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  1. Spencer Brown likely being out two games due to COVID protocols and the Pats looking good tonight are two reasons to be concerned about the division. The Pats aren’t messing around.
  2. I actually think you’re one of the better posters here but you handle disagreements terribly (pot meet kettle, I know). You acted like I said it’s impossible for ANY teen to put on muscle when I clearly stated it is not the easiest task for ALL teens to do so. It’s a waste of everyone’s time to completely ignore the argument being made and instead attack an argument that doesn’t exist.
  3. I stopped reading here because you’re intentionally playing dumb.
  4. Both bold statements are wildly false. Teams definitely spend a good amount of time getting an idea what a player's body type/muscle mass is and how it could impact their ability to grow in the future.
  5. I think this is disingenuous. Nobody is saying he’s *****. I think I might’ve went the farthest in saying I don’t view him as an NHL prospect. It doesn’t mean he’s *****. I’m just not projecting him to make it at the next level. That’s fine. Different opinions are okay. He’s been undeniably bad as a pro in the AHL and NHL with over three dozen games logged. He was good not great during his time in the ECHL. This isn’t a recent development.
  6. The chances of them signing Semien seem almost non-existent. He’s going to get paid a TON which the Blue Jays won’t do with Springer already on board along with contracts coming from Vlad and Bichette. They haven’t even been rumored to be in on Semien and he wants to go west.
  7. Glad to keep him. Have to do Robbie Ray next but I’m not feeling great about this team with Semien gone.
  8. Lots of little guys, too! Nobody has ever been good because of size.
  9. Which is weird because green apples are better Yup. There’s no way they can risk him becoming a senior. I also think the team probably gives him NHL games at the end of this season because that’ll be a good way to guarantee he signs that deal.
  10. It seems like you have Quinn’s position against him. My thoughts on UPL are that the chances are likely that he’s no longer an NHL prospect short of him being one of those weird cases who is only good at the next level but can’t perform in the AHL.
  11. This and teams will definitely consider what positions/players they like later before making a selection. If they think it’s a deep draft where the gap between a player in the current tier and the next few isn’t big but there’s a steep drop off of, say, goalie talent, they may be more inclined to take the goalie now. A lot of factors go into draft outside of just making a list of hundreds of players and taking the one at the top every time.
  12. I think this is a good thread that just didn’t pick up. All Rick the Dog related content should be discussed here because he’s a good boy. Also: teams needs to stop putting their team dog on the ice. It’s terrible for their bodies.
  13. That Lions OT kick was the worst field goal attempt I’ve seen in the NFL.
  14. Easy call there. Worst case the Bucs have to go 99 yards in roughly 28 seconds with no timeouts.
  15. I’m happy to see him get in this game. It’s just a cool moment for him. Never mind. Josh still in.
  16. He’s not active. Davis Webb would be the one to come in and he’s never taken an NFL regular season snap.
  17. Everything after that wide open DB blitz sack has been fantastic. This is the team we need to see week in and week out. And it’s not even as bad as the Dolphins game two weeks ago. This has been dominant with just a couple weak drives.
  18. Star Lotulelei out with COVID. Yikes.
  19. Krebs seems entirely incapable of scoring goals lol
  20. Potentially five or six out of six of seven seems pretty good.
  21. The current standings aren’t reflective of an 82-game NHL season. The proposed team is incredibly inexperienced and a couple of those guys are unlikely to secure full NHL careers at any point, let alone next season. The team will need a handful of outside additions in the offseason to fill out the roster if the hope is to get out of the basement.
  22. Tanks aren’t exactly about finishing last. Tanks are about finishing as low as you can.
  23. That team would likely be bottom 5-7 in the league.
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