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  1. Flew up to Buffalo so I could hop in a car and ride to Columbus with some friends this weekend. Checking out Ohio State-Purdue tomorrow.
  2. Tremaine Edmunds is OUT Sunday
  3. The whole team is suspended after a far too successful 4/20 at home against the Senators, and because you said no trades could be made to acquire players the current Rochester Amerks short of the few who are already on the team on 4/20 fill out the roster. Unfortunately for the new guys the locker room is off limits because the events of 4/20 leave a smoky haze that lasts for days.
  4. Labatt already pointed it out but he doesn’t know this playbook. I do suspect he starts next week, though.
  5. I think the front office leadership needs to be the same before and after the tank begins. You need a plan from the second you start selling off every asset and see that plan through after you’ve built a roster.
  6. Any team drafting second overall aside from teams that have a lucky bounce of the balls or major injuries is going to be terrible.
  7. I don’t think injuries are the reason this team is/will be bad. We all knew coming into the season they’d be terrible. An extremely soft schedule to start the year got them some momentum and confidence but once that ended so too did the surprising start.
  8. Cam Newton returns to the Panthers
  9. I’ve got tickets to go see the Amerks in Charlotte December 14th. They actually play here the 15th, too, so I might sneak my way to that one after work, as well.
  10. It would be if there was a reasonable way to evaluate it and be confident in the way it transitions to NHL ice.
  11. He could be completely sober. If he’s verbally abusing people in the workplace he needs to be removed from the workplace. Especially considering it’s been allegedly happening for 13 years.
  12. I never argued it wasn’t, for the record. I was asking Nill because he wasn’t answering the question asked.
  13. Not to be rude, but I wasn’t asking you. This also still doesn’t answer the initial question which was specific to the Sabres (I know you mention DeBrincat but he wasn’t a top ten pick and Asplund isn’t exactly Andre the Giant). I’m skeptical size is more of a factor than it needs to be in drafting decisions. Where is the proof these guys were drafted lower purely because of size and that we were specifically the team that didn’t draft them because of size? I could also list a random number of players drafted late who found success but happen to be tall.
  14. (Marsh is the Bears player that was called for the ridiculous taunting penalty and then taunted by an NFL official)
  15. You didn't answer a damn thing. You bolded the question and then avoided it. The question asked for examples of when it blew up in our face. For the record, it's correct that avoiding a prospect because of size is a great way to fail at drafting ... but you still didn't answer the question.
  16. That’s why I said base. That’s clearly not the entire team.
  17. You didn’t answer the question.
  18. If you keep those guys instead of trading them all you end up with ... Two first line forwards Six bottom six forwards Three second or third-pairing defensemen That's a pretty good base to build with. Maybe they should keep the kids this time.
  19. Yea they said the day after the trade he’d be wearing it but it’s cool to see it on the jersey now. While I do believe 89 is more deserving of retirement than some that are up in the rafters I also believe 11 and 39 are the only ones that should be retired.
  20. I don’t think this team was ever taking anyone other than Power or Beniers at 1 (even though they almost sent Reinhart to SJ for a chance to take Eklund a little later in the top 10).
  21. Just referencing the continued hand wringing over him being a 7th round pick
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