. Patrick Kane 3. Nate MacKinnon Despised 1. Kadri 2. Chara 3. Mini Domi
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